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  1. greathoudini


    Are these designed to ride a bike with? I don't really understand the google translate English
  2. greathoudini

    Waywt 2018 (denim version)

    @Collin brand is the jacket? Looks good
  3. Depends on what you're looking for in terms of fit and your personal preferences
  4. greathoudini

    Japan Trip

    I bought some denimz! Got a pair of kapital jeans in their cisco cut. Great jeans and a nice change in Wright after wearing 21+ oz for 4 years. Bought a sort of kimono shirt as well.
  5. greathoudini

    Japan Trip

    Yesterday I visited some second hand stores. There are a lot of them in Tokyo and they even sell some quality Japanese denim. Saw a pair of momotaro's, orslow jeans and a lot of flat head in Bingo. I think bingo is the biggest second hand store. Some of the jeans still had the tag attached and the other ones didn't had any fades yet.
  6. greathoudini

    Japan Trip

    If you like monkeys you can go to Nagano, they have a monkeys park nearby where wild monkeys go into the natural hot springs. On the way back towards the Village we stopped by a shrine and even got attacked by a monkey of another group! Nagano itself was nice and quiet compared to Kyoto and Tokyo. But there are probably way more cool cities to see. Ps: I'm so jealous of your trips, wish I was able to do that
  7. greathoudini

    Japan Trip

    I was talking about Kyoto indeed. There is no wind at all what makes it hard. It's good for the epic fades though
  8. greathoudini

    Japan Trip

    Should have been loftman I'm on my way to Tokyo now (unfortunately I'm on the wrong side of the shinkanzen to see mt. Fuji) and I'm hoping I'll have more luck at the kapital stores today Another tip for people that want to visit Japan: don't go in the summer! It's so hot and humid. Especially when you're doing a lot of hiking and walking it's pretty hard.
  9. greathoudini

    Japan Trip

    Today I visited the lofgren stores in Kyoto today. I was at the nishiki market for some snacks and the shops are around the corner. They also have other denim related shops. Unfortunately the only jeans that really caught my eye was out of stock in my size.
  10. greathoudini

    Japan Trip

    I hope it does I saw online there where kapital shops in ebisu as well. That's pretty close to where We're staying so might check those out as well
  11. greathoudini

    Japan Trip

    Really great post and I enjoyed reading it. Seems you guys had a great time and bought some good items. I'm going to the same cities you went to but a few days later. My girlfriend is not into denim so I couldn't have done a trip like yours. I'm in the shinkanzen to Nagano right now and will go to Kyoto next, after that we'll have a few days in Tokyo left. We probably have some time to see a few denim shops but can 't head out to Kojima jeans street for instance. I have no idea what to visit. What are your recommendations? Also if you have some tips for good for or anything please tell me
  12. greathoudini

    Shoes that look better with age...

    I don't think so. Everything is on sale and they have sneakers on sale that are sold out everywhere else
  13. greathoudini

    Denime 66xx World Tour

    That's some cool stuff. I miss my homegrowns :'( the upper on mine seperated from the sole
  14. greathoudini

    Denim World Championship - SuFu Division

    Good luck with your brand Iron Horse