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  1. Engineered Garments Neighborhood Nigel Cabourn Grenson
  2. visvim 101 Jacket (Kano Cord) and Kapital Century Denim Jeans (Kakishibu)
  3. Really enjoyed my Oak Street Bootmakers Indigo Rough-Out Dainite Trench Boot (Made in USA, Indigo dyed in Fujino, Japan). Had some lovely indigo fades!
  4. my most worn denim jacket Orslow 60s Denim Jacket
  5. definitely would be uncomfortable with a camera in it, but otherwise it isn't too bad
  6. forgot the name of this model of pants, but it's a chino pant with back camera pouch here is a fit pit anyways
  7. for any visvim fans, visvim head to toe
  8. A jacket makes a big difference in wearing overalls for sure imo
  9. Here is my Soho Boho look for Kapital. Kapital Boro Pocket Shirt, Linen Shirt, Patchwork Chino and Medicine Bag. Also wearing C.H.U.P socks, Hender Scheme MIP-04, goros
  10. @volvo240thebest Thank you, tbh i think overalls look better on bigger guys!!! I have other pairs which are oversize and love the fit on them
  11. Thank you!
  12. Orslow 60s Denim Jacket Edwin Overalls Ralph Lauren Denim and Supply Shirt visvim Virgil Boots
  13. Unfortunately not, they are actually for sale because they don't fit me the way i prefer. I bought them without trying it on, and i prefer a looser fit!!! This is a picture i found of Jonathan from Kapital wearing in his pair.
  14. Some old pictures I had on the computer of McKilroy. The shop layout constantly changes to showcase brands/items etc Will take new and current shop setup soon. And also if anyone needs any information or anything from the shop let me know
  15. 5P Monkey Cisco No. 123-S 5P Cisco No. 7-S Patchwork 5P Cisco No. 5-S Kakishibu