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  1. with ya on the shop run… aero lvc tcb
  2. it's been a while nice page all [lovely ecru Volvo...] greetings from wet ol' blighty: back with much of the same; properly starting these sc47s... m65/aero a2/carhartt vest/sc47/cheaney
  3. and another one... continuing the floral frenzy sun surf - tcb - timberland...
  4. surplus army shirt - lvc '37 - r.mocs...
  5. proper power tuck proper shoes too: congrats!
  6. sun surf serves summer slobbing subtlety (w. 80's army cut-offs 'n' r.mocs... white socks from primark for the other discussion elsewhere...)
  7. off McCoys topic, but on Birkenstock: my partner pretty much exclusively wears them for their orthopaedic nature: we was horrified to find out they have recently (I think?) changed corporate hands: looks like certain old classics are being kept (Boston, Milano, London), but a lot of the older more eclectic styles have been nixxed: if you wear particular styles that are no longer on the Birky website grab 'em on eBay whilst you can...
  8. getting most wear at moment is the boss cat dungees; some fade fragments...
  9. s40s continuing to get worn: full tux in contrast...
  10. yes yes: happy anniversary all: I am riveted! weirdly the fabric is what gets me, but the rivet is what creates the situation...
  11. neither, both, maybe? uncertainty seems certain...
  12. congratulations dr @julian-wolf - good luck with the last push
  13. oooooof! thanks for sharing; honoured to be in the thoughts bank... early model duck always so good & pants looks v. good... [no yoke is interesting] looks exactly like a proper last hurrah, thanks for sharing... this is a much better proper proper goodbye for lvc than than the faded pocket flapped triple pleat... [been wearing my lvc 1870/80s tux around with happiness today; 9oz top & bottom is nearest to a tracksuit I've felt in a while... also been very enjoying the '55 cut; definite good feng shui tailoring jiggery pokery happiness going on there: unobtrusive leg but spacious top box and ankle...] but alas; looks like the sizing on last duck pants wont accommodate my gaijin gut [the 36, the biggest size, wont get where I need it [I like space]...and duck isn't known for stretching...]
  14. m51 liner - lvc 1870/80s(ish) tux - timberland - ikea bag full of park things
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