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WAYWT 2023 [denim edition]


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36 minutes ago, bartlebyyphonics said:

agreeing... @unders the jacket is swell!

i am living in this a2 right now; never been a fan of the military-pride associations of it, but now wearing it, feeling the grandma tracksuit vibes much more; easy wearing inside and out; a proper desk warrior jacket...




This looks great. I've never been one much for leather jackets aside from a few of the perfecto variations (It's the only one I've owned and I bought it for when I was actually riding some. It still gets some wear but not nearly as much) - but if this jacket is worn this is exactly how to do so I think. Almost makes me want one.

I get the associations and the reluctance but I think we all have to overcome that to a certain extent with a lot of this clothing. For instance, I strongly dislike the romanticization of the "wild west" - the idea of the cowboy or anything like that - somehow I'm still wearing a lot of denim. In the end you can appreciate the article for what it is. 

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thanks @AlientoyWorkmachine... love the perfecto, but is harder to wear inside with all its hardware, whilst the a2 is designed for sitting in a structure, and the collar has a lot going for it...

American presidents of all ilk get shoved in them so they never quite have the bad-boy-Brando hang over even with the McQueen hauntology... plus the Adam Driver recent prosthetic tubby Netflix outing takes the cinematic machismo sting out of them...



the flight jacket thread has pretty much all info needed on them, but to repeat: acme depot is great resource on different aspects of the contracts issued in their lifetime, Goodwear is the Roy of a2 world... and a trim fit that I like that, crease wise, shows how tight they can be in the armpit is this YouTube wearer...


plus, yes; this is a good, albeit more conventional bad-boy, a2-chambray-moc-toe outing that never gets as much internet forum time as Jimmy Stewart etc...

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Modeling my brewery's new member tee. 

Vintage Barlesoni Homburg

Vintage velvet blazer

Skullmuggery Tee (alt: Sun City Rags Bat Cave Tee) 

Vintage adjustable waist trousers 

Made in U.S. A. Boots (can no longer make out the maker)




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Moved all our stuff to our new house in South East London, Hayes - West Wickham area. Rediscovered my Warehouse 700c from Clutch Cafe, hopefully work some fades into them. Great area for the kids to grow up in and for me to get back into cycling!

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house is slowly coming together. Cardboard city is almost on its way out -till we start the renovations. Enjoyed a nice stroll in the new neighbourhood in McCoys, Tender, MF and Chippewa

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2 hours ago, Flash said:

Love that at last chore @MJF9 , does it have laurel buttons ? 

Cheers mate... unfortunately not... it has the At Last branded ones. 

I've just started getting it out again - will post a few pics soon to give the At Last thread a bump

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