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WAYWT 2023 [denim edition]


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You're not wrong Maynard, I'm just practicing a little bit of delayed gratification. ^_^
And even once it cools off here it's still quite dry, I won't have any problem getting it to dry out in the garage.

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They actually feel like my Cone denim LVC 47.
But they're the Warehouse 1001.
The denim stretches quite a bit. One can see the pronounced whiskers. I actually find it a bit too much. Like a shirt that is too tight. They'll go to the heap of smaller jeans, that I'll again once I've dropped 5kg, whenever that is :D
Also size wise similar- the WH in OW in W32 and the LVC47 in W34.

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Really like the details on these jeans when I saw them on the Clutch website and managed to get them for less than half price ordering them overseas: Orgueil Lot OR-1001. They came one washed but were quite loose so I gave them another hot wash and left them in the sun to dry off (it only took a few hours in todays sun), looking forward to see how they sit once I worn them a bit and they relax, just need the weather cool off….IMG_5711.thumb.jpeg.c7b23e7d2bfd4012e073ab46017d4980.jpeg






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