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  1. @mlwdp From top view, looks like u got the BountyHunter= SJ on SD last => best build ever.
  2. Actually, soft/unstructured toe is an SJ standard.
  3. Shameless Plug: Styleforum X Viberg GMTO is currently on its voting stage ... just thought I'd ask here, for the last time, if there any interests here for ... 6" ScoutBoots: Black ScotchGrain Horsebutt (Italy) •2040 Last •Stitchdown •Allaround Grey Tonal Stitching •8-Gunmetal Eyelets •Pingpong toe ... as for the proposed sole, Black Gloxicut__ but I'm flexible to a dark-stained, stacked midsole on full/mini ripple. Bottom photo is the actual leather that'll be used.
  4. Congrats LB!!!
  5. Not really that simple__ from experience, it depends on the denim. Slow-faders like the prodn sdas, it's more of a conscious choice__ tracks or combs ... biceps or calves Like, probabilities of forming fab combs on those are best when denim still has that crispness, IMO ... & if you look at those vintage fade 501s w/fabulous corrugated high-def tracks, a lot them got lame honeycombs__ those went on the normal [wash&dry] frequency route early on in their evo. My 500s & 101s were both loose when I 1st got them, so i thought I'd treat them on a nostalgic journey__ like my 1st 501 shrink-to-fit did back in highschool. As a result, they were flat @backknee ... took me years to get a half-decent combs on them.
  6. Congrats winnerz !!!
  7. @beautiful_FrEaK Both jeans were worn infrequently for about 8yrs. Unlike per usual wash+hangdry, these were wash&tumbledryed[hot] on a regular basis. IMO, the thing with this paricular method is that__ the seam gets max puckering. As a result, the corrugated track catches more ataris [on the raised surface] ... visually enhancing definition. The down-side tho is that, it takes much longer & more intense wear to develop decent combs ... from personal experience, of course
  8. Sorry to hear that ... different strokes for different folks, right?! I suppose I could've chosen anything other than a Gloxi ... or any other color besides black ... but, i have been hunting for a pair of sensible black boots to replace my aging/worn in Black Indy. The design concept was semi-inspired by Kyle Reese's (Michael Biehn) BlackTrench X BlackNike hi-tops steez from the first Terminator movie. So, 'thought I'd treat this F/W Scout to a stealthy, nimble, "hit-the-ground-running" kinda cross-utility urban concrete trekker fit for city-dwellers. The tonal stitching + stained midsole + roughout [alt., waxed flesh] shaft are color-blocking features to visually askew from the blunt opacity of a solid black boot. Btw, the Gloxi is not set in stone, though the sub has to be in wedge, as well ....
  9. Xposting: Summer is a great time to break out those soft&comfy worn in pairs__ don't particularly relish breaking in raws in the middle of muggy NYC summer. SD-101 + s500XX
  10. Summer is a great time to break out those soft&comfy worn in pairs__ don't particularly relish breaking in raws in the middle of muggy NYC summer. SD-101 + s500XX
  11. Update on the Styleforum x Viberg GMTO: FOK updated the possible leather option to Scotch Grain Print Horse Butt (Italy) ... & cuz of the thickness, it can be done on Stitchdown.
  12. Haven't seen any SFxV gmto under 600
  13. @Styleforum is currently conducting this year's 1st VibergGMTO__ thought I'd ask here, if any1 is interested in taking part making [this] urban boots design proposal made: "SMBH" Model: 6" SCOUT Boots, 2-tone Last: 2040 Leather: [Black] Tumbled Horsehide x Roughout Shaft Construction: GYW StormWelt[Black] Sole: [Black] Gloxi-cut Eyelets: 8-Gunmetal Toebox: Partially Structured toe Notes: • [Optional] Kilties • NO Pull-up Strap • *Indigo or Grey-Dyed midsole • All-around__ Grey**Tonal Stitching [including 360• welt stitch] 'Virtually ALL black, so I want to add some textural/tonal features on these. The **indigo-dyed midsole will eventually fade to a lot less contrasty blue-grayish tint, i presume ... the Gloxicut, I'm amenable to beige [if there are more interests, as long as it gets a grey midsole]. Incidentally, black Camel hide can be a substitute, if tumbled HH is not available. I saw the leather on a pair of derbies IRL @SampleSale ... nice soft high-density leather w/ fine pebble texture.
  14. @volvo240thebest Thanx! Yeah, got just the right amount of taper__ not too blockish, not too "cuban" ... & yeah, sleek/pointy workboots are somewhat oxymoronic
  15. Can't get over how Viberg, when they have to, put out the sexiest curve [on heels] ever, IM Had my share of "standard" heels from White's, w/c for me, is a bit of an extreme taper ... while the woodsman, is just too stilt-y.