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  1. Friend soaked his 162
  2. Don't size down. I wear 34 in all denim for TWC
  3. Most popular lots seem to be 161 and 147
  4. Two tone stitch, no cinch, matches with 118J @MasonAlexander
  5. Thanks! I always iron/press my TWC denim and trousers
  6. Lot126 Denim / Lot.444 Boots
  7. Acronym.

  8. First pair that I've seen that have been well worn
  9. @ecsong187 one of my favorites to wear
  10. Trophy Clothing

    Sharing Some photos I just came across
  11. Bryceland’s tokyo and hongkong

    Lot 133 is manufactured by Pallet Life Story, and also a bunch of other items
  12. Denim Trousers with Open Collar Sport Shirt
  13. @ecsong187 663 - 43,000yen + tax, pretty sure sold out