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  1. BrownMetallic

    Evisu is still loved!

    Thanx for the reply @Skeese I gather, from google translate, “No.1 tiger-ear denim with shrink-proof fabric ....”, meant they’re sanforized ?! @lee porter If they were, indeed, sanforized ... how did u size them?! Did u get the raw or O/W? When u get a chanc, can u post measurements when, plz ... Thanx! ‘Got the No.1 Special 2000T, w/c I intentionally sized up cuz I planned on wearing them Japanese style ... that is, slightly loose & pulled down, but not in the hip-hop kinda way
  2. BrownMetallic

    Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    Since lockdown, s/s rotation jeans are temporarily hanged w/the coats by the foyer & worn strictly outside. The Evisu no.1 2000Ts are exclusively worn indoors for the past 10wks straight ... not much wear to show for, but they’ve gotten soft & loungy like pjs.
  3. BrownMetallic

    Denim Repair

    Patchwork, is like building the plane as I’m flying it, really .... no idea how they’re going to turn out. I do try to layout the materials I’d like to incorporate, in front of me before take off ... IG has been inspirational. I learned to chainstitch lately, so that’s a fab addition to the arsenals. Thanx @428CJ Sample patches & stitches: Jeans patch is for a lady friend. The prepped [half-finished] round patch is mine, tho. •SD 1334: 14oz natural indigo... mine.
  4. The patchwork, is like building the plane as I’m flying it, really. I do try to layout the materials I’d like to incorporate, in front of me before I take off ... IG has been inspirational. I learned to chainstitch lately, so that’s a fab addition to the arsenals. Thanx peeps @Geeman @501XX4EVER edit: Sample patches & stitches ... btw, jeans project is for a lady friend. The prepped [hslf-finished] patch is mine, tho. chainstitch & backstitch [front & back]
  5. All these talks of a TCB contest pair got me elevated & anticipating. Got huge amount of time on hand, due to the lockdown, so I thought I’d revisit past denim contests that I had an a epic pleasure of being a part of. Warning!!! I’m not a huge denim shredder like some fade artists here, so it’s more of a a soft p0rn than hXc Contest jeans still fit & get rotated during S/S ... *except, the FCs, w/c are W32. • Jin s0110xj : HWDC 2013-2015 • FC 1108C : BiG x FC x SuFu 2009-2011 • Momo G014-MB : HWDC2 2017-2019 • Evisu X WH X Yamane: EW-0110 : HWC 2015-2017
  6. BrownMetallic

    The Flat Head

    Exactly! I checked out @space_cowboy’s fit pic ... other than the waist, the rest of the jeans seem draping well ... & he said he just need another inch past the initial [actual] waist measurement ... so, IMO, LHT Zimbabwe ... it’s doable. .... versus, having to pack-it-up, resell @ a loss way below retail, then buy a size up or another model @retail ... he was willing to try
  7. BrownMetallic

    The Flat Head

    Caveat: 1st considerations when buying a quite expensive pair of jeans, if i’m not familiar with the brand, is to research pertinent info regarding sizing & shrinkage. Like what @julian-wolf said, buying “jeans that fits in the first place ...” is the simplest way to go .. the golden rule. Having in mind that, what u want & what fits are 2 different things. I wouldn’t advice “stretching” before copping a pair. I only gave my 2¢ cuz @spacecowboy got & wearing his pair already. We’ve all been that road before ... once [raw] touches water &/or u put wear on them, U lose a chunk of the resale value. So, between resell & sizing up or buy something else versus giving it a try ... either way, it’s an “expensive” lesson to learn ... money wise or time/effort wise
  8. BrownMetallic


    If I can sew on an arc, mosdef can paint one myself ... still got latex paint from the momos. ALL IN !!!
  9. BrownMetallic

    The Flat Head

    ^Yup, another inch is definitely doable. Just keep wearing ‘em ... [it] will come.
  10. BrownMetallic


  11. BrownMetallic


    How about an Inden-ya deerskin patch
  12. BrownMetallic


    Okey, this is going to be a special [contest] run right?! Practically, jeans are not going to be sold in a store or on an online website. Product will be shipped individually to us, directly. Frankly, I’m not savvy to the particulars of the Levi’s lawsuit, so I am merely asking ... does this jeans project fall into, technically or otherwise, any of the “ban” criteria? Anyway, if it does, the template @Double 0 Soul was suggesting is a feasible option. In BiG X FC X SuFu contest, all we had were paper templates of the arc [L/R] & a couple of red tabs. It was up to us to either leave the pocket/s blank or DIY paint/stitch the arc/s &/or tab
  13. BrownMetallic

    The Flat Head

    ^Btw, what’s the tagged size, actual waist measurements before wear & current...
  14. BrownMetallic

    The Flat Head

    Thought I’ve read here somewhere, awhile back ... RR stands for Renzo Rosso, the Diesel guy.
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