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  1. Roy. (expurgated edition)

    FWIW, I have a few pairs of Roy jeans, including KS1001, KS1002, and Test Lot 00 and have found the Cone Denim to not be especially stretchy. While they will stretch a little after soaking or washing, they stretch significantly less than other jeans I'm familiar with (e.g., Fullcount, Ooe, Warehouse, Samurai). YMMV, of course, but just wanted to pass on my experience.
  2. Land of the Lowrising Sun

    ^ Refresh our memory b_F regarding which Conner's you like or wear most. I need another pair of jeans ;-) I know exactly what you mean -- high rise jeans tend to fall to the same spot on our body. Nonetheless, I do find Ooe fit to be about perfect and the FC1101 is darn good too. This may be because I have 'cannonball ass', as my friends used to say in high school -- my hips aren't exactly trim. For me, the key measurements in the top block are the back rise and hips -- both need to be a touch generous. But the front rise can vary quite a bit and still be comfortable.
  3. Full Count Denim Thread

    Both are really nice, comfortable, and quite stretchy. The 13.7 gets very soft while the XX has more texture. I prefer the XX overall, but in warmer weather, the standard denim is the way to go. 1101 is a great cut that works for many body types. One of my favorite pairs of jeans!
  4. Watches and Denim

    My Seiko Orange Monster was a fun watch but its 7s26 lost 21 seconds per day in one position and gained a few seconds in all other positions. On the wrist, it balanced out but that’s a lot of positional variation — one of the indicators of quality, if I understand correctly garden gnomes.
  5. Watches and Denim

    Wow garden gnomes, thanks for letting us know. Can you reset the hands on my Panerai 249 -- they're off by four minutes! Just kidding, I think ;-)
  6. Watches and Denim

    ^ Nomos is great, not only with their unique designs, but since they make their own movements and offer a level of fit & finish that rivals watches two or three times the price. The Orion 38 Datum is another beauty:
  7. Roy. (expurgated edition)

    For those of you who own two of Roy's previous models (KS1002 and/or RS00) and want to compare their measurements with those of the Memorial jeans, Roy just added this to his site: http://www.roydenim.com/compare-the-numbers
  8. Watches and Denim

    Here's one for you aho:
  9. TCB

    ^ Full tux fit is perfect volvo -- thanks to you and Inoue's willingness to shorten the 50s jacket sleeves a bit. I know, photos or didn't happen -- will try to get to this ;-) The 50s jeans are incredibly comfortable without being saggy or loose. I've spent more time and money than I'd like to admit (especially to my wife) trying to find a pair of jeans that really fits. I like a few by Warehouse (1105), Fullcount (1101), and Roy, but my Ooes fit so well that I find myself wondering about the others. I hadn't thought too much about TCB to be honest but saw enthusiasm here, along with your jacket, and gave it a go. Though I find it tougher to fit pants than a jacket, the 50s jacket is special. There's something about it, maybe its the relatively wide shoulders and trim body, that feels and looks good. I've owned other Type IIs that are also nice, including Sugar Cane (great fit also) and Studio (beautiful denim), but the TCB is the most flattering -- not that this is our top priority, of course, when we're working in the mine, biking across Patagonia, or climbing Everest ;-) John
  10. TCB

    Quick report on my new TCB 50s (34 raw from Inoue). I wasn't sure anything could fit as well as the Ooe OA02XX but the TCB 50s have done just that. Really good fit in the top block -- room where needed but still trim and body conforming. Just a great pair of jeans that I would never have known about were it not for sufu, and Michel in particular -- so thank you!
  11. TCB

    Foxy2, thanks for input. By the way, I just soaked the TCB 50's jeans and the pocket ripples are pretty much gone. Will try to get some fit pics up at some point. I now understand what others have said -- the 50's fit beautifully. Excellent top block -- very comfortable but body conforming, with a rise that's not too high or too low. I confess to also not being able to resist the 50's jacket (44 raw) Really nice, especially with Inoue shortening the sleeves just a bit. John
  12. TCB

    ^ Foxy2, Appreciate the detailed response but not sure I understand the following: "as for the front pocket it is a certainty that it will be pulled out and give in significantly during it's lifespan - manufacturers will try accommodate for this by securing the seams (stitch types, stitch density, thread types, additional tapes, lining, pocketing material and specific handling of the seam allowance) and/or with additional width in the pattern that gets gathered in the sewing process. what you see is the (probably intentional) additional fullness brought back together by the pocket entry stitching or the seam allowance handling when turning over the seam." Are you saying that pocket seams and material are typically stressed from wear and a little extra material (e.g., the ripples on the left pocket) reduces that stress, adding a little extra material where needed?
  13. TCB

    Interesting oomslokop. I did see this on page 2 of your link, so I'm going with the theory that the TCB puckering was intentional ;-) "... another detail he showed me was puckering on the pocket stitching. again, puckering is actually considered bad sewing. however, the japanese noticed puckering on some of the vintage jeans and liked it. so, kuniyoshi-san likes to add a little puckering to the pocket stitching."
  14. TCB

    Just received a pair of 50s jeans from Inoue (thanks volvo240thebest for your guidance). They look good despite a little ripple around the left pocket. I'm hoping/wondering if this will just blend in and fade from view after a soak and wash. Here are the raw (34) measurements: Waist: 35.5" FR: 12.5" BR: 16.75" Thigh: 14" Knee: 10.5" LO: 9.875"
  15. TCB

    Lotta love for the TCB 50s! Please forgive the basic question, but what size would you recommend if I'm a 33 or 34 in Fullcount 1101 and 34 in Warehouse 800? Thanks.