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  1. Punch

    Samurai Jeans

    Is it necessary to have a red tab? In Japan, a sufficient number of distribution stores orders customs from master Nogami. Models are standard, but denim, fittings, patch are different. For example: https://unique-jean.co.jp/products/detail.php?product_id=3304 https://www.barnstormer.jp/product/detail.php?cat=2&item=359
  2. Punch

    Samurai Jeans

  3. Punch

    Freewheelers, Bootleggers Reunion, Bubo, etc.

    This, of course, is already an archival model. http://freewheelers.co.jp/blog/archives/8728
  4. Punch

    Unknown Japanese Brands

    Clutch-Cafe has a lower line on sale. I don't know how they differ, apart from OW and suture material with synthetics. But, even the bottom line looks good. https://www.qurious-web.com/product/2479
  5. Punch

    Unknown Japanese Brands

    Спасибо за внимание, которое вы уделили, Double 0 Soul . К сожалению, DelBombers также не имеет сетки размеров и процента усадки. Я нашел фотографию The Fade на 13,5 унциях джинсовой ткани в Instagram. Мне нравится.
  6. Punch

    Unknown Japanese Brands

    Guys, did anyone deal with Gleem Clothing&Co? I was interested in the 202-nd model. But the information is practically zero. https://gleem.ocnk.net/product/188
  7. Punch

    Field Jackets - vintage, repro, whatever

    And the M-51. But not for the Marines, but for the National Guard already, I think so. The seller wrote that it was 1967. It is slightly longer, the lining on the bottom is not sewn. The photos are not fresh, though. Some are five years old. There's a French F2 jacket, and I'll find a photo later. Also 1967
  8. Punch

    Field Jackets - vintage, repro, whatever

    I've got an M-65 field jacket. Commercial version from Alpha Ind., but not Chinese. Collected in Egypt from American components, at the beginning of the century. Great, I wear with a lining. And the sleeves are short.
  9. Punch

    Field Jackets - vintage, repro, whatever

    Ha, I also have a jungle from a Japanese designer. Only the fabric is thinner, from the rip-stop.
  10. Punch


    I've got fatigue pants. I loved it. Light textured satin. The length was just right, my size. The photos are not for the pontoons, show how they sit.
  11. Tillman, hello!
    I was rummaging through Japanese online stores and found a brand Unknown to me - GLEEM Clothing'Co. Another version of the repro?
    Have you run into them? I'm interested in models in the 60s. Very little information on the sites.

    Respectfully, Boris

  12. Punch

    Ooe-Yofukuten & Co.

    Guys, is that zinc oxidation when shrinking is normal? I didn't add any powder.
  13. Punch

    Ooe-Yofukuten & Co.

    yes, guys, they're the same jeans. W35 L36, 02-0619. Most of my jeans are in W34, but i'm losing weight slowly. In short, it was possible to swing at the W34, I expected more shrinkage.
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