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    The Leather Jacket Thread

    I've been on the look out and finally found an original 1960's LEVI's rough out western jacket in my size. The steer hides are still very soft and pliable but on the thicker side. Overall, a very well made jacket.
  2. crownzip


    Here's my S1000XX wartime denim first worn unwashed in 2001. Really impressed with how they've started to break in.
  3. crownzip

    WAYWT 2023 [Denim Edition]

    Eastman Rough Wear 27752 A-2 over Big Yank work shirt, patched and repaired old LVC San Antonio made 1933 501xx.
  4. crownzip

    WAYWT 2021 [denim edition]

    Goodwear Cooper A-2 over Big Yank work shirt, patched and repaired LVC 1933 501's.
  5. crownzip

    Levi's Vintage Clothing

    With cooler finally here in NYC, decided to break out the LVC Japan 1937 501's.
  6. crownzip

    Vintage Denim?

    Hey Dr, Great to hear from you. I may me mistaken, but did LVC Japan use all cotton thread on their denim? The thread on my LVC Japan 1937's is fading nicely and breaking in some places, very much like cotton thread..
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