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  1. irual

    WAYWT 2022 [denim edition]

    HW Dog & Co - Tender - 3sixteen - Kapital - Hoka
  2. irual

    Happy jeans: TCBxSufu S40s WW2 contest thread

    #53 with the final update. Had a bit of a love-hate relationship with the fit of these so ended up washing lots as the fit was the best after a wash. Lots happened here as well with changing careers and graduating, getting a new job with the new career choice, getting a dog, getting engaged and now expecting a child Don't expect to be competing with my pair for the prices but that was never the goal. Really enjoyed peoples updates and great results everyone!
  3. irual

    Happy jeans: TCBxSufu S40s WW2 contest thread

    It is a good -13 celsius degrees today. Have to wear long johns to be able to keep wearing the competition pair. Took a picture on today's walk with the dog, the sun is already setting at 2 in the afternoon and you can spot some ice skater on the lake in the distance.
  4. irual

    Happy jeans: TCBxSufu S40s WW2 contest thread

    Have not been wearing these for the last couple of months as the stitching on the top button hole came undone and it took me ages to take care of it.
  5. irual

    Tender Co. Denim

    Nice on @MJF9! Glad the size 3 worked out. Be sure to post a fit pic at some point
  6. irual

    Tender Co. Denim

    Here you go @MJF9. Decided to take the tux out for the morning walk with the dog.
  7. irual

    Tender Co. Denim

    Thanks @MJF9, I will try to make it happen in the coming days
  8. irual

    Tender Co. Denim

    Fresh from the mail new Tender 132x in woad. Roomy fit but I like it. And while I'm at it, here are my type 130 in rinsed denim with lots of life left:
  9. irual

    Happy jeans: TCBxSufu S40s WW2 contest thread

    Little update on the progress. Have not really been wearing these lately as it has been too warm for jeans for a couple of months.
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