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  1. Punch

    Kapital jeans

    Measurements by BiG technique for W36. Width of hips was measured through a seam clip on the valve shake. That is, not 7.5 cm from crossing of seams, and 11 cm, in this case. W/2 ______ 42,5 cмFR ______ 31,0 смRR ______ 39,5 смHip ______ 56,0 смAt ______ 32,5 смKn ______ 23,5 смHem ____ 20,0 смIns _____ 86,0 смOuts ___ 113,5 см
  2. Punch

    Kapital jeans

    Such view with a double subcollar.
  3. Punch

    Kapital jeans

    Such view with a subcollar.
  4. Punch

    Kapital jeans

    the silhouette seemed to me similar to the 66th fit.
  5. Punch

    Kapital jeans

  6. Punch

    Kapital jeans

    Guys, if who is interested in denim No. 4, then in KAPITAL online store there were MONKEY CISCO and 5P of STONE MS. https://www.kapital-webshop.jp/item/SLP0272.htm I can give measurements on W36 MONKEY CISCO No. 4 OW.
  7. Punch

    Samurai Jeans

    It is necessary to pass to the original (Japanese) page https://item.rakuten.co.jp/2nd/sj-s0712xx/?s-id=xb_shop_001
  8. Punch

    The Steam Locomotive

    For me the concept "are easily available" comes to an end outside local department store.:) I noted above that I bought jeans at the second hand, ZenMarket. They waited two weeks for details for money transfer from j-e-a-n-s.net shop. Not everything is simple, but it is one of hunting components.;)
  9. Punch

    The Steam Locomotive

    Probably, it was possible to go on the size down. But it repro-fit. He will not sit in a most up-to-date way
  10. Punch

    The Steam Locomotive

    Salute, Tilman!:) Of course, I will lay out measurements. Did them by the BiG method. Do not forget that on crude to me the shop shortened inseam on 4 cm. THE STEAM LOCOMOTIVE D62XXX W34 L36 Measurements to/after shrinkage W/2 ____ 45.0/42.5 cm FR ____ 31.5/29.5 cm RR ____ 42.5/39.5 cm Hip ____ 59.0/57.5 cm At ____ 34.0/33.0 cm Kn ____ 25.0/23.5 cm Hem ___ 23.0/22.0 cm Ins ___ 90.5/85.5 cm Outs __ 119.0/113.5 cm
  11. Punch

    The Steam Locomotive

  12. Punch

    The Steam Locomotive

    Higher than denim in the status of RAW, but the internal seam is already shortened on 4 cm, at my request. It is possible to assume that initially it was 95 cm.
  13. Punch

    The Steam Locomotive

    От шва Лобного кротча до клапана мне показались очень шаткий.
  14. Punch

    The Steam Locomotive

    The frontal seam from a krotch to the valve seemed to me very shaky.
  15. Punch

    The Steam Locomotive