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  1. JohnM

    Freewheelers, Bootleggers Reunion, Bubo, etc.

    So, do I have it right -- Ultima Thule is made by FW but with synthetic materials?
  2. JohnM


    b_F, those look great -- congrats on a great find! You gonna keep the long hem?
  3. JohnM


    ^ Crazy good Duke. I need another belt like I need more jeans. But we're fanatics and temptation is what it is ... ;-)
  4. JohnM


    ^ agree on the 14.5 oz. Memphis denim Josh'N'Roll -- thick, yet soft and comfortable.
  5. JohnM

    Buzz Rickson

    ^ Nice comparison pic. Sounds like you like them enough to replace them! I had a pair briefly in size 35, which fit great in the top block but very loose from the hips down.
  6. JohnM


    b_F, I assume the XX will fit like the pair we both have. Any thoughts on what the BigE will be like?
  7. Cold Summer, if you're interested in something different than minor variations on the same repro denim themes, you might be interested in the work that Mohsin Sajid is doing at Endrime. I attended his presentation last night at Standard & Strange in Oakland and he covered topics ranging from denim history to the future of denim, including non-cotton materials (e.g., hemp, tencel), (almost) zero waste pattern cutting, non-cotton/non-poly threads, etc. Mohsin is a consultant to Cone, among others, and also designs jeans, jackets, and other clothing.
  8. JohnM


    ^ exactly Maynard, same for me. Regarding the 800 vs. the 1001 Cold Summer, I'd agree that the 800 is a little trimmer and more tailored up top. But neither has an especially dark or hard-finished denim, so they're both pretty casual, as jeans go.
  9. JohnM


    ^ I agree Cold Summer -- we're talking minor variations and extreme hair-splitting. I thought that was what we were supposed to do here! More seriously, there are some jeans that are trimmer, more linear, or harder-finished that I might wear out to dinner and others that are heavier, nubbier, or wider that I'd do real work in. At the end of the day, they're all five-pocket jeans, no doubt. But to my extreme hair-splitting, OCD eyes, they're not all the same.
  10. JohnM


    It will be interesting to see what (if any) changes Warehouse brings to Denime's cuts and denim. With encouragement from b_F, I've recently added XX and 66 pairs from Denime's Original Line. They're fairly similar, with mid-rises and a really nice denim that is initially fairly stiff and hard-finished, but not heavy. Never having owned anything from Denime when Hayahsi-san ran the company, I can't say how these Original Line jeans compare to the actual originals, but they're consistent with (what I understand to be) his appreciation for 'smart', clean, European lines, and less workwear oriented than what I've experienced from Warehouse.
  11. JohnM


    b_F, I'm really enjoying these jeans. The denim and cut are both good -- normal, not exaggerated. Is there a Resolute model that fits like this? The 710 is trimmer through the hips.
  12. JohnM


    Here you go b_F. Nice to have a pair that isn't way too long ;-)
  13. JohnM


    ^ I've only soaked them b_F. But I owe you a pic and will get it done. Great jeans, by the way, and thanks -- wouldn't have known about them without ya.
  14. JohnM


    Thanks Maynard. In searching around, I found this 800 review from b_F, including his specific comments regarding the denim. Do you or others know if there are other Warehouse jeans in their current lineup that offer this same 14 oz, Memphis denim? I see various models with similar (1000XX) nomenclature that have different denim (e.g., 13.5 oz. banner or lighter weight DSB). https://indigoshrimp.wordpress.com/2016/08/27/warehouse-800-review-by-beautiful_freak/ "The 800 model uses Warehouse’s 1000XX denim , which is a 14oz 6×6 denim made of 100% Memphis cotton, warp dyed with pure indigo. This denim was also used in the Warehouse 660 Contest that was held by Blue in Green many years ago. It isn’t overly engineered like Oni, Samurai or PBJ denim but has a decent amount of hairiness, neps, slubs and irregularities without losing the vintage-vibe of the denim."
  15. JohnM


    ^ Sorry guys, not the cotton/linen 800, just the standard version from 2015. Was just curious about the denim. I think it's around 14 oz. but the texture is different than more recent Warehouse models.
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