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  1. Tender / Y.M. Factory / Engineered Garments / Skoob
  2. It is this girls birthday today so we did what she enjoys the most.. running free in the forest. Found some mushrooms, yellowfoot in english I guess, suppilovahvero in finnish.. did not pick any as we have freezer full of that stuff after this fall. I was wearing Tender 900 too, inspired by @AlientoyWorkmachine, and some Engineered garments fatigues.
  3. Have to change tyres twice a year and that is pretty much all I can do to the car by myself 😄 Wearing Tender 130 while doing so.
  4. rototo / carhartt / warehouse sweat (univisble) / tender / skoob Pretty much all my photos now feature different playgrounds..
  5. papa nui / eg / lady white / tcb / birks
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