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  1. bartlebyyphonics

    What are your jeans doing today?

    yaasss to the great british seaside... !!!
  2. bartlebyyphonics

    Chore coats

    totally understood!: your Filson seems to cope tho!: how has Carhartt worked in the past? I have started wearing my knackered carhartt detroit jacket again (not a chore, realising how much it takes elements of mid century leather jackets and translates it into duck canvas) and see that the US arm of the company is messing with that basic design now (the older version now available a over priced European W.I.P. version without proper lining...) LC King seems like good one alongside Pointer for a thrashable item? may have imagined it but I remember seeing knickerbocker doing some really solid versions for other M.I.U. versions some years back ...
  3. bartlebyyphonics

    Chore coats

    ... and then the orslow 50s version... with 50s oshkosh bib overalls with tender 132 [which works better imo] and details and of course, something approximating from post overalls blog...
  4. bartlebyyphonics

    Chore coats

    @Kit Carruthers - don't make me blush now... its all body shape it seems: I am tall, have long body compared to legs... chores seem to work with that... @ecsong187 - the thing that prevents me from looking tellason is that front pocket - it does the side entry pocket and then some (but I want it more like a vintage Filson napoleon entry-line, not a massive diagonal entry) ... other notable chores for me... the boncoura version... [approximating early 20th century styles circa 1920s but probably earlier?] bought undersize (out of necessity more than choice, but works... long sleeves but short body, a cross now between blouson and chore, achievable due to raglan sleeve...) - all thanks to a tip off from esteemed @Broark-san... pockets, bar-tacking, scalloped front and more... here would be the approximate version of that also from the post overalls blog ... and a more worn fit with tcb20s...
  5. bartlebyyphonics

    Chore coats

    the carhartt canvas/duck lined chore is emperor in its own class, none can better it... (these days the European division are calling it the Michigan... ) personally love a denim chore with denim jeans... first move from carhartt (and a too small vintage montgomery ward) was toward post overalls... whilst they make lots of non-denim chores for the office wearer, they also really get its shape... posted this elsewhere, but 'twas deleted... my 40s reduced material/pocket version w. lvc '44... details a few years back... a beach-side fit... a more recent suede be-decked John Motson fit... a collection of war-time chores from the post overalls blog... [most in love with the shift in neck line from chin strap to that flowing line...] & another post overalls; indigo swirl cloth version (picture with tender 130...) watch pocket and cuff details...
  6. bartlebyyphonics

    What are your jeans doing today?

    def. no movement on cumming... what a [email protected]@*tard .... apparently scientists are fake news too ... [I know that has been the US situation for a while now, just enjoying moving under that umbrella...]
  7. bartlebyyphonics

    How many pairs of jeans do you own?

    oh my....
  8. bartlebyyphonics


    no experience on that side; but the matching trousers I linked to earlier felt like a size down from tag (ie the 36 felt a lot more in the realm of a 34...) - not a scientific account, mind; more trying them on... if the top is anything like that; I wouldn't be a-feared to size up (is that the case with their chambrays as well?)
  9. bartlebyyphonics

    Warehouse Competition Poll (Part 2) - DD-1003xx / 1946

    SLAB: feel free to take the keys / facilitate: I don't want to kill the project & those who want those pairs to not get them; I am just stepping out: was going to ask anyone who did want to keep it going to make a new thread; but consensus seems to be to keep thread open... ... as Ed had previously stated (and kiya confirms below); the new ETA had become spring 2021 anyhoo.
  10. bartlebyyphonics

    Warehouse Competition Poll (Part 2) - DD-1003xx / 1946

    ^ yes! kin of csf: looks sweet Not ready to be pollster again right now, but not ruling it out: am about to be drowned in work for next 4 weeks: but also wonder whether more could be worked on that: agreeing with others that rebuilt and bridge of the times look exciting ... if we could get WWII's from rebuilt ... or get bridge of the times to not require in-house fitting and to ship ... [the one conclusive thing: I feel that the wh polls pretty definitively got the mid-late 40s models as being the most desired...] Does this need yet another thread?
  11. bartlebyyphonics

    Warehouse Competition Poll (Part 2) - DD-1003xx / 1946

    Absolutely, yes: it should be left for the Internet Historian to rake over! Absolutely: agreeing: my smelling salts have done wonders and my countenance is now clear/-er... I bear no ill will but words can have consequences for projects... happy for some-one else to run it, just not in a thread that is identified with me... Warehouse was indeed the peoples choice... Quite! [and thanks for your thanks] lots of good ideas already being floated, and sorry to all for stepping out on this one: seemed like the moment to do it.
  12. bartlebyyphonics

    Warehouse Competition Poll (Part 2) - DD-1003xx / 1946

    the thread is merely a poll in reality. the info is accrued? 24 hours allows all voices to be spoken to tell of paths forward... a little urgency sparks the heart... ?
  13. bartlebyyphonics

    Warehouse Competition Poll (Part 2) - DD-1003xx / 1946

    I admit I was watching it as if in an out of body experience; had been expecting these events but not at this point... similar ones happened in other threads with similar agents; but backing down from the precipice occurred. not now it seems. am going to give 24 hrs for all and sundry to say goodbyes/screen grab/frame and then delete and allow others to set up what they need as they wish ... (this was a fine almost outcome) please don't worry; not really my project; this is an unwelcome turn within an otherwise very interesting forum decision making process to which I have merely set up polls following the lead of the magisterial b_F ... if choosing between agreeing to the use of a certain term or being a proud 'fucking moron and self entitled shit' I know where to go - so yup, imma out too... I can be a 'grown up pussy' and buy my big boy pants somewhere else... ur r rite as ever: sorry to be so harsh earlier, didn't expect the other moving parts to come in so early... ready to work on developing the early 80s model with rebuilt.jp? I'll bring the peanuts...
  14. bartlebyyphonics

    Warehouse Competition Poll (Part 2) - DD-1003xx / 1946

    indeed. dau asked for clarification and received it, I guess... certainly the texan mayor is not representative of all the world; but it summarises a lot of what is political to that term in certain parts of the world, many of whose inhabitants are residents of this forum and who have been pretty clear in their understandings... names are emotive as well as factual. I don't miss the term 'yellow peril' ... 'china virus' sits comfortably alongside it in terms of use and context. One of its problems is that whilst it names a geographical place it also infers blame and intentionality (allowing politicians to shift focus from their own poor management of an international situation, allowing those affected to find some-one to blame: personal experience - in the midst of the supermarket madness I had a moment of levity about toilet roll panic buying with other shoppers; the topic of blaming the 'bat-soup Chinese' came up in mere seconds... I know of Chinese people in the UK regularly receiving abuse in the streets) names don't only describe they have effects. I am a relative n00b here and have the most respect for all involved whose knowledge and expertise far outshine my own and as stated before I am concerned more with the green shoots of a collective project and the love, empathy and compassion needed to keep them growing... part of that is how the community talks to each other and takes comments under advisement... certainly the social should not be some smoothed over homogenous space, and certainly division and antagonism are a key part of it; but ringing the bell of division can cut many ways...
  15. bartlebyyphonics

    Ooe-Yofukuten & Co.

    CSL & Kit C top notch both! Bobbo! so many good fades you are providing across the threads... [pun def. intended!]
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