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  1. now that would be some meet up your place or mine or intertubez wizardry? let's do this!
  2. ^^ agreeing w b_F moar = merrier
  3. in the spirit of collected tender fabrics my 130, 134, 132 denim, barge blue canvas, ecru canvas as wave of textures in the spirit of washing right side out and the fabulous fades seen above details of my barge blue 134 trews which receive that treatment around 2 years occasional wear a quiet quiver of fades, formed in certain parts as much through fabric tension as wearer contours
  4. in loafer solidarity! opposites colliding adorning utility formal leisure surplus luxury shiny matt width narrowness inside outside lvc swiss army loake [& a wee afterthought: the bandana as pocket-kerchief workwear-dandyism...]
  5. my thoughts exactly! pls share! (i suspect rodeo bill washes right side out also with some of the fades i have seen on this thread)
  6. ^^ noice! sda workshirts hellah f************k yeh
  7. ^^ hella complètement veritas aka my sides in orbit nice one [kissing my guns as I type]
  8. ^^ indeed, indeed I wonder who here claims to premeditated hipsterism? [edit: I qualify this remembering my stung pride when my eldest - I am as old as Lao Tzu - threw shade by bestowing upon me the nomination of 'original hipster']
  9. and then my two favourite quotes from the Agamben hopefully of relevance to the forum... to be 'in' fashion is to be out-of-sync... to be contemporary is to put different times in relation with each other... how to think retro/repro as other than historic recreation, or to think what does re-enactment do to the present? anyway, back to work... &&&
  10. ^^ nice. On an academic note, and please forgive my ramblings, the search to get beyond 'postmodernism' has been ongoing since late 90s... the current term much wrestled with in certain areas is the 'contemporary'... a broad brush account [worthy of debunking, but trying to keep short]: if modernism was the belief in grand narratives and movement towards enlightenment, postmodernism - at least one strand - was the critical doubt of 'progress' and thinking of paying attention to alternate 'minor' histories weaved inside the grand account of history, to think of the contemporary is to think of how we are both stranded in the 'perpetual present' of the now-now-now yet trying to put the present in touch with moments of the past to shift the axis of what is possible in the present... what Walter Benjamin calls fashion's 'tigers leap' into the past, what Giorgio Agamben addresses in the essay 'What is the contemporary?' (his answer: to be contemporary is to be of one's time, but at an adjunct and in contact with the archaic, but not to wallow in the past as the 'good old days'): you find that essay in this pdf here equally, the Sex Pistol's refrain of 'No Future' has been picked up by Italian Autonomist of 1970s and US student protests preceding Occupy: here and then: Guy Debord's thoughts on time published in 1968 are always worth looking at (where historical time is replaced by the abstract units of the global market)... found here and then I could ramble about Manuel Castells and his theory of 'timeless time' that digital networks produce in terms of the interruption of sequencing via instantaneity, but then you would have to shoot me.
  11. ^^ we don't already?
  12. TCB

    ^^ congrats on concerts and good luck with new crowdfunding venture! rest well when you can! you owe some moar penny loafer action pix
  13. TCB

    oh my it is the technique that matters after all (with flutes) well I hope dear volvo has been getting a big hand of applause throughout the festival that going well?
  14. ^^ cleanliness is next to godliness as they say, chicote! "modernism emerges from the belief that man is fundamentally a clean body"
  15. TCB

    ^^ not quite ready to share photos of hands sliding into indigo apertures. I have no complaints on the matter but offer no measurable analysis of my hands.