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  1. BrownMetallic

    Happy jeans: TCBxSufu S40s WW2 contest thread

    Nice progress gents! Just hit the [refresh] button on mine ... 2nd machine cold wash & hot dry. Just before chucking them in the washer, I marveled at the deep sheen developing around the seams, pocket edges, & lap ... got lured to the illusion of patina starting to build up. Of course, that’s just from the infrequent washing ... layers peeled right off in the wash However, I do like how the denim is right now. There’s comparatively minimum indigo loss in less traffic [less friction] areas & its got that certain crisp & heft to it, as the yarn/weave tightened up right after a wash. The denim may have reached its plateau ... as in, when the denim has given up its loose indigo pigments from initial wash & wear ... & what’s left are dug in the fabric. This is when the real grunt work begins. Now, I have to work harder for the fadez. Damn ‘combs are like elderly Asian women drivers, just won’t stay in their lanes. So, had to take ‘em out of the dryer, still slightly damp, to re-align the creases a bit as they fully dry. Taken under grey skies ... will snap another set when I get a chance on better lighting.
  2. @cultpop 0217 “Got Made in Japan”, I had those back when I used to be active at Styleforum ... nice pair. Loved the patch.
  3. BrownMetallic

    How many pairs of jeans do you own?

    Above photos were taken a year ago. Every pair in there fit me at the time of posting. Honestly tho’, a few pairs [W32-33s] needed a bit of “persuasion” to get into Now, the entire collection is f**ked. I can’t afford to build back from scratch. I desperately need an intervention ... either, for food or denim addiction ‘Sold/selling some unworn & lightly worn pairs. Some of my treasured well-worn pairs, which I was hoping to keep, were upcycled [a few more are in-process], so I can move them ... ‘surprisingly, those upcycled pairs fetched in the upwards of $175 apiece on eBay ... who knew! Listed directly below are my “replacement” set which I will be rotating until such time I’m able to shrink back to my normal W34s. DenimBridge X Volante BR05 DB19 W36 Evisu No.1 2000T W40L32 PBJ BRT-013 W35 Roy RO1 W36 Studio d’Artisan ODSDA-001 W36 SDA X Volante OKI-515 “Champloo” W36 Samurai s710-MOG W36 SExSC BSPOW Okis W36 SugarCane X Begin W36 TCBsWW2 40’s Contest TCB50s Jacket Type2 sz46 Warehouse Brown-Duck&Digger W36 Warehouse S1001XX 25th Anniv W36L32
  4. BrownMetallic


    ^Good to know ... I’ll do another hot soak & cuff ‘til I’m ready to wash. BiG always do a great hem job, but being able to keep the original is always the best. Thanks for the quick response @Flash
  5. BrownMetallic


    Anyone who’s got their WH s1001XX 25th washed ?! My W36L32 measures 33” inseam after a hot soak. Just wanna know how far they’d shrink after a wash or 2. I’m thinking maybe dropping them off @BiG & get hemmed @31” ... Thanks, in advance.
  6. BrownMetallic

    Shoes that look better with age...

    Got my very 1st English boots 10yrs ago ... Tricker’s Malton in C-Shade Gorse. I’ve always gravitated to a more casual wear & accoutrements, since there was rarely ever any need to dress up in my entire life ... getting married was one. I remember getting stoked just looking through the boots display window @JermynStreet. I was chancing on a proper Stow pair in Acorn, but discovered that I needed to size up half on the length to get to the width that I wanted. Enter the Malton ... Goodyear commando soles in combo with the brogues ... wanted the Acorn, but Gorse will do ... SOLD! I thought they were like the “mullet” of bootsdom edit: Btw, been re-heeled twice, but the commando soles are still original ... actually, I find Commandos more flexy/comfy & durable than Dainites.
  7. BrownMetallic

    WAYWT 2021 [denim edition]

    •MomotaroJacket •BrownDuckdigger •JCrewTee •Vans x Takahayashi •EFFECTOR fuzz
  8. BrownMetallic


    @HGS Quite a handsome set of tracks & roping ... congrats!
  9. BrownMetallic


    Equus ... they got Oak Bark, which I got in russet (1st from bottom), tho’ it might be too substantial for a cramped garrison buckle @Broark
  10. BrownMetallic


    @robotbox Fab fit, Mike ... glad they’re finally getting worn.
  11. BrownMetallic

    Evisu is still loved!

    @chantheman ... those are some fab looking pair.
  12. BrownMetallic

    West Ride by Western River

    Are the back pocket size on these average ... i.e., as compared to WH, Ooe, Denime, etc.
  13. BrownMetallic

    Happy jeans: TCBxSufu S40s WW2 contest thread

    @Uncle Karl @chicote Got it! If you want to kiss the sky, better learn how to kneel ...
  14. BrownMetallic

    West Ride by Western River

    I can dig that ...
  15. BrownMetallic


    Both fit look good ... ‘46 fit looks fab, tho.
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