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  1. Ichigo100%

    waywt? saved my life

    lol... looks like much hasn't changed with this site..
  2. Ichigo100%

    Street Fighter Thread

    Yea I guess.. If you put it that way.. I think they're releasing an AE update for console sometime.. not 100% though.. either way, i dont even play anymore
  3. Ichigo100%

    Azn Gurlz I Would Wife

    insta waif.
  4. Ichigo100%

    Street Fighter Thread

    How are you guys still running the online grind, when you could be playing Arcade edition?
  5. Ichigo100%

    Street Fighter Thread

    Officially retired online playing of super street fighter 4... I will now only play AE at the nearby arcade.. Deejay for life
  6. Ichigo100%

    K-pop Appreciation

    fffuuuuuuu @ Yuri and Hyoyeon, especially Hyoyeon.
  7. Ichigo100%

    Korny Azn Gurlz

    Long time viewer, first time poster.. Here's my first take at Kag.. M08YC5dEpBo after watching this video i feel like watching initial d..
  8. Ichigo100%

    video games ruined my life

    AK47 HOMIE! get at me!
  9. Ichigo100%

    video games ruined my life

    ^^ Upgrade to that xbox live my dude, no problems with the servers... Smooth like butter. but DAMN I suck in this game right now lol... Im so used to using the ps3 controller to play cod that converting to a 360 controller felt awkward.. Got destroyed hard, but now I'm slowly getting used to it. If anybody is down to play some ground war on live later tonight (around 10:30EST) on live, give me a shout. XBL: xxFatalDMGxx