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  1. Ooe-Yofukuten & Co.

    Definitely size up jegr -- +2 sounds about right.
  2. Warehouse

    I sure did EdwardBear.
  3. Warehouse

    Thanks b_F! Like the 1105 LTD that we both enjoy, the 1943 Limited model (Lot DD-1003SXX) is great in the top block -- not too high or low with enough room to move without excess baggage, apart from my gut. The only concern would be the inseam for those who need it longer than 33". The 14.5 oz. denim feels every bit of that weight. Lots of texture, as you can see, with many stray hairs, which I could use on my head. Thanks Maynard. Yes, the 11 year old yellow lab still has it. We call this the pig dog run ;-)
  4. Warehouse

    Here you go ed, with one action shot ...
  5. Warehouse

    For anyone interested in the 14.5 oz. 1943 Limited model (Lot DD-1003SXX), I just picked up a pair in size 34, one wash. Here are the measurements after one more wash and some stretch after a day of wear: Waist 35.5" FR 12.5" BR 17" Thigh 13" Knee 9.5" LO 8.5" Inseam 32.5"
  6. Watches and Denim

    I thought about selling this Doxa 1200T Professional, but after a beer and this picture, it was looking better to me. Wild Child wallet, by the way.
  7. Warehouse

    Here are the post soak measurements on my Warehouse 1105 LTD and 800 (both size 34). Both nice fits but pretty different. I prefer the rise on the 1105 -- not too high or low. Also more room through the thigh. Then, yes, they do taper. But it's a really nice cut -- comfortable but trim. One of my favorite fits. 1105 800 Waist 34" 35" Front Rise 11.5 12 Back Rise 16.5 16.5 Thigh 13.25 12.75 Knee 9.375 9.25 LO 8 8.75 Inseam 32.5 34.25
  8. Warehouse

    After looking at the posts above, I ordered the 1943 model in size 34: http://www.ware-house.co.jp/?pid=129574914 Warehouse provided the following measurements of the 1943 compared to the 800 and 1105, also in size 34: 1943 (one wash): Waist 86 cm, Thigh 33, Front Rise 33, Back Rise 42, Length 84, Leg Opening 22 800 (raw): Waist 90 cm, Thigh 33, Front Rise 32, Back Rise 43, Length 89, Leg Opening 23 1105 (raw): Waist 92 cm, Thigh 35, Front Rise 30.5, Back Rise 43.5, Length 88, Leg Opening 20
  9. Warehouse

    Wearing the 800 today and am reminded how soft and comfortable these jeans are -- which prompted me to take a look at the last few Warehouse pages here. I see there are a number of tempting models that I'm not familiar with, including 1943, '45, and '47. Now to figure out how they all compare to the 800 and 1105 that I already own and love ...
  10. Congratulations Tilmann -- I don't know how you hid the TCB 50s jacket and Resolute 710's under that wedding shirt and suit!
  11. Ooe-Yofukuten & Co.

    Anyone find the heavier weight Ooes (e.g., DB01, Golden Gate) to be smaller in the waist for the same size than standard weight (OA01/02)? Either I'm getting fatter or the heavier jeans are smaller or stretch less.
  12. Which pair if you were stranded on an island?

    Ooe OA02 or TCB 50s. Today, I am Resolute (710) ...
  13. RESOLUTE by hayashi-san!

    b_F, your PM reminded me to report on the jeans after wearing them a bit. I like them even more now -- the thighs have stretched perfectly and the denim texture, feel, and color are great. While the waist is 1" too big, it's not an issue since a belt fixes it and they don't sag down much without a belt since the rise is only moderate. In addition to the nice color and texture, I sort of like the fact that the 710 looks trim but isn't restrictive in the waist -- a nice counterpoint to other fits (e.g.. Ooe, Warehouse 1105, FC1101).
  14. RESOLUTE by hayashi-san!

    ^ Here are the post soak measurements of the 710 (36x36), which include stretch after wearing them today: Waist 36.5" Front Rise 11.75" Back Rise 16.5" Thigh 13.5" Knee 9" Leg Opening 8.25" Inseam 34.75" I like them (simple, clean, nice color, nice texture). However, as b_F and others have said, the thighs are trim. So to get the thighs to fit, the waist has to be big. Overall, they're trimmer through the thighs, knees, and legs than any jeans I own, but the waist is bigger. Kind of comfortable actually but different than other jeans I like (FC1101, Ooe A02, Warehouse 1105, TCB 50s).
  15. RESOLUTE by hayashi-san!

    Resolute 710 36x36 raw came in the mail today from Yuichi. They look great and will get a hot soak later today. Here are the raw measurements for those interested: Waist 37.0" Front Rise 12.125" Back Rise 16.5" Thigh 13.5" Knee 9.125" LO 8.375" Inseam 35.875"