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  1. Workshirts

    https://global.rakuten.com/en/store/pine-avenue/item/br26081-149olive/ I have this shirt and it's fantastic.
  2. Black jeans lovers!!!

    Check out the Sugar Cane Type III jean. I got a pair a couple weeks ago and REALLY digging the cut and the denim.
  3. Watches and Denim

    First post in thread. Hamilton JazzMaster with some Joe McCoy, Iron Heart and Buzz Rickson for good measure.
  4. Waywt 2018 (denim version)

    Effortless style. Spot on.
  5. Warehouse

    If anyone was wishing they scooped a pair of Warehouse 660 before BiG sold out, I have a pair of very, very lightly worn in size 31 that I'd let go. They were hemmed to a 32 inseam. I got a pair of 800s at the same time and I'm loving that cut so much that the 660 is just collecting dust which is a shame. Hit me up.
  6. Self Edge, SF/NY/LA/PDX - updates & info

    @kiya Any plans for a holiday sale of any kind?
  7. Warehouse

    Working on stretching out the waist of these new 800s. Love the fit otherwise and once I hem them, they will be spot on. Denim is amazing, rough but comfortable right out of the bag.
  8. Warehouse

    How much have these stretched? I just received the exact same cut in the same size and the waist is SO tight. Kinda bummed because if I size up, the legs will be too wide for my taste.
  9. Warehouse

    So looking at Blue in Green's website, it looks like they only have 1 pair of the 660 left in stock. Is it safe to confirm that once these are gone, this model will not be remade?
  10. Roy Big Bro 2 - aka Roy World Tour Round 2

    Very cool. Message me your info and I will get them out to you to keep this tour rolling.
  11. Roy Big Bro 2 - aka Roy World Tour Round 2

    These jeans are sitting in the packaging and just begging for the next person on the tour.
  12. Roy Big Bro 2 - aka Roy World Tour Round 2

    The good news is the jeans arrived today and they are awesome. The bad news is they've either shrunk more than what I thought they would or I have gotten fatter than I realized (safe bet on the last one). Unfortunately they are too small for me in the waist. Who's next on the tour and I will get them in the mail asap!
  13. Roy Big Bro 2 - aka Roy World Tour Round 2

    Yeah count me in!!