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  1. Perfect! Like his jeans, Roy's shirts exude quality. You know it when you see it first hand. That said, a shirt or pair of jeans has to fit well. His shirts, like some of his jeans (e.g., KS1001/1002), have a linear quality. They hang and drape well and have a slightly less casual look than other shirts we're familiar with.
  2. Still available, back to the top.
  3. Unlike many of you, I love the length of Roy's shirts, as well as shoulders that actually fit on the shoulders. But I'm an old, old guy and have even been known to do the unthinkable -- tuck in a shirt. You can untuck a longish shirt but a short shirt won't stay tucked in (the shirt version of butt crack on jeans). Back in the day, when I was wearing original STF 501's and hanging with McQueen, Newman, Brando, and Hayashi-san, it was common for well made shirts to fit well in the shoulders. But then 'designers' like Ralph Lauren realized they could make a shirt more cheaply, with less attention to detail and good fit, by just making the shoulders big and slouchy on everyone. I realize this post reveals my age, bias, and contrary thinking, but every once in a while I gotta go against the grain and risk a little mockery and down voting. Roy makes a great shirt that I would buy in a heartbeat if only for one thing -- you guessed it, long sleeves. Roll em up on a hot day.
  4. ^ No Maynard. I hesitate to ask why you ask -- is that extra padding helpful in cold weather? If so, I rely more on Talisker or Lagavulin to keep me warm on chilly evenings in the Highlands. To get back on track, 15.5 oz. FC XX denim is also key!
  5. The 1108 thigh is why I like the 1101! Of course, they called me 'fat thighs' in grammar school ;-)
  6. Max, you just need a pair of FC1101XX (34) or FC1108XX (36) ;-)
  7. ^ I wear a 33 in the 1101 bacton and a 34 or 35 in most other jeans. I'd say my 33 ends up at about 34. A lot of stretch in FC denim.
  8. ... still awaiting Roy's done before but classic blue long-sleeve chambray ...
  9. ^ I'd really like to have a pair of 1101XX too EdwardBear -- actually I have a pair but in the wrong size! Anyone know if Fullcount might do an Anniversary pair in the 1101 cut or are we confident that it's only the 1108 and 0105 at this point? I was holding off on the XX until I knew for sure.
  10. I have the 1108XX (36) and really like the 15.5 oz. denim -- actually prefer the weight to the banner Fullcount denim. The latter may be a touch softer but the XX denim is a nice blend of softness and durability. Can't remember exactly how hairy it was. The color, however, is quite dark. b_F., you must be quite trim now if you're wearing a size 34! I have a feeling a 34 would be way too tight for my fat thighs ;-)
  11. Good to see you're taking this seriously b_F! ;-) Max is a formidable competitor!
  12. I'd love to see an 1101 anniversary also Max -- my favorite Fullcount cut.
  13. Tilmann, you're my man but Flo can fade a pair of jeans in six weeks ...
  14. JDelage, I love the Sugar Cane Type II modified from Self Edge. It's my favorite denim jacket of a total of three I've owned. Soft and comfortable, quick break in, superb fit with enough room in the chest and armholes. The overall length is fine for me. Yes it's longer than the classic Type II but it feels good and looks fine. Quite a bit of shrinkage if you decide to go for it.
  15. mindrewind, Tell us more about your photography (film, etc.) -- beautiful. Love the shot through the trees -- reminds me of a print I have from Michael Kenna. Do you know his work? John