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Found 245 results

  1. #GRAY

    Viapiana Custom Jeans

    Viapiana Custom Jean, Just received my first pair of Viapiana Custom Jeans in the mail yesterday. I didn't know a lot before I ordered the jeans but I had high expectations due to how detailed everything looked online, viapiana. This was an amazing process and I got to email the producer throughout the whole process. I started by simply picking out everything I wanted. Denims, Threads, Buttons, Zipper, Patch, and other parts of the denim. Then I measured my favorite fitting pair of jeans. I used his way of measuring to make sure he knew exactly what I wanted. In a week they arrived at my doorstep! I choose these jeans because I wanted something simple, clean and had a lot of small detailing. Also I wanted something that would fit like a pair of my skate pants. I had high expectations and these surpassed it. I am very impressed with everything about what this guy does. My Jeans were: I-103RD (17oz Raw Indigo) Light Tobacco Stitching Copper Buttons and Rivets Veg Tan Patch Fit Pictures Coming Soon...
  2. Sling & Stones Naomi Sz 27 Purchased from Self Edge in Los Angeles Worn approximately 10 wears Great Condition Measurements (following BlueinGreenSoho Measurement Guide: http://blueingreensoho.com/site/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=30&Itemid=)Waist:14.5" Inseam: 33.5" Front Rise: 7.5" Back Rise: 12.5" Thigh: 8.75" Knee: 7" Leg Opening: 5" (Tapered by Denim Doctors located in Los Angeles) Paid ~$350 after taxes. Asking for $200 shipped in US only through PayPal. Ebay link will be updated but will ask for $210 there.
  3. View Advert ONI 622ZR relax taper jeans, 20oz. 31w, 29" ins. Oni 622ZR Relax Taper slim fit. 20oz loose-weave Secret Denim. 2018 edition. Purchased from Blue In Green in November. Now sold out in this size on their website. Priced to sell. Need to size up one more. Jeans bought raw and hot soaked once. Have been worn twice with NO visible wear. Jeans were hemmed to 30" inseam when raw. Inseam at 29" now. Waist is 34". Leg opening 6.9" Please PM me or email with any questions. Will ship international or domestic anywhere USPS goes. Advertiser mlyngard Date 01/20/2018 Price $145.00 Category denim  
  4. View Advert NWT NAKED & FAMOUS WEIRD GUY INDIGO X NATURAL INDIGO SLUB STRETCH SELVEDGE 50% OFF!! I'm selling a brand new with tags, never worn pair of Naked & Famous Denim Weird Guy Indigo x Natural Indigo Slub Stretch Selvedge. The tagged waist is 30, the measured waist is 32. Very nice pair of quality denim with bespoke features. For more details and sizing info visit http://bit.ly/2Bl8GvP Item Price: $87.50 (50% off $175 MSRP) Shipping: $7 USA / $15 Canada / $25 Everywhere Else Superfuture Fee (8% + $0.30): $7.86 USA / $8.50 Canada / $9.30 Everywhere Else Total Price: $102.36 USA / $111 Canada / $121.80 Everywhere Else Advertiser krylon80 Date 12/14/2017 Price $87.50 Category denim  
  5. View Advert Japan Blue Jeans JB0601 High Tapered SZ 30 Japan Blue Jeans JB0601 High Tapered SZ 30 These jeans are basically new with the tags removed. I just received them a few days ago from Okayama Denim in Japan. The tags were removed for a 30 minute warm soak and they have been tried on for a few minutes and taken right off. They are too big for me so my loss is your gain. Flat Measurements: Waist: 15.5" Thigh: 11.5" knee: 8.25" leg opening: 6.5" Inseam: 34" Advertiser tlr911 Date 11/10/2017 Price $100.00 Category denim  
  6. View Advert Studio d'Artisans SD -106 Amazing 15oz unsanforized raw denim by exceptional Japanese brand : STUDIO d'ARTISAN I brought it back from a trip from Japan earlier this year. Unfortunately I gained a bit too much weight in the meantime. Luckily I haven't presoaked them. They are brand new !! All original tags are still on. This is a unsanforized (shrink to fit) denim. Which means you will need to presoak the jeans (wearing them) for a perfect and absolute tailored fit. Perfect for someone wearing usually a waist 28 or 29. Advertiser Julien Hirt Date 10/23/2017 Price $320.00 Category denim  
  7. BAerts

    Sugar Cane 1947 33classified

    View Advert Sugar Cane 1947 33 For sale, a pair of SC 1947s bought raw and soaked once. Toyo only makes these small raw runs 3 times a year, I ordered them directly from the company. Every other pair is one washed and dried at the factory before they're shipped. Therefore the measurements may differ slightly from the OW versions. I've worn them three times, and they're too snug in the waist for me. Hate to see them go. Feel free to ask questions. Open to trades! $100 Shipped CONUS $130 Shipped International W 16.75"R 12"T 9.75"K 9.75LO 9.25Inseam 32" hemmed at Self Edge LA Advertiser BAerts Date 09/11/2017 Price $100.00 Category denim  
  8. Lots of raw denim to let go as I haven't been wearing them due to work. All are unwashed unless otherwise noted. Shipping is $12.65/pair for priority flat rate box within continental USA. I can probably fit 3 pairs in the large box for $17.90. Buyer to pay paypal fees as well. PM to buy, make an offer, or if you have questions. Measurements are all in inches. Thigh is measured about 2" below crotch, and knee is 12" below crotch. If they're not crossed out they're still available. Thanks! Item | Brand | Model | Color | AskingPrice | SizeOnLabel | Waist | Rise | Thigh | Knee | Cuff | Inseam | Comments 1 | Dior Homme | | Black | $100 | 28 | 15.25 | 9.5 | 10 | 8 | 7.5 | 29.5 | 2 | Dior Homme | | Blue | $200 | 28 | 15.75 | 9 | 10 | 7.75 | 6.75 | 37.5 | 3 | Skull | | Black | $100 | 29 | 15.75 | 9 | 9.5 | 7.5 | 7 | 29 | 4 | Flathead | 5100XX | Blue | $100 | 28 | 15.25 | 10 | 10.5 | 8 | 6.5 | 31.5 | Tapered 5 | APC | NewStandard | Blue | $50 | 26 | 14.5 | 10 | 9.5 | 7.75 | 7 | 33 | Washed 6 | APC | New Cure | Blue | $50 | 28 | 15.25 | 8.5 | 9.5 | 7 | 7 | 32 | Washed 7 | APC | Cure | Grey | $50 | 27 | 16 | 10 | 10.5 | 7.5 | 7 | 34 | 8 | Nudie Jeans | Thin Finn | Oscar Dark Worn | $100 | 30/34 | 15.75 | 10 | 10.75 | 8 | 7 | 34.75 | 9 | Nudie Jeans | Super Slim Kim | Geytone | $75 | 28/32 | 15 | 8 | 9.5 | 7.5 | 7 | 32 | Small food stain 10 | J Lindeberg | Peppe | Black | $50 | 30/34 | 16 | 9.5 | 10 | 8 | 7 | 34 | 11 | James the Third | | Black | $50 | 29 | 16 | 10 | 10 | 7.5 | 8.5 | 33 | 12 | Comune | | Black | $50 | 28 | 16 | 9.5 | 10.5 | 8 | 6 | 31 | 13 | Iron Army | | Blue | $50 | 28 | 15.75 | 8.5 | 10.5 | 8 | 7.5 | 33 | Pictures to the front and back could be found here: http://imgur.com/gallery/zxu8j/. Thanks!
  9. View Advert MENS NUDIES JEANS SLIM JIM DRY BLACK SLIM STRAIGHT FIT TAGGED 32x32 GREAT FADES A faded pair of Slim Jim Dry Black in size 32W x 32L an iconic fit and colorway from Nudies. Lots of life left. Advertiser Finesse Date 03/19/2017 Price $55.00 Category denim  
  10. Worn probably 10-12 times, barely any fades. For those who've been around these forums for a long time, they remember how awesome these jeans were when they first came out. Retail was $375 USD. Looking for $185 USD OBO. Best way to contact me is [email protected] Waist: 31.5"Inseam: 31.5"Thigh: 11"Hem: 7.5" One of the most popular jeans we've carried since we opened was the first collaboration we did with Dry Bones and Superfuture two years ago. We've decided to expand on the theme of a forum based jean with a bigger project including Styleforum and a 22oz denim that Dry Bones have woven for this jean. The SEXDBXSXS12 jean has been produced by Dry Bones, one of Japan's longest running vintage Americana style denim manufacturers. The jean is made up of a rope-dyed 22oz unsanforized selvedge denim consisting of a combination of Texas & San Joaquin Valley cotton fibers creating a rigid denim that's slightly hairy, but not slubby, because we requested that the denim not be singed and calendered. The indigo dyed yarn has a sulfur top to create a super dark indigo color that crocks fairly easily with normal wear. The jean has heavy-weight hickory striped pocket bags, military grade green rear pocket linings, coin pocket selvedge, cotton poly-core stitch, hidden rivets, and two leather patches. The Superfuture patch was designed by JimmyC of Superfuture and the Styleforum patch was designed by Brian SD, you can easily remove one of the two patches leaving the one you like better. The fit is a slim fit with with a bit of taper and a medium rise, graded to look great in all sizes.Superfuture, a website dedicated to the finer points of shopping, traveling, garments, and more was launched in 1999 by Wayne Berkowitz. Hailing from Australia, the website took on a life of it's own within a few years, and five years in was already home to one of the largest databases of information about garments, and to be more specific, denim.Superfuture offers the world a frequently updated set of traveling maps, a listing with reviews of over 1000 shops around the world which are "Superfuture Approved", a blog updated with cutting edge events around the world, and a forum called Supertalk which at times overshadows the other services Superfuture offers.Styleforum was founded in 2002 in reaction to the poorly run, corporation-owned, men's style discussion forums of the day. Founder Jeremy Jackson and his partner Fok-Yan Leung, who started posting on the forum as a way to procrastinate from writing his doctoral thesis, see Styleforum as a dive bar populated by guys who also happen to really like clothes, often to the point of obsession. A few discussion rooms have been added to the forum since 2002, discussing anything from travel to food, but these are still guys who want to be wearing the best clothes no matter what they are doing.This jean is limited to 250 pairs between our three stores, once sold out there will be no restocks.
  11. FS: Naked & Famous x Oni Collab: Weird Guy - size 31 This is a limited edition collab that is now sold out: Originally $265.00 - http://shop.tateandyoko.com/products/naked-famous-weird-guy-oni-collaboration [Price: $180 shipped (USA) or $190 shipped (Canada)] - open to negotiation. [Condition: Lightly worn, except for left back pocket, which has iPhone fade.] [shipping from IL (61801)] [Measurements] Waist 32" Rise 9.25" Thigh 11" Knee 8" Leg Opening 7" Inseam ~31.5 [Full Photo Album - with detailed shots] http://imgur.com/a/lSQM7
  12. Hi everyone, I recently bought a pair of Sage Ironberg jeans, however, I quickly realized upon arrival that they were way too small for me. Unfortunately, they do not offer returns so I am now left with a perfectly new pair of jeans that I cannot wear. The denim is unsanforized and weighs 23oz. The measurements can be found on their website along with pictures. I am hoping to sell it to someone in the US since I already spent a bunch on shipping initially. Make me a reasonable offer and we can work out the details. Price in title is what I paid, including shipping. Thanks
  13. Selling my S5000VX 15TH anniversary 17oz size 29. Used only 7/8 times. practically no fading. I sell them because they fit me a little snug on the waist (my real size is a 30). Soaked in hot watter before first use so the have all the shrinkage away. Measurements: Waist: 28,5cm Front rise: 25cm Back Rise: 34cm Inseam: 82cm (Union Special Chainstiched) Hem:20cm This is the model zero 15th anniversary: Only sold in 2013 15th Anniversary leather patch Button fly Red tab with “Samurai†written in gold Engraved buttons and rivets Red and silver selvedge line Hidden selvedge on coin pocket Price: 250$ shipped worldwide (secure shipping)
  14. reyreynaldo


    APC NEW CURE SZ 31 RAW (washed with cold water once) No Alterations Inseam 33" $60 (paypal or Eugene-Oregon meet-ups) Free Shipping shoot me questions to : [email protected] Supreme Camp Cap (Wildlife Side Pocket) Navy $65 Supreme Overlay Cap (black) F/W 2016 $50 Brain Dead 5-Panel Herringbone $40 Thanks Sufu !
  15. paypal only. i ship usps priority mail. pm/email to contact. please only contact me if you're willing to pay. [email protected] for sale: size 36 samurai 710xx 19oz tight straight unwashed selvedge denim i purchased these from denimio last year and they came undersized. they are raw/unwashed but the measurements are closer to the post wash measurements on their size chart. they have never touched water, no initial soak/wash. stiff as cardboard and have not hemmed. they have been worn to a desk job ~ 20 times. no stains or odors, only subtle fading near crotch and behind the knee. id recommend a wash/soak before wearing, this would be their first time in water. id also recommend these for someone with 34.5-35 waist since the following measurements are pre-wash: waist - 36 thigh - 13.25 inseam - 36 hem - 8.5 $140 shipped
  16. These are an absolutely amazing pair of jeans from Japan in the "One Wash" model. I bought these off of Tate and Yoko during their sale and got them hemmed to 30.5 inches. Unfortunately they don't fit me and I can't return them after they've been hemmed. I've only worn them for an hour around the house and they are too small. Probably will not stretch enough for me to use them. Comes with tags and everything. Get them for a steal. They retail for $275 US! And even Denimio charges $178 for them. Listed price includes shipping in North America. Contact me if you want a quote for elsewhere. Measurements Waist: 29.75 inches Front rise: 10.25 inches Back rise: 14.25 inches Thigh: 11 inches Leg opening: 7.75 inches Inseam: 30.5 inches
  17. Up for sale is a brand new (never even tried on) pair of 3sixteen SL-220x double black selvedge denim. I received these and honeslty wish I didnt already have a black pair I was working on because these are sick. Brand new with tags size 30 $175 shipped 14.5 oz slub yarn selvedge denim Sanforized, skewed, slightly singed Warp 7/- slub yarn x weft 6/- Red line selvedge 100% Cotton Sulphur dyed warp and weft ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ Measurements & pics​ etc. are here http://www.selfedge.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=770 Also here to see what they look like beat up http://www.3sixteen.com/blogs/news/15707784-well-aged-sl-220x ​ ​
  18. Hello All, I just received my pure blue japan jeans a day ago and was super excited. Put them on and right away they were tight. Thought that maybe i could break them in and they would get better but then decided they are too tight for that even. I literally only wore them for less than 5 hours. Please message me if you are interested. I would like to get some money back on these so i can purchase a correct fit. please help Let me know if you have any questions. Message me with offers. $175 obo http://imageshack.com/a/img911/5295/s2NAh1.jpg http://imageshack.com/a/img905/2803/LIA9X3.jpg http://imageshack.com/a/img633/2728/2ygejF.jpg http://imageshack.com/a/img903/159/vriIOO.jpg http://imageshack.com/a/img910/2485/VBDnmi.jpg http://imageshack.com/a/img911/881/Y80hMy.jpg http://imageshack.com/a/img903/2144/8zVprv.jpg
  19. 2 pairs of Flat Head jeans up for sale, both size 36, given one warm soak, and showing no real fading or wear. Each pair was worn around the house maybe 3 or 4 times, just selling because I've got too many other jeans to wear right now. I've been a member for a long time and have feedback over on styleforum.net (where these are also listed), as well as eBay and other places I can provide. Prices are inclusive of shipping in the US as well as PayPal fees. Please see below for pics and measurements, and contact me with any questions! Model 3012 jeans from The Flat Head. These are normally a loose, straight leg fit above the knee that tapers below the knee. However, I found the thighs to be way too big and blousey so they were taken in by the experts at Denim Doctors in Los Angeles. They're still basically a straight leg fit with taper below the knee, but in the leg above the knee they've been slimmed down. Asking $190. Waist - 17.5" Rise - 11.75" Thigh - 13" Knee - 9" Leg Opening - 7.25" Inseam - 33" 4001BK jeans from The Flat Head. This is Flat Heads classic Pioneer denim with a black sulfur based dye instead of indigo, and they will fade in the same intense manner but to gray/white instead of lighter blue. Asking $195. Waist - 18" Rise - 11.55" Thigh - 12.6" Knee - 9" Leg Opening - 8.75" Inseam - 33"
  20. liannesmiles

    FS: Pure Blue Japan XX 11 from 2010

    hurts to sell my babies but they are up for grabs. 350 shipped / accepting offers. message me. Pure Blue Japan XX 11 Left Hand Twill Bought from Blue in Green in Fall 2010. Tag Size 27, Stretched to 29,30 http://liannesmiles.blogspot.com/for the progress pictures.
  21. I have a set of journal crates, size 29. Chain stitched raw denim, only 450 pairs were made and year the cotton was milled from is stamped on the back of the buttons (1972 in this case). They fit way too small for me, fitting more like a 27 than a 29. Theyve been worn about ~10 times like 2+ years ago and have slight signs of age in the rear pocket due to a large wallet I use to wear. The measurements are in the pictures however if there is something im missing or youre curious about please dont hesitate to ask. A link to the gallery can be found here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/yvdeytch3irs20f/AAD0ZQaSp44Eq87fPjWFc2O7a?dl=0 $70 shipped within the US.
  22. These are 21cm (leg opening) made in Italy Dior Homme Raw Denim Jeans in size 29. I believe these are Hedi-era and have been washed/faded extensively, but are in excellent condition. The connecting clasp at the waist has been professionally repaired since it was torn off at some point. Also features the signature "scars" on the back pockets. The 21cm Dior Homme cut was based off of the A.P.C. New Standard, so sizing is similar. Measurements: Waist: 14.5" Thigh: 11" Hem: 7" Inseam: 34" Additional pictures/info available upon request. Open to offers. Asking $200 OBO. Pictures: http://www.grailed.com/listings/110493-dior-homme-21cm-mii-washed-raw-denim
  23. Samurai S610LX17oz $285 Free Shipping Size 32 New with tags Limited Edition Low Rise Tapered Leg Fit 17oz Samurai Original Japanese selvage denim 100% Cotton Raw / Unwashed (will shrink with washing) Front pocket bags have an original Jacquard pattern interwoven with thin Beige threads which reads "Shogyo Mujo" (諸行無常), a basic belief principle that all things of this world are transient and impermanent; also translated as "Everything is transient and always changing" or "All Things Change". The rivets are made of copper with the underside of the front rivets reading サムライ "Samurai" while the underside of the back rivets read "Shogyo Mujo" (諸行無常). Samurai's iron-made sunrise buttons with the "SAMURAI & CO. LTD + JAPAN'S FINEST" imprint are used for the top center and button fly. 100% cotton thread sewing construction Feel free to contact =)
  24. Hi all, first post here, so please let me know if I make a mistake. Here's what I have for sale right now. Pics are at the Grailed Links below each description. RALPH LAUREN RRL SLIM-FIT SELVEDGE JEAN (GRAY) | SIZE 30 $120 SELLER'S NOTESThese run very big!!! 1960s-inspired jean made in the USA from authentic Japanese selvedge denim. Designed with a slim fit, a low rise and a straight-leg silhouette. These have the Black Out Leather back patch and are roughly 13-14 oz. They have about 15 wears and one wash. Just a touch too tight for me through the hips. Original hem! Measurements: Waist: 35 Thigh: 12 Knee: 8 Hem: 7.5 Length: 34 Grailed link NAKED & FAMOUS SKINNY GUY LEFT HAND TWILL | SIZE 32 $100 SELLER'S NOTESNaked & Famous "Skinny Guy" 13.75oz Left Hand Twill Selvedge Denim in Indigo Retail: $140 Got these in a grab bag, unreturnable. Didn't fit. Original hem! Grailed Link MOMOTARO G007-MB | SIZE 32 $220 SELLER'S NOTESMomotaro Copper Label 14.7oz "Tight Straight" Raw Selvedge Denim in Vintage Indigo - Model G007-MB Retail: $295 These were worn for half a day. I went to the movies in them and realized they were too small. Original Hem! Comes with tags and stickers. Grailed Link