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WAYWT 2023 [denim edition]


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Nice to have a breather from deadlines and clients. Layered up for the joy of just leaving the house…

MF, Benzak shirt and jeans

Sleeve deets, 

MF jacket 

and an extra MF jacket to top it off! Been living in comfy clothes while working from home so I felt the need to blow the dust off as many pieces as possible.



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Just now, Geeman said:

@yung_flynn is that the new kamakura BD with the longer collar roll?

Yes it is. The collar rolls a bit more, lacks the back collar button, and the locker loop.

The standard Vintage Ivy ones don't work at all for me - armholes are too high and shoulders too narrow. The Ameotra is a bit more relaxed in the chest 24" vs. 22" for 15.5 neck, arm holes are lower, and shoulders are wider. So even though both Vintage Ivy and Ametora have the same measured sleeve length (I even measured them myself), the Ametora functionally fits longer and the sleeves go about an extra inch down my arm.

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(Cheating, as this was yesterday…)

In Teotihuacan, wearing FW hat, SDA shirt, TFH pants (pyramid of the moon), and Tender jacket (pyramid of the sun). I sacrficed nothing, and more importantly no one.




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