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  1. BrownMetallic

    Sugar Cane Denim

    The nuances in weight & texture of the 2 Oki denims are definitely distinguishable. The top block, basically, felt the same ... I’m assuming that the fit/cut would’ve been the same or close, if they were same size. Initial post cold wash measurements seem to suggest a shrink-from-tagged, but after less than an hour of wear the 34.5” waist stretched out to tagged. ‘Been grampa-sizing lately cuz of the iso paunch, but otherwise W34 would’ve been perfect. BSP has slimmer silhouette through the legs & almost no taper from knee to hem, which is great for single cuffing. Undecided on how much finished inseam I’d like to keep ... so, I sheared off unneeded length for now, @bartlebyyphonics style. BSP: Post cold wash measurements, BiG-style. w= 34.5” (stretched out to tagged after less than an hour of wear) f/rise= 12”; b/rise= 16.5”; thigh= 12.5”; knee= 8.25”; leg openings= 8
  2. BrownMetallic

    Unknown Japanese Brands

    Damn, so sorry it did not work out for u, mate ...
  3. BrownMetallic

    Unknown Japanese Brands

    So, what happened this time @Josh ... needed a post washed 36” waist ?!
  4. BrownMetallic

    Studio D'artisan

    ^These W34s are still DRY. However, lately I’ve been worried that I might not be able to get back to wearing my W34s ... & I don’t wanna miss out on the G3. So, a pair of W36 came my way & I did not hesitate to grab them. These were warm washed & hang dried. If these work out, I’ll just sell the DRYs.
  5. BrownMetallic

    Pandemic Masks

    I’ve said my piece, now I’m really done on this sidebar ...
  6. BrownMetallic

    Pandemic Masks

    So, you’re saying, fuck the [most vulnerable], they’re not the whole population ?! A government that cares for its people plan strategy from a worst case scenario. Push comes to shove, survivability rate depends on availability & quality of medical care. If hospitalization rate overtakes hospital care/bed availability, then care-givers will have that unenviable & inevitable decision to refuse admission & select to care for patients that have better chance of survival ... & that, is a situation that no government wants to be in. Oiye! Apologies for breaking my promise ...
  7. BrownMetallic

    Pandemic Masks

    I was just gonna let it slide & stop shitting up this thread, but ... *Mitigation is a blunt instrument & the only way to tweak it was to apply depending on severity of the spread. In some places like NYC where we’ve experienced a peak of 11,000+ covid19 cases in a single day, there’s not much choice but to lockdown. Left unchecked, the community spread would’ve swept through the entire population like a tsunami, killing thousands more in its wake. Numbers don’t lie **As for the pandemic deniers ... it won’t sink in until it becomes a personal experience, so sadly ... but, for others, it prolly won’t even matter ... they’ll take it w/them to the grave than admit they were wrong. I promise, that’s the last response regarding this topic.
  8. BrownMetallic

    Pandemic Masks

    WW! As usual, missed again ... Seriously, though ... mitigation measures may not be an acceptable solution for everyone, but prevention is the only weapon we have, in the absence of a cure. The success or failure is entirely up to each & everyone of us. Inaction is like “the final solution” to the most vulnerable in the population. As for the mask itself, not the wearing of it, it does not have to be boring ... like wearing socks, each decide how they wanna rock it ... FCS, we have WAYWT & all these niche threads
  9. BrownMetallic

    Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    710XX OKI-515 1108XX
  10. BrownMetallic

    Happy jeans: TCBxSufu S40s WW2 contest thread

    Still deciding on the fabric material & how to incorporate it on existing bag ... also, planning on using Pellon [fusible interfacing] to beef-up the chambray. I see ... so, I’ll just deal with it when it does happen. The flimsy chambray is my immediate concern. Thanks!
  11. BrownMetallic

    Happy jeans: TCBxSufu S40s WW2 contest thread

    @tigerstrom Where did it rip? Gnome had the same situation on the 1st wash. So, I haven’t washed & not planning to wash anytime soon, but I’m already doing assessment for an anticipatory reinforcement on the usual weak points, e.g., crotch & pockets. I’ve mentioned early on that, though I love the chambrayXwabash combo on my pair, the chambray would be the 1st to degrade & disintegrate. I figure, the less dense construction of the shirting material is not meant/suited for the task ... & now, it seems even the wabash might be a problem, too Compared side by side with the PBJ XX007 pocket bag.
  12. BrownMetallic

    Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    U mean like .... it’s a free ride when u’ve already paid
  13. BrownMetallic

    Happy jeans: TCBxSufu S40s WW2 contest thread

    ‘Fab that some had already blown past the 1st furlong. I’m like Hughie battling the “Seven” w/o any superpower. Wore them almost daily, but it seems like watching paint dry, in reverse ... still hairy like Yeti.
  14. BrownMetallic

    Conners Sewing Factory

    @dudewuttheheck WW! Would’ve copped if inseams were a bit longer ...
  15. BrownMetallic

    WAYWT 2020 (Denim Edition)

    •Eastman Sportswear •TCBsWW2 •Adidas X Oki-Ni
  • Nike Green Gyakusou Logo Running T-Shirt
    $US 55