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  1. CSF Type 2 Cushman x CSF jeans… trying to figure out if I should’ve sized down 1 size on the jeans 🧐
  2. Does anyone have experience with/know much about the 409 type-Big "E”? There is a pair on Mercari in my size (I think) that I'm considering taking a punt on...
  3. @Jeef1 Good eye – the spider and butterfly are by Cris Cleen 🧼
  4. 🪞 dusty mirror 🪞 CSF McCoys sweat 90s Helmut Lang t-shirt Warehouse DD 1004 ‘1937’ Carmina
  5. My first WAYWT in what feels like (probably is) about a decade. Studio d’artisan cap Helmut Lang jacket from about ‘98 Helmut Lang ‘painter’ t-shirt Warehouse 1000 1947 Carmina semi-brogue oxford
  6. @swiss-jeansfreak Here’s a couple more shots of the Buzz Rickson’s with my unprofessional repairs on the pockets.
  7. My old Buzz jeans – straight 47 style cut – can’t remember the model
  8. 4 x Warehouse Buzz Rickson (busted blue pair) Denime (busted black pair)
  9. Couple of shots of my Warehouse jeans + cat
  10. Denime 220a by Warehouse Size 31 Worn for a week and hot washed once SOLD
  11. One Piece of Rock / CSF Lot 141 denim cap new condition 100USD plus shipping
  12. Dubbleworks 1001 Produced by Warehouse Made in Japan Measurements Waist aligned: 32” Inseam: 32” Leg opening: 8.5 100USD shipped
  13. @bloom In the waist and the top block my size 31 220a are easily one size larger than my size 31 WH1001X. This is after the 220 have had a hot wash and air dry. A this point, I regret not getting a 30 in the 220a
  14. Forgive the n00b question about the Lot. 220a, but I've seen mixed descriptions from retailers. How does the size of the Lot. 220a compare to Warehouse 1001 sizing? And are they a 40s, 50s, or 60s, (or none of the above) cut?
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