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WAYWT 2023 [denim edition]


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Dingy vintage knit cap

Vintage Wool sweater

Iggy Pop tee (last wearing ever)

Vintage "WOLFMAN" brand jeans.

Keith Haring socks

Vintage Nettleton steel toe wingtips



Rings n tings



"WOLFMAN" Jeans. Budget fashion brand from the 70s and 80s. Nice lighter denim, very high rise (16 inches!) and wide leg (9 inch hem). 


The tee shirt was sacrificed and pinned to my destroyed leather for tonight's IGGY POP concert. 


Also had some fun shaving my beard off all week. 



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4 hours ago, crownzip said:

Eastman Rough Wear 27752 A-2 over Big Yank work shirt, patched and repaired old LVC San Antonio made 1933 501xx. 


K-I-L-L-E-R !!!!!!

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And the day after Iggy Pop. 

My ears are still ringing but I'm not mad. Great show. We should all be so lucky to rock out at 75 years young. Vintage shrunken vest

Iggy Pop tour tee

Vintage brass buckle and belt

Levi's 501 STF 

Same old boots

IGGY at the Salt Shed, Chicago,  March 10, 2023



       1635906382_Screenshot_20230313-122435_SamsungInternet.thumb.jpg.f5c84e591829c42760cd01a49996f738.jpg20230313_123555.thumb.jpg.292d3c9df043f9bef6d557c893811402.jpg  FB_IMG_1678728508329.jpg.b9f0be4e80612520e7b0f9775f1a2e0e.jpg

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8 hours ago, beautiful_FrEaK said:

Those are the new Lot.220A by Warehouse.

But but your waywt post says Denime?

PS Ignore me! Doh

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21 minutes ago, AlientoyWorkmachine said:

@mk3radial how do you like the jacket? I’d been keeping an eye on that one. Any comments on sizing? It looks like you got some longer sleeves. 

I really like it especially because it's a size 50 and it's the first jacket that allows me to cuff the sleeves :tongue:

If you want more details go check the JELADO topic, I've posted some pics

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