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  1. TCB

    Lotta love for the TCB 50s! Please forgive the basic question, but what size would you recommend if I'm a 33 or 34 in Fullcount 1101 and 34 in Warehouse 800? Thanks.
  2. If you're anything like me, searching for that grail pair of jeans can involve a lot of time and money. While the journey is as much fun as the destination, I'm happy to have found a few pairs that stand out and make it all worthwhile. Here they are: #1 Ooe Yofokuten OA02 -- my overall favorite and best fitting pair #2 Fullcount 1101 -- most comfortable, softest fabric, the ones I reach for on a lazy Saturday morning #3 Warehouse 1105 -- great fit; simple, classic lines #4 Roy (various) -- beautiful detailing and stitching
  3. Ooe-Yofukuten & Co.

    Love the DB01 Broark -- fortunate to own a pair myself. The usual perfect Ooe fit combined with a nice, heavy, dark textured denim. While I like the fit, I'd say these are a touch trimmer up top compared with other Ooes -- or maybe it's just too much Halloween candy on my end (literally) ;-)
  4. Congrats Felonius, as well as to the others who put some serious wear into their Ooes! Thanks also to Riyo, Hiro, and the folks at S&S for making this happen -- well done all around.
  5. Demand is pretty high BionicEye, especially relative to relatively limited supply. The #17 fabric is very nice with its cross texture but, for me, Ooe is really about the fit and the people that make them. For whatever reasons, Ooes fit me better than jeans from any other manufacturer. They seem to get the subtle contours right, with slightly roomy hips and thighs while keeping the waist and legs relatively trim.
  6. Warehouse

  7. Full Count Denim Thread

    Nice Max -- are you enjoying the 1101? I love mine -- probably my favorite Fullcount cut and one of my favorite pairs of jeans overall.
  8. Ooe-Yofukuten & Co.

    I grabbed a pair of DB01 since I've run out of jeans to wear -- not! Was great to see Riyo and Hiro in Oakland at Denim Bruin, along with Jeremy, Neil, and Brandon of Standard & Strange. Thanks for organizing this -- great time for those who could make it.
  9. TCB

    Those look great on you Max. But what do you know about fading? ;-)
  10. Roy. (expurgated edition)

    Still waiting for that 'boring' but classic long sleeve blue chambray ...
  11. Roy. (expurgated edition)

    I was torn between L and XL and went with XL, which was the right choice. Will post pics after washing. The fit is very nice -- I normally wear a 16/34 dress shirt and this one is a similar but a little bigger (especially in the neck) but a wash should bring it in. As Broark said, it's more beige/cream colored than white, so this is something to keep in mind. I really like it and hope that Roy will do another blue chambray at some point.
  12. Roy. (expurgated edition)

    I picked up an XL Broark -- was torn between L and XL. Looking forward to it. Roy makes good stuff and it's nice to support a one man operation.
  13. Roy. (expurgated edition)

    Perfect! Like his jeans, Roy's shirts exude quality. You know it when you see it first hand. That said, a shirt or pair of jeans has to fit well. His shirts, like some of his jeans (e.g., KS1001/1002), have a linear quality. They hang and drape well and have a slightly less casual look than other shirts we're familiar with.