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  1. @julian-wolf do you have pics of your m-43 Lofgren’s? I bet they look great based on how you wear stuff. I’ve tried on the m-43 multiple times, but something about them just feels off to me as well. I wear a 9.5 US and have tried 8.5 and 8 in the m-43. The 8 felt better than the 8.5, but still something felt off/awkward; I want to find a pair that fits so I’ll keep trying as I think they’re great looking boots... I do have the Lofgren Chelsea, which I like a lot, but they don’t see a ton of wear (not sure why, but I always choose other boots). @Alec Leamas make sure to check return policies!
  2. 😂😂😂 thought this was a joke, but it isn’t. Wolsro…
  3. I wonder if Leftfield NYC was inspired by the Headlight Overalls graphic at all.
  4. I’ve gone TTS (32), 1 size up (33) and 2 sizes up (34) between ~5 different pairs and the 2 sizes up has definitely been the best fitting, but has also been my favorite cut - the recent SOA03XXD-0823. To be a bit more clear, my waist measures @ 32”
  5. tooth


    I think it’s a case of people having no idea around what they’re buying and no idea why a brand has made the decisions they have made… not only with a paper patch, but across the board: patterning, hardware, thread weights / colors, and let’s not forget the denim itself and the choices / decisions that went into creating said denim… Also, that article is from 2018. I wonder if the guy who wrote the review, and the people who posted comments, have tried any other brands between now and then and how / if their complaints / preferences in denim have changed.
  6. Looks like they have a lot of life left in them.
  7. I wear a 32 in WH and 31 in FC
  8. @unionmade not sure what size you are, but I have a pair of Freewheelers 601RB that I’ve been meaning to sell (too small for me). Size 31, unhemmed. Probably 5 wears. If any one is interested I can provide full measurements / pics. Sold.
  9. tooth


    Regular straight fit
  10. tooth


    I wore various incarnations (different denims) of the 1108s for many years (2010-2015 or so) and I can say the 220 are more generous in all dimensions and much more comfortable, IMO… especially as I get older.
  11. Just noticed that Barnstormer has the 1946 ‘Super Denim Collectible’ back in stock… some sizes sold out. Makes me wonder / think other shops should / will be getting a restock shortly(?).
  12. tooth


    220A. Started wearing these regularly this past July or August. 4 machine washes. Really like these - denim, details, etc. Holding up pretty well overall, but did have to perform a crotch repair (broken threads) about a week ago (ie: ~6 months into regular wear).
  13. Interesting… I got 1.5” shrink in the rear rise. Tag 34. Measurements in inches. Waist: 17 / 15.5 Front rise: 12.5 / 11.5 Back rise: 16 /14.5 Thigh: 12 / 11 Hem: 9.5 / 8.75 Inseam: 36 / 33 These S0A03XX are my 4th pair of OOE and the first time I feel like I bought the size that actually fits. In the past I’ve gotten recommendations from the shops I bought them from, but they always ended up too small after initial wash. If anyone is interested, Barnstormer still has pairs available for their second delivery (not sure when they will actually be delivered). As previously mentioned, it seems like only S&S has crazy fast sellout… I preordered mine from Barnstormer back in the summer and spent about a week (maybe more) going back and forth as to whether I wanted them or not. This would not have been possible if I went through S&S as they seem to sell out in minutes.
  14. I had a feeling… glad I could help out 😂
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