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  1. Yeah I need to decide whether to start repairing the starting holes or move on to a next one. No idea what to get next though. The cap has been washed plenty and now that it is so light coloured my sweaty bald head makes it brown and needs more washes more often..
  2. Alpa / Carhartt / Tender x2 / Hoka
  3. My 130 after a wash to follow @bartlebyyphonics. I must have had to re-stitch almost every stitch in the top block and back pockets but all good. Next to re-attach the one hanging belt loop.
  4. Tender | Toyo/Headlight overalls
  5. I bought them from DC4 and Daniel recommended to size the same as my Red Wing moc toes. So mine are US10 as are the Red Wings I have and they fit really well. I remember them being quite easy to get on but at first getting them off was a little workout. But after some wear it has gotten a lot easier and I wouldn't say it is too difficult. I think that they are shaped so that there a bit more space than some on other engineers (again, no prior experience with engineers) for the mid foot and ankle so I think that helps with getting them on and off.
  6. @Broark Here is my Skoob engineers after a really moderate wear. I've had these for a year but the weather here is really not suitable for a year round wear. I know next to nothing about engineers so can't really comment on construction that much but these were really comfy right from the start and feels good quality and construction.
  7. Tender / Y.M. Factory / Engineered Garments / Skoob
  8. It is this girls birthday today so we did what she enjoys the most.. running free in the forest. Found some mushrooms, yellowfoot in english I guess, suppilovahvero in finnish.. did not pick any as we have freezer full of that stuff after this fall. I was wearing Tender 900 too, inspired by @AlientoyWorkmachine, and some Engineered garments fatigues.
  9. Have to change tyres twice a year and that is pretty much all I can do to the car by myself 😄 Wearing Tender 130 while doing so.
  10. rototo / carhartt / warehouse sweat (univisble) / tender / skoob Pretty much all my photos now feature different playgrounds..
  11. papa nui / eg / lady white / tcb / birks
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