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  1. True it looks a bit gimmicky wearing only loud visvim and kapital pieces going grocerie shopping. Same as going grocerie shopping in only repro die hard brands and boots. Both fits are really expensive and look a bit try hard imo. To each his own though. I like to see others wearing whatever they like but for me I like to wear some of both and combine it with some simple other not sufu approved brands for tees and sneakers. But it's nice to see different styles in waywt pics. Would be cool to see some visvim stuff as well
  2. I'm not justifying their pricing. I know they're expensive. But so is viberg, lofgren and a lot of other brands discussed in here. For me I wouldn't pay €500+ for any pair of boots so I lurk eBay and grailed to buy a pair for a price I'm ok with. But if people have the money to buy boots for around $1K why wouldn't they buy visvim?
  3. I think that their higher priced stuff is a lot better. For instance, their virgils and 7hole boots are great. I would for instance rather have a pair of 7holes or kngr virgils than a pair of lofgren boots that are very popular here. And quality wise they are on par with for instance my viberg boots imo. The whole visvim and kapital sort of look is a very different look compared to the repro more repro orientated style most people here seem to fancy.
  4. Same here. I wasn't very impressed with the jeans when new allthough the patch and hidden pocket are very cool. The denim itself didn't had a lot of character so I was curious on your opinion after some wear. I bought a lot of second hand stuff from visvim and I still like it a lot but as you said, a lot of their stuff just isn't worth the money you pay for it when you pay retail price. Especially outside of Japan. Would love to see some more visvim in sufu waywt though
  5. I have some of their stuff and like the brand. Allthough the prices went through the roof the last couple of years. It's definitely more fashion orientated than real rough and tough workwear. But it's well constructed and they use great materials. I had a pair of jeans but wasn't that impressed with them when they where new. But can't comment on quality after some wear. The hidden zipper and the patch are a really cool feature though.
  6. What do you think of the jeans quality wise? I won a eBay auction on a pair for $15 once and never wore them because I was wearing other jeans at that time. Now I gained weight and they don't fit me anymore.
  7. greathoudini

    Shoes that look better with age...

    Thanks I'll try grailed first.
  8. greathoudini

    RESOLUTE by hayashi-san!

    I bought a pair of resolute 710's after trying them out at Frans Boone. I actually wanted a slimmer silhouette but found the 710 better fitting for my body type. I could squeeze myself in a pair of 33 but sized up to a size 34 and they're very comfy. Happy customer here
  9. greathoudini

    Shoes that look better with age...

    What's the best place to sell some boots online? I have a pair of yuketen Maine guide boots (the quilt version) that are collecting dust in my closet. Us7,5 E width if anyone is interested. I like them but never wore them so I think it's better to just sell them.
  10. I'm not really a fan of the arcs, but I'll check them out anyway.
  11. Thanks for the answers all. I didn't know Frans Boone stocked resolute and orslow or even denim. Having a look at their website they even have a store in my city, Just not in the city centre. Will definitely check them out @beautiful_FrEaK
  12. They suppose tot be the 66xx. Found the picture here: https://zozo.jp/sp/search/?p_tpcsid=1069897 They look more slim than on most western retailers stock pics but that's the case in almost all the jeans I mentioned when looking at jeans on rakuten and other Japanese shops. I hoped that might be because the western stockist use pics of unsanforized models before shrinking but I'm not sure. Is downsizing still a thing in Japan or is it just that the jeans fit their frame a lot different. I like the resolutes and orslows as well but the odd sizing in orslows sets me off. Also the sizing advise I found on the interwebz doesn't make it much netter. It would make things a lot easier if I could just fit and compare them but there aren't any stockists nearby and even if they where I couldn't fit because of corona.
  13. After all my other jeans got to small I'm in for a new pair of jeans and narrowed my list to: sugar cane sc42966, denime 66xx, resolute 710 and orslow 107. I want to go for a slim but not skin tight fitting pair. Ideally this kind of fit: Any thoughts?
  14. greathoudini

    The COOLEST ( dressed ) people on the internet

    I don't know if she still dresses the same but @beatle was allways my favourite waywt poster on sufu. Also @adiosditto posts the coolest waywt pics with denim kind of stuff.
  15. greathoudini

    The Sneakers we wear with our jeans

    Good to see some love for visvim here. Ik have a couple of fbt's, kngr and black suede virgils, a pair of logans and I think I own another pair but I don't know the product name. The only downside of visvim is the sizing. I'm a size 7 in most brands. In some of their shoes I can fit in a size 8, but for some products I need a size smaller. The wmns7 are their biggest wmns size I think are to small on me.
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