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  2. Markmont

    Visvim Community Sale Thread

    Visvim Virgil Black Suede - Full Contrast Stitch sz9.5 $650
  3. Markmont

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    Looking to cop: acronym ja1-gt Black / Medium
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  5. Markmont

    Urban Techwear

    Yea that zippers not the business...
  6. Markmont

    Urban Techwear

    Props on the suggestion for White Mountaineering @piecekeeper - got some dope stuff on here.
  7. Markmont

    Urban Techwear

    i feel you @shieldsy - i killed the idea of cargos / or at least those particular ones. #6629
  8. Markmont

    Urban Techwear

    ^Bet - ima take a look.
  9. Markmont

    Urban Techwear

    Hah word so I'm 'dumb as shit' now? Got it. I let go of the idea of rocking the cargos. I explained why I was considering it and discussed how I was hoping to make it work. Got suggestions to not do it, then dropped it. Then i asked for some actual ski pant suggestions. Aye this is sufu, and I been in here for almost 10 years so I'm no stranger to shit talk and bashing, but in this convo, it ain't even necessary. Folks made suggestions and I took the suggestions.
  10. Markmont

    Urban Techwear

    lol i feel you jbob24 (IM KEEPING MY DAMN COAT HANDS OFF). i really don't want to buy a ski coat. the trench is waterproof and warm, and i got some good layers under so i'm not going to get cold. ill have appropriate ski gloves, helmet, appropriate under layers, face mask, etc. the coat won't get destroyed because i don't suck at skiing. the item that i was going back and forth on was the pants. i was trying to figure out how to make the cargo pants work because they look cool lol - it was as simple as that. Based on my experiences skiing for a good 4 seasons (many many years ago) i don't recall ever being covered in snow to the point where my outter layer would be susceptible to getting wet, even if only water resistant. and i've never gotten cold while skiing because i know how to layer (from boston) those are the only 2 reasons why i considered it in the first place. that and just not wanting snow gear stuck in storage. lot of snow pants ive seen just look hella boring. i know functionally the pants covering the boots makes sense. i'm just curious if anyones seen any pants that aren't straight up true straight fit up and down. a slight taper at the knee down (big enough to cover boot) would be a nice look.
  11. Markmont

    Urban Techwear

    Supposing I was going to go for a waterproof pant instead - what's one you'd recommend thats got a tapper?
  12. Markmont

    Urban Techwear

    So you don't think that even with this layer underneath them: http://www.llbean.com/llb/shop/78255?feat=Primaloft-SR0&page=primaloft-insulated-long-underwear-bottom&attrValue_0=Gunmetal%20Gray&productId=1292210 and literally only about 8 inches of the pants showing (since the ski boots are high and the jacket is long) that I can stay dry?
  13. Markmont

    Urban Techwear

    Yea maybe so lol BUT beneath them I will have 2 seperate insulated layers. 1 is a thick skin layer (Nike pro Hyperwarm Max tights) and another is LL Beans PrimaLoft insulted liners. Also I'm not tall at 5 7 so the trench will cover most of my leg length.
  14. Markmont

    Urban Techwear

    ^ ok word - got some liners to go underneath em' as back up to stay dry. Tryin' to pull off a certain look on this day/ski trip I'm taking. Trying to do it with getting the least amount of 'actual' ski apparel as possible because I don't want to be storing snow gear that I wear all of one year.