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WAYWT 2023 [denim edition]


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In Bakersfield? The ranch I've been running market stalls for isn't too far from there; maybe now's the time to make a little trip on down…

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Cuyama Valley. About an hour west of BFL on the 166/33

Ather great spot is on the 138. Just South of Gorman head east for about 25 miles.

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6 hours ago, CSL said:



Ooe vest (I realize the fit is not the most flattering but since I have a camera & a bunch of lenses in there I can say it's practical).


actually love the look of oversized outdoors/hunting vest being worn loose like og duck hunting vest of yore like old ed's below. looking good @CSL!

Filson (1).jpg

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Thanks Ooms! It's definitely how they were intended to fit.

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I immediately tracked down and ordered this R Crumb Robert Johnson tee after seeing @chicote wearing one. 


Thanks for the inspiration!  I love it! 

Wool Fisherman's Cap

Robert Johnson by R Crumb

Vintage belt and buckle

Levi's LVC 606

Vintage Italian boots





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Very dapper @CSL looks like you may be doing more than yard work today...

I'm especially noting the belt/shoes match which nicely frames, and allows if I may be so bold, the happy coalescence of colour

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Thank you, @MFJ9 !

I was heading out to play a show.

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