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  1. JohnM


    Thanks for the correction b_F. I always wondered where the term 'banner denim' came from and assumed it referred to any company's standard denim. But you're saying it's only Warehouse and pertains to Levi's big, silkscreened advertising banners, if I understand correctly. Did Warehouse make this reference themselves and did they make a denim that closely matched the denim or details shown in the banners?
  2. JohnM


    ^i_denim, I was referring to FC in that sentence -- FC's banner denim is as as soft as any I've experienced. The denim on the Warehouse 800 is also quite soft, in a thicker, nubbier way. But for sheer softness and comfort, I'd rate FC banner #1. As an aside, soft isn't necessarily better IMO. Sometimes harder is better. Wait ...
  3. JohnM


    ^ yes, the FC1101 would be a great choice: high rise like Warehouse 800 but a little roomier in the top block and thighs. If you want even more room, then consider an Ooe OA02, but size up.
  4. JohnM


    ^ Here are some quick thoughts -- others can weigh in with more precision: Fullcount denims are the most stretchy of any I've owned. I'm a 33 in FC1101 or 0105, a 34 in Warehouse 800, and 36 in Ooe. FC denim is also very comfortable and soft, especially the 13.7 oz. banner denim. I love the XX too -- more weight, yes, but a little darker and more texture too. For sheer comfort, it's tough to beat FC banner. Both the Warehouse 800 and FC 0105/1101 have relatively high rises. The 800 (to me) seems trimmer in the top block and thighs. I'd say the 800 is more like the 1101 than the 0105, which is wider at the bottom. The 800 denim is also quite soft, rivaling FC. But it has a thicker, nubbier feel, if that's a word. The 800 denim feels heavier than FC banner but lighter than FC XX. Just my impressions ;-) John
  5. John maybe I missed, but did you published post soak measurements of SC 1953 modified jacket T-II ? I bought from SE, so info would be great ...

  6. JohnM

    Ooe-Yofukuten & Co.

    Love the jacket, or maybe it's just that Ryo looks great in his own creation (with Hiro).
  7. JohnM

    Ooe-Yofukuten & Co.

    Broark, Here are the measurements on my Golden Gates in size 36. I believe these are after one soak, one wash, and about an hour's wear -- so there's more stretch in these. That said, I tried on a couple pairs in size 36 and this was likely the largest in the waist. So it would be good to have the folks at S&S measure the raw pair for you. Waist 34.5" FR 12.5" BR 16.675" Thigh 13.25" Knee 9.75" LO 9.25"
  8. JohnM

    Ooe-Yofukuten & Co.

    Sure — not home now but will get back to you soon.
  9. JohnM

    Ooe-Yofukuten & Co.

    I have the GG in 36. Top block is similar to other Ooe OA 01 and 02 jeans. So I’d stick with 38 if that works best for you in other Ooes.
  10. JohnM

    Roy. (expurgated edition)

    Thanks mpukas -- they do feel like they have some shrink left in them. The denim has a great look and feel at this point (heavy, dark indigo, crinkly) but they are big everywhere except the waist, which is not the jeans' fault ;-) Breaking these in is 'interesting', because they're roomy and very long. Not used to rockin' a 4-5" cuff ...
  11. JohnM

    Roy. (expurgated edition)

    Here are the measurements on my Test Lot R01 jeans (size 34). Love the hip and thigh room comfort and am confident these will turn out well. But post-soak and stretch they're big and long -- so pics will come later, post hem. Raw / Post Soak with full stretch Waist 35.5" / 34.25" FR 13.25 / 12.75 BR 17.75 / 17.5 Thigh 14 / 13.875 Knee 10.25 / 10 LO 9.175 / 9 Hem 39.5 / 37
  12. JohnM

    Roy. (expurgated edition)

    Good call cjfergs. If you're a side sleeper, try sleeping on your back so you don't shrink one leg more than the other.
  13. Geeman, until I can get supermarket to work for me, I can't really post them there. Is it wrong, for example, to say that I have a Samurai 510 or Fullcount 1108 in size 36 or is that too detailed?
  14. It looks like the supermarket is closed -- was this recent? What is the recommended way to sell pre-owned jeans here on sufu? Is it OK to post for-sale items in manufacturer sub-forums (e.g., Warehouse, Samurai)? Thanks, John
  15. JohnM

    Roy. (expurgated edition)

    That's some serious shrinkage Julian -- over 3" in both the waist and inseam. Did you hang or machine dry these? Thanks, John.