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favorite video game of ALL time


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Final Fantasy 7 was seriously the most ridiculously amazing game I've ever even heard of. There was SO much storyline that was incredible, not to mention thousands of miniquests and games. It was such a deep deep game, so much thought must have been put in, the detail was OUT OF CONTROL.

Metal Gear Solid was incredible too. I'm a sucker for a really good story, and I thought MGS had a realllly well done plotline. I was really bad at that game, in fact I've never played all the way through it alone. When I played MGS2 though i was SHOCKED at how beautifully done that game was as well. I went through the whole game one memorial day off of school, played through it in one sitting, I recall it taking me somewhere between 13-15 hours. The story for that game was AMAZING. Haven't had time to play video games since then, I've always wanted to try MGS3....

things that consumed unnatural amount of time:

1.final fantasy 7.

-golden chocabo

-all the characters ultimate weapons

-and arming them with materia

2. metal gear solid

-finish it three times and play in a tuxedo

-when you climb through that shaft gogin over that girl, do it 3 times and she does sit ups in her bra

3. original halo on xbox.

-multiplayer. 10 mins time limit. KILLING SPREE!!

4. starcraft

how can i forget. the supreme balance between the 3 races..

look up youtube and search for clips for pro gamers. they attract larger live audiences than sports

the xbox controller is IMO withought doubt the best peripheral. its like the controller was tailormade for the game

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