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  1. lol... looks like much hasn't changed with this site..
  2. Yea I guess.. If you put it that way.. I think they're releasing an AE update for console sometime.. not 100% though.. either way, i dont even play anymore
  3. insta waif.
  4. How are you guys still running the online grind, when you could be playing Arcade edition?
  5. Officially retired online playing of super street fighter 4... I will now only play AE at the nearby arcade.. Deejay for life
  6. fffuuuuuuu @ Yuri and Hyoyeon, especially Hyoyeon.
  7. Long time viewer, first time poster.. Here's my first take at Kag.. M08YC5dEpBo after watching this video i feel like watching initial d..
  8. AK47 HOMIE! get at me!
  9. ^^ Upgrade to that xbox live my dude, no problems with the servers... Smooth like butter. but DAMN I suck in this game right now lol... Im so used to using the ps3 controller to play cod that converting to a 360 controller felt awkward.. Got destroyed hard, but now I'm slowly getting used to it. If anybody is down to play some ground war on live later tonight (around 10:30EST) on live, give me a shout. XBL: xxFatalDMGxx