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  1. These are actually Padmore & Barnes.
  2. These actually started close a 35 waist and shrank down to about 33 but quickly stretched out to about 34.
  3. Gave the 221 another warm soak, air dry and got a bit more shrinkage but not overly noticeable. I'm typically a 33 in most Japanese denim but opted for a 34 in this cut just to not have something too snug on my waist. Overall, this cut fucking rules.
  4. Lot 221 Size 34 after a warm soak
  5. Guilty Party (new shop in Atlanta) just got a sizable delivery of DENIME. 220A and 221 Big E in denim cuts V-Gusset Crewneck Tees and Sweatshirts Pullover Hoodies Pocket Tees www.guiltyparty.co
  6. New shop in Atlanta specializing in selvedge denim and well made apparel. Proud to be the first retailer in the area of many amazing brands including : Iron Heart, Full Count, Freenote Cloth, 3sixteen, Denime, Wythe, Dehen 1920, Heimat Textil, ROTOTO and more. Guilty Party 318 Cherokee Ave SE Unit 103 Atlanta, Ga 30312 678-824-0063 Come by the shop if you're in town. Shop online www.guiltyparty.co. Follow us @guiltypartyatl on Instagram.
  7. Are your 19 oz Samurai 710 still alive?

    Make sure to bever ever throwing them away after you created such great fades in to them

    Have a great weekend


  8. Wythe Hunting Jacket 3sixteen Pima Tee Freenote Chinos Birkenstock Boston
  9. Blluemade Linen Cap Wythe Oxford Warehouse 900xx Ecru
  10. When did they announce the 66 model?
  11. Weekend walks to the market w/ my mini-me. Blluemade Linen Cap Full Count Western 3sixteen Pima Tee Warehouse 900xx Ecru DSPTCH Tote Vans DX Slip Ons
  12. They sold out online in like 30 min, pretty crazy.
  13. Yeah, I was a sicko. Anything for the fades.
  14. Wonder if we ever crossed paths
  15. Living life to the fullest / wasting my entire 20's in a van touring the world playing drums in hardcore bands.
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