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  1. Punch

    Buzz Rickson

    OFF: What don't you like about the SAMURAI S710NBK?
  2. Punch

    Black jeans lovers!!!

    There's also the SAMURAI S511NBK, but they burn out with a brown tint over time. And so, very good jeans.
  3. Punch

    Samurai Jeans

    Guys, someone can tell you the resources for the "Good Bay Last Year!" series so you can read the description, the pictures to look around with the hardware, the patch.There is nothing to search through GOOGLE. Found a few links, but there is no necessary information.https://s886.photobucket.com/user/korntawee/library/KORNSD-PC/Kornichiwa/Jeans/Samurai%20Honten?page=1https://www.facebook.com/oscardenim2015/photos/a.1548452648757309/1577543042514936/?type=1&theaterhttp://www.ptc-mart.com/brands/samurai-jeans/samurai-jeans-hk500gb-goodbye-2015-15oz.html?___store=en&___from_store=thhttps://www.facebook.com/ptcmartjapan/posts/1597415280323710I would like descriptions as on standard models. As far as I understood, these jeans offer to buy on subscription to members of the Japanese club SAMURAI JEANS (it is not clear just how they end up in Thai stores). I saw a couple of years ago such jeans on the Japanese page of the WEB-store of the company site. But he did not receive a response to the request for purchase. Should there be a website for fans from Japan with descriptions and photos of these issues?
  4. Punch

    Samurai Jeans

    After soaking. As you can see, the shrinkage was significant. I was counting on a 5cm inseame, but it took almost 6.5cm. A bunch of folds near the crotch, but it's still uncrumpled denim. After the first soaking, some of the starch remains. The pants were standing. The grail is not found again, but I am satisfied with these jeans by 85%. On almost all Japanese jeans, I have these corner folds near the crotch. Or do I have such a figure, or the Japanese do not know how to cut?
  5. Punch

    Samurai Jeans

    Sample before soaking.
  6. Punch

    Samurai Jeans

    Sir, I'm not quite sure I can give direct links to online stores. But, I note that W34 OW is in DC4. W38, W40 OW is in the Czechs. I bought from the antipodes, in the store, the name of which begins on COR and ends on LECTION. But W33, W35 they no longer have. They also have the S211NBK.
  7. Punch

    WAYWT 2019 (denim edition)

    ENTRY SG TIJUANA LEVI'S 70550 DENIME 25th anniversary SCARPA Margarita GTX
  8. Punch

    Kapital jeans

    Measurements by BiG technique for W36. Width of hips was measured through a seam clip on the valve shake. That is, not 7.5 cm from crossing of seams, and 11 cm, in this case. W/2 ______ 42,5 cмFR ______ 31,0 смRR ______ 39,5 смHip ______ 56,0 смAt ______ 32,5 смKn ______ 23,5 смHem ____ 20,0 смIns _____ 86,0 смOuts ___ 113,5 см
  9. Punch

    Kapital jeans

    Such view with a double subcollar.
  10. Punch

    Kapital jeans

    Such view with a subcollar.
  11. Punch

    Kapital jeans

    the silhouette seemed to me similar to the 66th fit.
  12. Punch

    Kapital jeans

  13. Punch

    Kapital jeans

    Guys, if who is interested in denim No. 4, then in KAPITAL online store there were MONKEY CISCO and 5P of STONE MS. https://www.kapital-webshop.jp/item/SLP0272.htm I can give measurements on W36 MONKEY CISCO No. 4 OW.
  14. Punch

    Samurai Jeans

    It is necessary to pass to the original (Japanese) page https://item.rakuten.co.jp/2nd/sj-s0712xx/?s-id=xb_shop_001