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  1. Do u really want to do [this] to a $250+ pair of denim jeans?! I understand that u can do w/e u want to do w/your denim, but I think you're missing the point why denimheads here are into the hobby of fading
  2. 'Had the pleasure of experiencing Copper [type2 jacket], Vintage [701] & Deep Indigo w/c has dyed weft [202SP]. 'Loved how the Vintage faded... but, the ataris on the type2 is starting to look really interesting, as well. So, I snagged a G014-MB to see how [that] translates on a pair of jeans ... Will post try to post texture comparison when I get the chance.
  3. Xposting:
  4. 'Thought I'd play catch up on the last quarter leg of the contest, but the NYC weather just won't let me see it my WEY. Here's some crappy iPhone porn of my EW-0110 before the final wash. I know it's wishful thinking to expect that, in a short span of 1.5mos, I can bank enough ataris to skew the [sad] outcome
  5. With regards to denimjackets, 15oz is my max__ anything heavier is just too constricting. The best fitting I've ever tried on was a friend's FH a few years back. 'Regretted not taking when he offered to swap w/my SC40400N__ w/c I eventually sold anyway. Currently, I got the SDA type1 & Momo type2 in "Copper Label" denim. Former has regular cut w/c can be layered w/ medium weight sweater/hoodie underneath ... the latter is cut slimmer+longer, worn over shirts&knits x midrise jeans. Edit: Got the wrong photo up for the SDA [below's the correct item]
  6. Driving in LA ... Momo "Copper Label" Type2 SExFlatHeadxRingring JCRew
  7. @ShootThePier They were @33.75 after the 3rd wash, then had them hemmed @BiG to 32" ... w/c is current inseam. Yes, this particular denim thrives on periodic soak/wash ... no need to worry about indigo loss__ it's packed w/ indigo for 2 pairs
  8. 5000AI-10SP: 7y/o @round 12 mos effective wear :: washed approx X8 :: countless soaks. Ai on these are dyed to the core, so fade is more of a monochromatic gradation rather than a contrast fade__ mosdef not for every1's taste. Indoor shots:Outdoor, indirect light:
  9. @^^ @^^^ @^^^^ Thanx peeps! These Lot9s were actually my 2nd pair. 1st pair was a Lot10 W33, w/c unfortunately, were undercut & ran shrink-from-tagged, post wash 'Got rid of them & tried to su1, but BiG soldout on Lot10 W34, so I took Lot9, instead ... 'long story short, Lot9 dint have any of that [sizing issue], the W34 ended a bit loose post wash. Anyway, 'kept them__ wore them low w/a belt ... wore them hard&frequent for 7mos. 1st to give was the crotch stitching, then the front pockets, & then the back pockets. & button holes. More recently, the chainstitching along the waistband & hems has kept my sewing skillz up
  10. Can't really match the fading powerofmax ... but, here's my humble 710XX Lot9. It's like keeping humptydumpty 2gether @ this point ... countless fixes, but will not let these faded jeans to fade away. SashikoCrotch in perpetual flux__ 7yrs of organic progression ... & evidently, improved sashiko skill
  11. #SamuraiJeans 710xx #Viberg Black PitTanned Bison #BrownsBeach #JLindenberg #EquusLeather #Anonymousism
  12. Thanx, I think ?!?! 'Paltry english language skill was acquired academically from primary through tertiary education [in Manila] ... w/c, basically, meant I'm ESL, hence the [quirky] writing style
  13. Yeah, old school abbrev habit ...
  14. ^They're on the 1035 last__ from 2016NYCsamplesale. 'Got 2 Viberg Bisons w/ distinctly different texture. I'm guessing, depends on w/c part of the hide & tanning process involved. These particular pair, leather is not dyed through ... prolly why they're dark-brownish w/purplish hue when under direct sunlight. As per GusFerguson__ tanning process was the same as on their famed ShellCordovan.
  15. VIBERG Black Pit Tanned Bison on 1035 last: 'Decided got too much natural trims in my boot stable, so DIYstained w/indigo colored dye. We'll see how they evo ... Before: After: