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  1. buzz rickson cap, fine creek jacket, warehouse jeans and some tony llama’s
  2. @NilsLW the 1955z is made from a different denim from the 1953. the 1953 jacket and the 1947 jean are made from the same denim. 1955z has a slightly lighter shade of indigo and some more texture.
  3. @Geeman in my experience with 47's i always wash in warm or hot water and then hang dry initially and will lose one inch in the inseam. beyond that i will cold wash and hang dry and the jeans will shrink just a little over time. the denim is pretty dense and typically doesn't want to stretch very easily in the waist.
  4. i’ve been living in my encinitas for almost a month. it might be time to wash soon
  5. lookin' good! @chicote
  6. mister freedom jacket stevenson overall co jeans danner boots
  7. i'm here for this. being in that subreddit is like passing a horrible accident that you can't look away from.
  8. here’s my vat-dyed chambray that i wear to work for pretty much every shift. i work as a barista and i’m looking forward to seeing how the bottom half of the shirt ages much more rapidly the the top half.
  9. i picked up the encinitas last week. i fit the size 29 pretty easily, but opted to size up to 30 since i’m unfamiliar with how stevenson denim shrinks over it’s lifecycle. overall i’m really happy with the fit, and the denim itself has nice character. i’m currently moving so they’re getting the sweaty and dirty break-in treatment.
  10. it would appear that i’ve run out of space in my closet, and also the wiggle room these clothes used to give my body when i first bought them. all of this stuff is men’s size small and waist 29/30. i want to sell all of this stuff off as a lot because i don’t really see any of these items as individually valuable anymore. i don’t know many people who can fit into these sizes, so many someone might want to use these for scraps or repairs. everything is in good shape, although the pair of sc1947s does have a raw hem. i want to let this all go for cheap, no more than $300USD altogether. anyone want to help me clear out some space? if not, at least enjoy a peek and admire the fading between the two buzz rickson chambrays, just beautiful stuff! EDIT: these are sold, thank you!
  11. it was time for me to buy my very first leather jacket. i decided on the mariana from fine creek. this thing is just about everything i’ve ever wanted out of a leather jacket. if you don’t already know fine creek’s deal this is horsehide from shinki tannery. it’s tea-core. it’s shiny and beautiful. i go crazy for the slanted chest pocket, and i was really stoked to find out that it’s super functional and deep enough to fit your phone or wallet or even a modest sandwich. shout out to the folks at self edge for talking me through several weeks of trying on and deliberating on which one to take home. i’m beyond excited to break it in.
  12. i wore my 1955z to work all weekend after not spending much time in them at all since last summer.
  13. MF jacket made with sc66 denim and a pair of 47s that i have been wearing again lately.
  14. dsb 1001xx 47, regular 1001xx and then dsb s1003xx
  15. i haven’t really been taking fit pics lately so this is from a few days ago. carhartt jacket, iron heart hoodie, warehouse jeans and danner boots.
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