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  1. @81FXR I’d check out Merz B. Schwanen. They offer quite a few different cuts and weights of fabric. I have 8 or so Warehouse tees, and the Merz I have are most definitely on par from a quality standpoint.
  2. tooth

    Samurai Jeans

    Those look great. Haven’t seen a black pair of Sams so well faded since MaxPower. What ever happened to that guy?
  3. tooth


    The rise is definitely high and does take some getting used to; I’m rotating between a few different pairs at the moment and for the first hour of wearing the 220 I find myself saying ‘this feels odd’ then the day goes on and I stop noticing. I find that if I tuck a t-shirt in the rise feels better.
  4. tooth


    here is some info and services that provide monitoring: https://visualping.io/blog/best-free-website-change-detection-monitoring-tools/
  5. tooth


    @vIGGiou riou Bears. I purchased soon after they were listed and they sold out very quickly. A few other stores had them (Warehouse, hinoya, denimio, etc), but again sold out very quickly. If you don’t want to miss out on the 66 I’d suggest setting a ‘page modified’ tracker on Bears’ ‘Denime’ main page and getting an alert when the page has been updated. I haven’t done this myself, but suspect it would work based on experience tracking other sites.
  6. tooth


    Here are my measurements for a size 32. Washed 2x: 1st wash 'warm' (90F) directly followed by a wash on 'hot' (100F). I typically wear a size 31 in Warehouse, but based on Bears / Hinoya measurements went with a 32. These were air dried. Raw Waist: 34.5" Front rise: 12.75" Back rise: 16.75" Thighs: 12.5" (1 inch down from crotch) Leg opening: 8.75" Inseam: 35" Wash (x2) Waist: 31.5" Front rise: 12" Back rise: 15.5" Thighs: 11.5" (1 inch down from crotch) Leg opening: 8.25" Inseam: 32.75"
  7. tooth

    Full Count Denim Thread

    I'd suggest checking out the Buzz Rickson's that Self Edge just got in. I was in Portland over Christmas and picked up a pair when they were released. Great denim - pretty sure it's a new denim developed by Sugar Cane. Nice wide cut, but not overly so and they drape very well. Tons of options out there, but if you want something a bit different give them a look.
  8. tooth


    @unders - for a while now I've wanted to wear a repro pair as they may have been worn back in the day; purely speculative, but I doubt people in the 20's, 30's, 40's, 50's obsessed over their wear/wash routine as I have with every other pair I've worn over the past ~15 years. So I threw caution to the wind and am quite happy with the results to date. I was also thinking that maybe this type of wash routine (ie: no routine) is what Warehouse had in mind with the development of the DSB denim (again, speculation). By the way, I took a lot of inspiration from other guys on this forum and their routines and I've also just become less enthused by my higher-contrast jeans, esp repros, so figured why not wash and see what happens - what's the worst that can happen? @shredwin_206 - Rain at Indigo Proof is awesome. If I had more patience I would have waited for her to open up her repair applications, but I'm super happy with the service provided by Denim Therapy... I had my jeans back within 10 days of shipping them out and I think the price was quite fair. Will definitely use them again.
  9. tooth


    A few quick pictures of my S1000XX-DSB (purchased from Warehouse). Also took some pics next to a pair of 'new' (worn ~10 days) S1001HXX-DSB (purchased from Hinoya with Hinoya specs). Worn pretty much exclusively for ~18 months with some other pairs randomly rotated in. Very regular washing after ~4 months of wear; sometimes 4-5x a month, sometimes 1x a month. Sometimes hang dried, sometimes thrown in the dryer. Sometimes washed hot, sometimes washed cold. Recently had to send off to Denim Therapy in NYC for preventative crotch repairs; first time using a service other than Indigo Proof and can say they did a great job. No real rhyme or reason to any of it, but like how they're coming along.
  10. tooth

    The Flat Head

    That gradation from top to bottom is pretty wild. Nice.
  11. tooth

    Stevenson Overall Company

    I wore these 727s for ~1.5 years between 2019 and 2021. I purchased them from SE in ~2015, but they sat in my closet unworn until Kiya posted his pair a few years ago. Stevenson’s denim and details are fantastic. The 727 cut always felt a bit off with the barrel waist, low rise and slimmer thighs than I’m used to, but I stuck with them. Even though I don’t see myself wearing these again, they’re still one of my favorite pairs. I also have the 210s, but they haven’t seen any wear beyond a week or so.
  12. tooth


    I'm up for a group buy as well.
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