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  1. and if wanting to hide them remember what yr foreman vest is for... many options
  2. suspenders ftw!
  3. and personally I would agree why wear a bowtie as a nod towards denim when there are such precedents of the total denim suit to redefine the canadian tuxedo (I believe blue silk is the tie) ensembles by prada or by oshkosh items c.20s and 30s I am sure you can guess which is which
  4. in terms of hat wearing (and the context of the general costume) there are multiple options think of the possibilities of a party suit to romp in
  5. oh the much mis-used and maligned cravat as worn by such a set of swashbucklers can surely beg pardon
  6. Not really helping with choice but... On the subject of bowties, this essay is essential reading... (text crop pasted in, hopefully text uploaded too) their origin is as a good luck charm against decapitation by the kings servants / soldier, to become later the aggressive connotation of the maestro... tale_of_three_louis.pdf
  7. TCB

    Thanks for the link: for 20s fits that is another score! very nifty fit indeed I am thinking that is a rinsed pair in the pix, but any thinking it is raw? do any from the world tour have any comment as to how their fits compared to said pix? the fit looks pretty spacious on the model posing in the nifty-fits? To add content alongside requests I post 50s once more this time with more trad boots n double cuffings as spring reveals some sun whilst offering much downpour apologies for repetition and thread stuffing
  8. ya ya equally with luv for volvo the most welcoming is much luv for oom and chicote they bring light to lives and meanings beyond the denim realm chicote's sda intervention is well remembered well beyond his locks
  9. yes volvo we all luv u and most equally importantly chicote's mullet is indeed a thing of internationally recognised epic proportions and qualities
  10. Non-denim related A past example of trolling the future... William Carlos William c.1917
  11. Awaiting transportion LARPing as myself channelling wannabee shaolin steez postoveralls tender
  12. TCB

    I am dilemma-ed the 20s call as the summer jean du jour not an autumn-winter-starter [with a warmer thicker silhouette comes out the tenders] but I want all to contriboot to contest too I look fwd to the thread v much and thusly post in its encouragement [and suspenders, why not, my thickened middle cries 'freedom!']
  13. TCB

    and yes yes yes hence the call to size UP in order to go livin' large as a size 36 in 50s the thought is to go 38 in 20s to counter-act nipped waist and suspender buttons and to get full cinch action [as I belive discussed by other users-wearers]
  14. TCB

    indeed indeed a man who is living the dream
  15. TCB

    ah thanks for props n clarification I had been looking at the pix and not paying close attention to the numbers [wiping tears] and following the thorough nycsurfing comparison between 50s and 20s [prototype] where everything was a wee bit bigger [which reminds me, where are you jared?] if trigger pulling I will be sizing UP