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  1. Jeef1


    Ordering directly from Warehouse is simple, just fill out the form and they will send you a PayPal invoice. It seems like a lot of stuff is sold out by the time it’s up on their web shop, though. Take-off, Celluloid, Bears, and Hinoya (and probably quite a few more) all ship overseas and are easy to order from, and usually will ship faster than Warehouse too.
  2. Jeef1

    Freewheelers, Bootleggers Reunion, Bubo, etc.

    Lumberjack trousers looking very cool Broark!
  3. Jeef1

    Freewheelers, Bootleggers Reunion, Bubo, etc.

    Do you have post wash/dry measurements for the hoodie? Thinking of getting a 44 but measurements look big. Thanks!
  4. Jeef1

    What about Jeans Jackets ....

    I received mine about two weeks ago from take off. I got a size 46.
  5. Jeef1

    What about Jeans Jackets ....

    Freewheelers jackets have T back on size 46 and 48. A lot of the Warehouse jackets are available with T back in size 46 and 48 as well but only through a few shops (Take Off is good to order from). Warehouse had a Duck Digger jacket in the last year or so that had T back on all sizes but may be sold out now or at least hard to track down.
  6. Jeef1

    Freewheelers, Bootleggers Reunion, Bubo, etc.

    Anyone buying the 1937 jeans? I’m a 34 in 1947 and s601xx and am tempted to get same size in 1937s, but a couple of size charts show them running larger than tag size.
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