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WAYWT 2023 [denim edition]


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Just night mirror shot in artificial light

vintage Carhartt

Atlast&Co Lot 147


tomorrow, or in weekend better photos in day light


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FW cap

vintage Carhartt. Bought in start of 90s

Atlast&co lot 147

Italian shoes. I think they are Officina Creativa. But logo disappeared. Bought them in Milano in 2013




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Denim on denim on denim today. 

-Denim Fisherman's cap

-Vintage Levi's jacket

-LVC eyeball tee

-Favorite leather belt

-Vintage Von Dutch jeans ( deadstock circa 1999). Yes THAT Von Dutch. *

-Vintage Horween shell cordovan longwings in desperate need of a resole. The insole tells me they were sold at Hannigs in Chicago but no idea of the brand or maker. 







* If you are curious why the hell I'm wearing a pair of vintage Von Dutch jeans head over to the "Vintage Denim?" thread for a long winded history lesson. 


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Cheers OO... these rusty duck Bucks are nice for a change.

Yes it's that jacket but not the size up. TCB only did a limited pre-order run and getting the next size depended on returns... alas there were non. I'd have preferred a size up to allow more layers but this fits well enough so I'll be wearing it. 

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