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  1. ^^^ Beat Takeshi as tender brethren: god-tier business!!! great shots of the event! thanks for all the sharing
  2. ^^ thanx foxy sir! its a favourite for sure! partnered with the tender for a few yrs now will get more details of both that p-alls jacket and the cheaneys in the relevant threads... soon
  3. i blurt ranted about proportion some pages back; go with what you love is my (sapphic, non platonic) motto. i personally seek out long jackets (hence my chore jacket postings) because of body shape / size. if making judgement; would say yr type2 works with layers but not with just a simpe tee looking good overall sirrah
  4. different day different mao suit (2) with added cuntry flair barbour postoveralls tender grenson
  5. ^^ very very nice shoe repairing business! thanx for sharing
  6. we love you ed! lets see what you make the hides into... nice translation foxy
  7. comfy as the rza in the gravel pit?
  8. thnx dear sir! i have a strict no boot in summer policy after some nasty trench foot-ish summers now when i return to boots it is with much joy, hence my monotonous posting banjo is indeed the instrument of hillbilly heroes using the term for the jangling button clash that keeps me wearing those ol' shite jackets
  9. different day different mao suit mildly gopping thrifted blanket jacket montgomery ward tcb cheaney & sons & some button banjo and hiding from the rain boot staring' (whilst taking cover and wishing I'd worn me barbour on the outing)
  10. TCB

    ^^ good luck!
  11. enjoying IH posts greatly; historically informative and much culinary montage. sad no shots of ice cream at toilet foodie spot. excited for what else will come.
  12. contribootin' w. same old 40s bizz but as concession to changing season layers under jacket and most importantly the return of booots p'alls lvc cheaney n sons
  13. nice chino combo!!!
  14. great job with the eagle eye!
  15. TCB

    taking the 50s for a walk with mauli, lvc, dek from the devils chimney to bonchurch beach sampling the end of summer anticipating the 20s arrival