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  1. thomas_highstreet

    south KOREA PROXY

    glad its sorted out but your conspiracy theoriez are pretty lolz man. yeah he is a friend of mine but we arent liable for his shit just because we helped him out. have a gudden!
  2. thomas_highstreet

    south KOREA PROXY

  3. thomas_highstreet

    south KOREA PROXY

  4. thomas_highstreet

    The Best Thing I Ever Ate...

    there is an epic 'chicken hof' in the scumvillage of itaewon, seoul, korea. i forgot the name but its fucking amazing. 2nd only to this one gyaldem i used to eat deeeeeeeeeeelicious~ EDIT: cheap beat me to the smutty comment :sadface:
  5. thomas_highstreet


    henrik vibskov 3d knit cardigan med chest 50cm shoulder raglan length 71cm sleeve (from base of neck) 77cm $110 anntian hand dyed gradient sweat med $75 marios oversize kite shirt $120 marjan pejoski wrestler leggins $45 kokon to zai 'all sorts' candy print bag 48cm x 42.5 cm with a 82 cm strap (full length of course) $55 kokon to zai overdyed bondage zip jeans xsmall $70
  6. thomas_highstreet


    jil sander by raf simons one button blazer 48 $120 this is from a good raf x jil season, but has a couple of marks and some of the hand picking is coming undone so sellin' cheap. jil sander +j square block knit large $40 jil sander +j knit cap sleeve polo large $30 juun. j knit scarf/neck warmer $60 veronique branquinho skinny jeans 46 $90 walter van beirendonck 3d effect jeans $90 walter van beirendonck sheer one piece/dress chest 44cm length 75cm $110 walter van beirendonck super natural shirt chest 53.5cm shoulder free (raglan) length 62.5cm sleeve (measures from base of neck) 38cm $80 walter van beirendonck shoulder zip shirt chest 54cm length 81cm sleeve 65cm $65 peter jensen short short shorts $35
  7. thomas_highstreet


    aquascutum by jean paul knott 20s style shirt 14 1/2 in / 37cm $45 marc jacobs triangle print belt med 80~102 cm $30 irie box pleated wool skirt med waist 34cm length 48cm hem 80cm $35 moschino full zip wool skirt $40 missoni sport classic knit med $35 ralph lauren purple lable linen shorts 32 $35 helmut lang classic shorts 46 waist 40.5cm rise 32.5 cm inseam 24.5cm hem 28cm $45 raf simons spring summer 2009 sandal eu43 deadstock uk9 eur43 us10 $ S O L D jil sander by raf simons sheer shirt 48 $160 jil sander by raf simons sheer blazer 48 $220
  8. thomas_highstreet


    frapbois cute one piece/dress frapbois goth-western cape maison martin margiela lace shawl/accessory maison martin margiela wool trouser $60 maison martin margiela tartan print jeans 46 slim waist 42cm rise 27cm inseam 81.5cm hem 17.5cm $140 dries van noten overdyed shirt tagged 54 but fits more like a relaxed 48 - it measures: chest 59.5cm shoulder 48.5cm length 67cm sleeve 64cm $45 prada waxed mohecan mohair knit hat 57~58cm $60 prada aerotex trouser $70 prada denim shirt chest 59cm shoulder 50cm length 68cm sleeve 64cm $ S O L D cerutti by nicolas andreas taralis/jean paul knott reversable coat $120
  9. thomas_highstreet


    issey miyake A.P.O.C. trouser $80 issey miyake bondage/straight bomber jacket $90 issey miyake planation linen jacket chest 56cm length 54cm sleeve 56cm $70 issey miyake skyline shirt chest 55 shoulder free (strange panel cutting) length 73 sleeve 23 $40 issey miyake issey sports knit chest 49cm shoulder 50cm length 56cm sleeve length 54.5cm $80 issey miyake issey sports knit chest 56cm shoulder FREE (raglan cut) length 47.5cm (cropped style) sleeve length (measured to base of neck) 74cm $70 junya watanabe comme des garcons long knit $70 junya watanabe comme des garcons short knit chest 39cm length 42cm sleeve 63cm $60 yohji yamamoto wool one piece/dress chest+shoulder free length 87cm hem 58cm $ S O L D yohji yamamoto patent cropped jacket chest 49cm length 46cm sleeve 56cm $260
  10. thomas_highstreet


    1960s LEE usa denim jacket $ S O L D modern (japanese) levis selvedge shorts $35 modern (japanese) levis selvedge shorts $35 1960s levis printed lable selvedge shorts $35 ???? curious denime undyed selvedge jeans waist 39cm rise 31cm inseam 74cm hem 21cm $35 kansai yamamoto apaches wool/leather jacket $ S O L D kansai yamamoto man leather jacket $ S O L D kansai yamamoto leaps and bounds wool jacket $ S O L D kansai yamamoto kansai sports shirt $35
  11. thomas_highstreet


    movin' my trendy houseffice and trying to downsize the carry no prices/measure on some items because theres so much to list but message me if interested and ill let you know the downlow ill try to update the whole thread as soon as i have a spare minute with all the info too offering cheaper prices here before it all hits the 'bay. if nothing sells at the lower prices this week it'll be thrown to the ebay dogs more expensive.. 100% too legit to quit. there is tons of stuff here... starts with some rare vintage stuff (the missus runs a vintage shop in seoul), through to designer. some stuff for girlz aswell. 1940s HERCULES LEATHER DOUBLE RIDER JACKET lightning riders jacket book : middle row right side lightning vintage leather jacket book : middle row chest 48cm length 59cm sleeve 64cm $ S O L D the vintage leather book values it at 69800 YEN ($905 USD), but mine is a more desirable earlier version with the brass hardware and woven tag. the riders jacket book values it at 89250 YEN ($1,157 USD), but theirs is missing a couple pullers (all are intact on my jacket). the last one on ebay went for $700 but again slightly later version with the leather tag. 1960s BROOKS LEATHER SINGLE RIDER JACKET lightning vintage leather jacket : top left chest 55cm shoulder 45.5cm (but has a back vent to allow it to open up more) length 62.5cm hem 63cm (also can open up a bit when sitting due to the cut) $ S O L D the vintage leather jacket book values it at 34,440 YEN ($448 USD) the last comparible one on ebay went for $345 USD but was a later version with the printed lable (mine is woven) and was missing the OG tallon main zipper. mine is fully complete with only slight damage to the lining at the cuffs. very clean all in all. 1960s BUTWIN 'BOYS CLUB' LETTERMAN VARSITY $90 ???? GOLDEN BEAR LEATHER MA-1 JACKET chest 59cm shoulder 47.5cm length 60.5cm sleeve 63cm $120
  12. thomas_highstreet

    korea :: seoul :: general

    i get stuff made/by materials in euljiro fairly often, i'll take my camera next time i go.... i cant promise it by christmas though, but perhaps. send me a PM with more detail. not spam this time.