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  1. I don't think so. Everything is on sale and they have sneakers on sale that are sold out everywhere else
  2. That's some cool stuff. I miss my homegrowns :'( the upper on mine seperated from the sole
  3. Good luck with your brand Iron Horse
  4. I second this. My momo gtb shirt fits my stickman build pretty well
  5. you could sent them an email. Sometimes they still have some stock not listed or something. I didn't know carnivores soul, they look allright but the details are a bit too much for me.
  6. Have a look at some Indonesian brands. They do a lot of hw denim. Sage even has a 27oz pair of jeans. I've got good experience with oldblue co. I wore their 21/23oz jeans for last hwdc and I'm wearing their 25oz for this dwc. They are a Indonesian fabric and quality wise on par with most Japanese Brands I've handled
  7. They're on sale at endclothing right now
  8. Lol no. Something like this
  9. We're supposed to tell what's next on the forum or what's next in our area's? In the forum I hope people jump off the whole mineworker look and mix styles up a bit. But I'm afraid we'll continue with the mineworker look with all the repro stuff everyone seems into the last year. In my city I think the whole skintight jeans trend is over and people are rather chosing a slim fit over a skintight fit. Also I see more people buying stuff like a pantalon.
  10. Yes they did drop, but they only released the authentics and sk8 hi in Europe.
  11. Are those the veg tanned vans? Really like those old skools, so disappointed they didn't release in Europe
  12. I don't really understand the problem you guys have with the posts on IG.. A few years ago the sufu look was more fitting jeans as well. Nowadays Sufu is just about as uniform as the IG posts but you could replace skinny jeans with a heritage cut and RgT with TCB.
  13. Thanks Ruedi!
  14. Can someone chance the topic title to oldblue co or something more general? Because they make much more than just the 21oz pair Update of my pair. Not the best lighting, they look a little more worn irl.