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Hand-Dyed Natural Garments Collaboration | Lichen Goods x Tempo Design Store

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Lichen is a project that was born out of our love for nature and to try and offer a sustainable alternative to mass consumerism. At Lichen Goods we create slow and handmade products using only natural fibres that we hand dye with plants. We don't believe in seasonal trends or over-designed clothes. All of our products are natural, compostable, free from plastic and harmful chemicals, and everything is handcrafted in small batches in our studio. - Lichen Goods 

LICHEN GOODS X TEMPO - Cutch Hand-Dyed Hemp Work Jackets. Handmade small-batch collaboration item. Hand-dyed with Cutch “Catechu” for a beautiful caramel color that patinas and darkens over time while the pigment oxidises. Cutch or Catechu is an extract from the wood of the acacia tree. Also called Japan Earth, it is a natural anti-fungal and anti-bacterial like real indigo dye. Available in hand-dyed Cutch, or Natural Indigo, or Un-Dyed Hemp. Comfortable easy to layer unisex silhouette. Features large natural mussel shell buttons. Two hip pockets and one slanted chest pocket with pen compartment.100% hemp fabric, 11oz. Completely natural / biodegradable, truly sustainable. Handmade by Charlotte & Pepe in Spain. Only available at TempoDesignStore.com Rue du Midi 11, Lausanne, Switzerland














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