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  1. No denim today. But these cargo pants are made by Yamane. Obviously, the prototype was the flight equipment suit of the OG-107 era.
  2. Take a look here https://lenoandco.com/products/list.php?category_id=6
  3. Punch


    Good afternoon! Finally, the DENIME Lot 224 jeans reached me. Size W32 L32. It's a shame that most Japanese manufacturers don't go beyond the L32. And it was immediately clear that the pants would be short. A few photos before shrinkage. They sat down delicately. Manually. The water temperature is ~ 35-40 Celsius. W/2 44,0 sm/ 41,5 sm FR 29,5 sm/ 27,5 sm RR 40,0 sm/ 37,0 sm Hip 56,0 sm/ 54,5 sm Up. tight 32,0 sm/ 30,5 sm Kn 23,5 sm/ 22,5 sm Lo 21,0 sm/ 20,0 sm Ins 89,0 sm/ 81,0 sm Outs 117,5 sm/ 108,5 sm That's an inch missing. The photos are not very good, the sun is not enough.
  4. Jacket made&crafted by Levi's (рop compilation from type II and type III) Hoodies by Lightning Bolt SC 42966 Nike AIR MAX
  5. replica type II jacket by Bronson mfg co. DUKES belt SAMURAI S0505XX-RR DIADORA HERITAGE TRIDENT 90S
  6. Fatigue pants from TCB, вeautifully burned.
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