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  1. ^A standard SJ has unstructured/soft toes & lug soles. Photo shows SJ aesthetics__ very nice, actually ... I think the non-standard build is called FarmerRancher, but not sure. If u want the look of an SJ, but the feel/wear of an SD, then opt for a hybrid: SJ on SD last = Bounty Hunter.
  2. @mlwdp When u say "standard", u mean Whites standard SJ?! ... If they're the standard SDs tho, the only difference is the tapered heel, as opposed to a block heel. A re-last, however, means lopping off the entire sole & refitted/molded to the new last, so it's a full resole & relast ... w/c can even be more costly ... plus, u risk the possibility of an effed-up job or a result you're not satisfied. You're better off selling & ordering a new build u like.
  3. @Broark 'Got the GYW Viberg Derby myself. Imo, it'll be like a full resole due to its construction ... conversion would prolly be north of 180, depending on who is doing it. The leather midsole has to come off & replaced with one that can take in a 360 degree stitch to attach a thin rubber liner__ where the rubber outsole can be glued/cemented. I'm planning on a Gloxi-cut for my 'berg moctoe chukkas ... w/c are on white christys, so it'll be easier/cheaper to resole.
  4. IMO, they can benefit from a bit more wear before a full wash. Maybe, a warm/hot soak to rein in the material in, then wear thru summer.
  5. 123 is available ?!
  6. Where to kop kilties for lace-to-toe?!
  7. Hey T, any idea what denim was used on these?! Tnx.
  8. 'Love indigo__ 'Hate indigo-stained boots Viberg Engineers in #8 CXL & Tobacco Chamois, both on unstructured 2005 stitchdowns.
  9. EW-0110 = Evisu x Warehouse x Yamane :: Final photos for DWC Fit evo:
  10. •SDA •EW-0110 •Viberg •JCrew •Equus
  11. #40. BownMetallic : Lightweight Division EW-0110: Warehouse x Evisu x Yamane Fit Evo: Denim Evo: approx. 10 washes Finally, a few iPhone snaps outside.
  12. #40. BownMetallic : Lightweight Division EW-0110: Warehouse x Evisu x Yamane Edit: Moved to submission thread.