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  1. As the title suggests , this is place for members to post there clothing pieces for sale/trade I'm not gonna post any rules because there is no way to inforce them but as a bit of a guide . Please keep pictures to a minimum , 3 or 4 pics per item . Make sure to mention and photograph any defects . Be sensible when bumping your items , once a week is plenty but if it's on the same page then what's the point ... right ? . Try and remember to edit your post when an item is sold
  2. Flash

    WW2 repro / detailed jeans

    I seen the 50's repro thread and thought id start this thread on ww2 detailed jeans The ww2 details are by far my favorite , from the unfinished seams to the random materal pocket bags they realy tell a story of the times and the cutbacks everyone had to make to support the war effort some pics of my ww2 detailed jeans Ooe Yofukuten s9202xx Fullcount 1100-13-08 small list of ww2 detailed jeans LVC 1944 Lee 1942 101B Samurai 3000vx 2000xx Flat Head 3003xx Fullcount 1100 ( a new model using this number is released every year ) Real McCoys 003 S613a Steam Train Locomotive think its just called ww2 ( not sure ?? ) SD51XX Studio D Artisan D1482 Warehouse 1003xx Ooe Yofuketen 03 lots more but i cant think of the model numbers
  3. ive never been much of a boot man , always go with a comfortable pair of trainers so i thought it would be cool to have a thread to show what trainers / sneakers were wearing . i realise that this could turn into a thread full of the same vans and converse over and over but hopefully we see a bit more of variety first up is my most recent purchase . Converse Star Bars , they are a japan exclusive release and i payed a bit more than i should for a pair of converse but ive always wanted a pair definitely going to get a few more pairs some Converse one stars next up is some vintage Converse from the 1960's , had originally thought they were from the 70's but after a bit of research i was proved wrong and my wardrobe staple , dont think ive been without a pair of these since i was 13
  4. Flash

    Superdenim community sale thread

    If anyone has any afterhood 2 tone sweats there looking to sell give me a shout ( to fit about a 40 chest )
  5. Flash

    Conners Sewing Factory

    i have made a few posts about CSF in the unknown brands thread but i thought id make a dedicated thread to try and make more people aware of the brand ( if they were not already ) . The founder Yoshiaki Konaka has a real passion for vintage and it really comes through in his work , he has spent quite a while sourcing and repairing old Singer and Union Special machines that were used in the production of LEVIS during the 40's so that he can accurately recreate the stitching and give the feel of a vintage garment here is a great interview with Yoshiaki where he talks about the brand so far he has made a 1946 , 47 and ww2 reproduction , the next release will be the 1941 model ( basically a 37 repro )
  6. Dont think we have a vintage thread ?? I know there is a vintage denim thread but I thought this could be more general thread to post your vintage collection I'm sure you've all seen the most of my stuff before and it's almost all denim but best to start the thread with a few pics So a list of the stuff 55-58 503zxx 54-56 503zxx 63-66 503zxx 70 - 71 302 Lee toddler jeans from late 60's early 70's Lee ( Leesure wear by lee ) cinch back trousers , think there are early 60's ?? Earliest mention of leesure I can find is from 1962 40's army/navy barracks bag ( pretty sure 40's anyway ) 60's / 70's store brand kids trainers
  7. Flash

    The Sneakers we wear with our jeans

    @Duke Mantee haven't worn them yet mate but they feel solid , doesn't have the same stiffness as the 70's but I always thought that felt a bit plasticy @Broark just found them on Yahoo
  8. Flash


    Cool little yahoo auction find , didn't even know warehouse done the old spruce mayo Snoopy sweats Seems pretty appropriate given current events
  9. Flash

    The Sneakers we wear with our jeans

    Got some made in Japan converse , there a late 50's repro from the timeline series ..... nothing super special but what can you expect from a pair of converse ?? I didn't remember to take a close up pic of the toe cap but it has the same ridge as seen on pre 70's converse , it's a nice detail that they recreated and shows that there was at least a bit of thought put into them
  10. Was your jp pair a standard Chuck Taylor pair or from the timeline series ? Just ordered a pair of 59 timelines and I'm a bit anxious about it now
  11. Flash

    Superdenim community sale thread

    If there no good for OO I'll take them
  12. Flash


    Think they fit great
  13. Flash


    Who ships warehouse internationally that's open to lowering customs value ? I remember asking Hinoya and was told that I was a criminal I usually use take-off but can't track down what I'm after
  14. Flash

    Sprogs, nippers, bambinos: pint-sized denim

    Awesome , looking forward to see the wear on them
  15. Think this is one of your best "fits" I've seen , love the chore jacket with the trousers
  16. Flash

    Sprogs, nippers, bambinos: pint-sized denim

    Definitely mate was always the plan , Jack has had about a year in his so far and I can easily see another 4 months or so
  17. Flash

    Sprogs, nippers, bambinos: pint-sized denim

    Doing a St Patrick's day special on the N01 jeans , £60 plus shipping and ill throw in a t shirt for any sufu orders ( pm me here or instagram to order )
  18. Flash


    Yes mate , thought I mentioned to you I sold them a while back ?
  19. Flash


    Absolutely perfect fit mate
  20. Flash

    Unknown Japanese Brands

    Cut looks a little weird if I'm honest
  21. Flash


    Those are gonna fit perfectly after a wash
  22. Flash


    The temptation of wearing the 25th 1946 was too much I'll get back to the 25th 50's at some point
  23. Flash

    Denim in Film/Movies (Photos Only Thread)

    Very cool to see mate , especially the painted arcs . I remember there being a near deadstock s501xx in the 501xx book with coin pocket rivets but no trace of arcs Edit .... or was it a 46 501xx with no arcs ???? Cont be sure if I'm honest , been a while since I looked at the book
  24. Flash

    Sugar Cane Denim

    Got the sukajan jacket Cool jacket , bit loud compared to what I usually wear but I've always loved sukajans and it's nice to try something new once in a while
  25. Flash

    Sprogs, nippers, bambinos: pint-sized denim

    Good to see the little man putting them through there paces
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