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Found 2 results

  1. Since we've been getting tons of small, insignificant questions that don't need their own threads, here is a thread where they can all go. RULES: 1) DO NOT SHIT UP THIS THREAD. This is not a supertrash thread. Unnecessary, stupid replies will be deleted. Offenders may be temp banned depending on my mood. 2) DON'T POST UNLESS YOU ARE ASKING A QUESTION OR ANSWERING ONE! 3) DO NOT BE A JERK OR AN ASS OR BE SNIDE OR SARCASTIC! This thread is for all those dumb little questions that don't need their own threads, so don't come in here if you don't want to read them! 4) This is for small/dumb/personal questions. IE: "What should I buy next? What is starch? How do I shrink my jeans? What is STF? What is sanforization? What is my waist size? What inseam do I get? What is hemming?" etc. etc. etc.
  2. MJF9


    Buaisou – for those unfamiliar, the best way to find out more is through the website and Instagram. There are some great shots of both their process and products on their Instagram. To get the thread started, this is what they say about themselves… “To thrive in the hometown of indigo dye, BUAISOU was established in Kamiita-cho, Tokushima Prefecture in 2015. All processes, which were traditionally divided into separate specializations, are carried out within BUAISOU; from cultivating the raw indigo, fermenting the indigo leaves (Sukumo), dyeing, designing, all the way to production. We also make efforts in introducing the charm of natural indigo through offering workshops and other various activities. Indigo dyeing is characterized by deep beautiful color and fastness. This is achieved using only indigo leaves, lye, bran, and shell lime. In 2018, we were able to realize our original dream of making indigo-dyed jeans, with each skein of yarn hand-dyed one by one. In the future, our goal is to grow and weave cotton and manufacture jeans using vintage sewing machines”. I notice that the last part – “and manufacture jeans using vintage sewing machines” - was appended after May 2022. They acquired Roy’s old sewing machines which is likely to have enabled this change in ambition. Roy himself paid them a visit in Q1 2023 and in this post he watched them “dyeing skeins of ring-spun cotton yarn that will soon be driven over to the nearby mill, and woven into the most beautiful denim I've ever seen”. So, the journey has started but there is some way to go… I can’t see this thread being the most active for different reasons. However, I know there are a few Sufu regulars with items and interest… so let’s give it a whirl and see what we can collectively muster...
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