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  1. Xu Jianfeng


    Alright thought getting those flex signal by [J29-WS connected to J28-WS] lol.
  2. Xu Jianfeng

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    The price of this p23ts-ch is simply a miracle.
  3. Xu Jianfeng


    Good moment returns.
  4. Xu Jianfeng


    3a-2 non foil version would be my five stars 3rd-arm recommandation for newbee, good for a mask pouch with a decent price (same as last this model drop's), and the best is, the stock lasts.
  5. Xu Jianfeng

    Stone Island Shadow Project

    Ran into this comment days ago.
  6. Xu Jianfeng


    Personally it’s bittersweet to admit no more afford the brand nowadays .
  7. Xu Jianfeng

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    FS:J68-PL multi color size m, full set, condition 9.5/10 sold
  8. Xu Jianfeng

    Urban Techwear

    I have being wearing Slim Dungarees and p10-ds quite often. Personally they both got similarities as allday pants but for sure quite obviously differences under the water too. 1. design Slim Dungarees was a no doubt with the jeans heritage inside of it. Five pockets, low profile active pattern and relatively affordable prices(having mine at 2017 as the corepack). P10-DS was a biker friendly pants since its basiclly built based on the idea of that. 2.sizing P10-DS in size m and SD in size 32, the result of that was SD doing some profile fit and p10 and more easy to embrace some stacking or roomier for way more jutsued movement. 3. quality both items are solid to me. mine DS version was made in NY and P10-DS was made in EU. There are some small rips on the SD but i believe the workcloth is more like the CH cloth schoeller provided than the Dryskin one. 4.conclusion these are two quite inreplaceable items.
  9. Xu Jianfeng


    Was told so but I do think my prediction was not right nowadays.
  10. Xu Jianfeng

    Fakcronym making tommow comes today

    This dude from Weibo(Chinese version Twitter) offers j68-pl under retail(tax excluded) which something obviously unusual here. Guess he either doing some backdoor trading with the Chinese oem factory or these items are just fake.
  11. Xu Jianfeng


    Those J1B-GT in dust raf with p31a-ds in alpha green would make the total look a strong bring back of ws-j1a with ws-p3a as this thread newly opened and being discussed since like 2007.
  12. Xu Jianfeng


    I would never name a IP thief as "A reputable replica manufacturer". Please, please leave us alone.
  13. Xu Jianfeng


    the new prices of j68-pl and p31a-ds are no doubt lovely, super nice pack either for new bee or any old man need back to minimal. also these cashmere accessories made in japan reminds me of those days i was shocked too but the price would be around the half of newly issued version.
  14. Xu Jianfeng


    Feeling the same. At least it’s a solid season to me but considering the shitty world situation basically these nicely build high pricing garments were only benefit for acr team, and workers(hopefully). But damn that’s what fashion industry is about for.
  15. Xu Jianfeng

    WAYWT destroyed my cybernetic implants [2046]

    uniqlo tee and socks acrnm ds-j12ts dickies 874 one star pro
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