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WAYWT 2023 [denim edition]


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12 minutes ago, chicote said:

Those fit you great!! I really like the long vertical crease fades too, guess that’s from the dryer?

  Yeah I'm guessing those long vertical fades (as well as the overall pebbly and grainy texture and the amount of shrinkage these had)  mean these have seen the inside of a dryer at least once. 

And thank you! 

( Also I have been obsessively looking at belts all week after your last post AND I ordered a Crumb shirt too! )

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50 minutes ago, Thanks_M8 said:

^tanlines from a safety vest on the jacket?

Yes sir! I dig it honestly 

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Enjoying the Easter break today in Brighton. Fullcount, MF (bit sticking out from the jumper) and Benzak. 

MF jacket. Kids had a blast being chased by the waves and we got to fly a kite for a bit and eat lots of fish n chips.

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Nearly 80° F  out today so I'm soaking another pair of these indigo warp pink weft 501s. 

 My first pair were tagged 32 x 30 and were tapered below the knee and hemmed. This pair are one size bigger in the waist (34 x 30) and I'm leaving them alone post shrink for a fuller leg. 

Vintage Fort Wayne Rugby T

Levis 501 STF 

Vans Pro slip 

Pre soak 




Post soak, but still very wet


And obligatory stiff as cardboard shot. 


 Crunchy fit pics later this week. 

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