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WAYWT 2023 [denim edition]


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3 minutes ago, Toegun said:

Tender and Sams are the only items to note. 
nice bit of fading around the pockets

That jacket looks really good. Which version is it? Had it long?


Also like the way you matched the color of t-shirt and shoes. Always good to know which pair of legs goes with which upper body. Easy to get mixed up, specially in crowded tubes, and I personally hate getting home with the wrong torso.

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@bloom thank you. The Tender jacket was an anniversary model. I think Sufu members cleaned him out when it went live. I believe it’s ‘wode’ dyed so it’s extra blue. Used to live in it for the first year but now it has serious competition from MF, FW and Cushman jackets these days. 

tshirt I got from Uniqlo, really like their cuts on me and yeah trainers went really well

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It's their loafer (can't remember the name) resoled by Role Club with leather & a boot type rubber heel/sole combo.

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Inis meáin / indigofera 

I was going strong in the indigoferas for awhile then a series of toddler events meant I had to wash them like 6 times in 2 weeks so now I wash and dry almost whenever and they’re marbled and have fade splotches (the gunpowder dye scrubs off a little easy) and they’re great and I don’t care. 


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Shopping at The Aldi

Wool Cap

Vintage Levi's Trucker 

Lucky Tee

Vintage belt

Rag & Bone RB15 

Vintage cowboy boots with inlays*






*I'm going to customize these with a red blue and white ACME inspired colorway. 




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