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WAYWT 2023 [denim edition]


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1 hour ago, southofnonorth said:

CSF Type 2

Cushman x CSF jeans… trying to figure out if I should’ve sized down 1 size on the jeans 🧐




 I think they look really good. 

 I've been trying to remember lately that not everything needs to fit as small as possible. 

A good fit is a good fit. 

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Hell yeah! Gotta start them when they are young! Jim C and Sunday, nice!

The plan is to build it up eventually (I have T1 bars, some shiny new Profile cranks and hubs ready) but I have no space for another bike. Already got 3 and the girls and no space. So the frame is currently an office ornament.

I am also on the MTB train too. Picked this up a couple of years ago (this was the day I got it, so plenty banged up now). Love it, 140 front and 125 rear so it has that BMX snappy feeling to it.


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@beautiful_FrEaK No, didn’t get a chance to take any photos before I started wearing them, but planning to after their first wash

More and more over the past year or so I’ve been feeling like the M41058 are my favorite jeans I’ve ever worn, and really really wishing that another pair would show up in good condition—& last month they did! These are 2 sizes larger than my other pair, but I’m around 1 size larger than I was when I got the others, so it evens out okay…

The comparison between old and new is stark: this denim takes a while to show wear, but really ages aggressively after a certain point

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