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    Shoes that look better with age...

    Sugarcane LoneWolfBoots WIREMAN @5yrs of steady 2-3days per week of wear @work. Initially, I thought the aesthetics seemed a bit stiff ... as with most monkey boots construction, IMO. The starkness of the solid glossy black “glass” leather made [that] perception even more so. But, as the boots break in, the wear became so much comfortable. The leather gradually became more pliant ... draped like impregnable gloves ... & maintaining is almost nil. After some cleaning & brushing:
  2. BrownMetallic

    WAYWT 2019 (denim edition)

    •Samurai 710XX •Woolrich Woolshirt •EFFECTORfuzz X Vanquish •Post O’alls •Viberg Ironworker •Coach cap+gloves •DarnTough
  3. BrownMetallic

    Conners Sewing Factory

    1st world problem, “too many pairs”, initially pops into mind, but that’s more of an excuse, really. •It’s the extra hassle of buying/ordering from Japan. It’s like driving w/o GPS. Of course, for some, it’s part of the whole experience. •Also, I’ve been leaning on more tapered cuts, the last couple of years. But, it doesn’t mean that’s all I’m going to wear in the future ... iced SC, WH, FC, SD are always close by for the wearing. As for CSF, I’ve always been fascinated. Just waiting for the right timing, but hey’re next on my list ... maybe, SanJose. Honestly, don’t really know the difference versus, SanFran or SantaCruz ... other than the pocket bag & button fly. Incidentally, any info re: Details of 409XX M54 16oz ...
  4. BrownMetallic

    Shoes that look better with age...

    ^Yes, thanx .... deets added.
  5. BrownMetallic

    Shoes that look better with age...

    • Boots conditioned + laces diy-waxed w/ otterwax ... ready for winter wear • Took delivery of 6pairs of DarnTough ... best socks ever, IMO Viberg 146 “Ironworker” Trickers Malton in C-Shade Goarse Viberg Nat. Bison on 1035 last X Stance socks
  6. BrownMetallic

    WTF didn't I just buy it? What's wrong with me?

    Dammit!!! @beautiful_FrEaK just reminded me of a 4th ... Bought a pair of practically unworn DJ-501XX all the way from AUS, just to unload them at eBay later on. So, ultimately, my [denim] regret is having too many denim purges
  7. BrownMetallic


    ‘Thing w/Sorahikos, it’s hard to determine the year, aside from the obvious, date of receipt from the store & actual measurements, if known ... eg, I think I may still have the measurements of the 2010 Sorahikos I returned. •Sizing down on the SuFu x FC x BiG 1108 contest pair •Jettisoning the SC 40400N in one of my early “purges”
  8. BrownMetallic


    @Broark Nice pair, man! Are those the new/current production Sorahikos? ‘Curious how they differ, as compared to previous productions. 45rpm tend to tweak the fit from time to time ... eg, earlier productions [pre-2008] were more generous at the top block, iirc. Can u post measurements, whenever u get a chance, please ... Thanx! ‘Bought a pair of Sorahiko 2010 at their NYC upper westside store when it came out. They were an updated, slimmer version, w/c fit me real nicely. But, for some insane reason I returned them ... 1 of 3 denim decisions that regret to this day
  9. BrownMetallic

    FOB Factory

    @beautiful_FrEaK PostSoak, BiG/style: Tagged W34 L34 •w=33 •f/rise= 11 •b/rise= 15 •u/thigh= 12.75 •knee= 8.75 •hem= 8.25 •inseam= 33 *waist stretched @34” after wear.
  10. BrownMetallic

    Waywt 2018 (denim version)

    Just love breaking in a fresh/crisp pair of RAWs in the F/W time. The presence of remaining starch embedded in the yarn, after soak, serves as barrier to semi-repel the cold NYC wind ... also, I don’t need to bother w/ the discomfort of sticky sweat & [eventual] overbearing odor of a stale grungy pair of jeans. By S/S, they’d been washed &/or soaked a couple of times ... therefore, softer & more breathable. •FOB f151 •IH Shirt •Post O’All Jacket •Trickers Malton •Dayton Driver
  11. BrownMetallic

    FOB Factory

    F151: W34 :: Double hot soaked
  12. Yarn Dyed Wefts: •Momo 202SP •Samurai 5000AI-10SP •r by 45rpm Fujimon •PBJ 007XX
  13. BrownMetallic

    Full Count Denim Thread

    Good thing I got 1108-EX squirreled away for posterity ...Thanx @beautiful_FrEaK!!!