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  1. Xu Jianfeng


    I recently post some personal thoughts on 7ts and my general conclusion is that it would not be re release(yeah that silver foil prototype while in j23 fit Lenny being rocking) and conclusion was confirmed Jack himself at Instagram. Alternative most likely be a smaller backpack, like the 13ts as 8ts replacement, and the new one confirmed by this gq interview.
  2. Xu Jianfeng

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    It’s not your fault at all. Return it to acrnm and request s full refund plus fees or taxes prepaid.
  3. Xu Jianfeng


    I would assume some final curtain of subneeeeet soon.
  4. Xu Jianfeng

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    FS: j36-s blk,bnwt size m,no tried on sold sp28ts-ds,bnwt size s,no tried on 1475 usd +4.4%PayPal+50 usd shipping+free help with tax declaration = 1589 usd J73-ws,size m,full pack, worn 3 times, 9.5/10 condition least 1300 usd +4.4%PayPal+50 usd shipping+free help with tax declaration = 1407 usd S19-BR,size xl,bnwt, never tried on 390 usd +4.4%PayPal+50 usd shipping+free help with tax declaration = 457 usd
  5. Xu Jianfeng

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    FS J36-S bnwt size s raf sold
  6. Xu Jianfeng


    Confiremd. lesee what’s going on with EU factory though?
  7. Xu Jianfeng


    I feel happy this love still in the fam after it was listed on yahoo jp, what’s good for a brand new! Dan nice score
  8. Xu Jianfeng

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    Even the 2018 high priced reissued mp2ts costs 115 euro. i don’t want recall those 3 items pack cost how much. Get fuck out of here, you’re not welcome.
  9. Xu Jianfeng

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTT: full pack nice condition j49 size s for same condition and full set j49 size m WTB: J48-SS size m
  10. Xu Jianfeng


    http://ktclimited.com could be that made in china factory.. i also have other guess but this seems like more close...
  11. Xu Jianfeng

    WAYWT destroyed my cybernetic implants [2046]

    Supima tee DS-J12TS LA6-DS P24A-S French military trainer Jacket replaced with American Eagles (no buy)
  12. Xu Jianfeng


    I somehow thinking this news worth checking in case it’s not quite known here. https://www.ispo.com/en/companies/schedule-takeover-amer-sports-anta-sports-track the title explains itself.
  13. Xu Jianfeng

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTT: Full set nice condition size s j49 for same condition, full set size m. J65-AK Full set used size l, for size m FS: BNWT p22-raf m, 1050 usd net. SP28TS-DS size S, 1470 usd net. S14-BR size m, white, 400 usd net, full pack used 8.5/10 condition will for sure help you out of taxes for all these items
  14. Xu Jianfeng


  15. Xu Jianfeng


    That’s would be a long story and I’m so far a 50 50 towards it as a 100 made in China dude. And some information is properly out as current situation. 1. Any concerns about build quality would basically unnecessary. Some factory are being in the field for decades, for all these outdoor big names etc, or for premium material based brand as visvim, the oem factory was a long term term. You might wonder why so these fake shit came from nowhere rapidly, me too until a heard fake Guerilla taking advantages from previous oem factory for north face( no surprise) and advices from the workers. 2.Workfare would not be dramatically changed compared to CZ as I believed the factory and workers meet the acrnm standard costs around 850 euro(insuranced), also the working time is bit flexible, which really is, and definitely not be the foxcom one hopefully. However, threat to Acrnm team really is, they most likely not be directly copied like they used to be in tabao, but in an even worse, or you name a better way? That the pattern was copied heavy ass. This happens in Visvim OEM factory and not a rare thing. 3. When asked why Germany as birthplace as the brand, I might recall dude quite honest answer that the healthy balance of costs and industry’s heritage benefit the whole output. However during the merino and leather period, production was also heavily take place in japan, and Tilak for definitely help a lot sharing its pattern like j7 or j20 and many more, and at last a own factory. Then again the move sounds a reasonable thinking after years, and why it’s make sense that j1a was a solid update that huge references would transfer to China’s factory. What’s too surprise me is they using their alpha and omega model testing water, but then again, make sense at a scale of economy, I still recall assumes a total 1000 pieces 2.0 was made, compared with normal total 300 pieces( not confirmed anywhere, just guess, but you know me). For 2.2, I kind believe the order was hiking into 1500 pieces as xs for a thing. 4. Pure personal meme, but that be a super funny you might also feeling that. In China there be some meme around dude wearing mixture of Bruce Lee(material arts way) or Jet Li as the brand ambassador and Chairman mao the subtle military uniform way, this style was called”Zhong Hua Li Ling”, was originally a commercial from the local brand “Seven“, means Chinese standup collar. I myself was always lurking for E guide king boxing design, and at last a stand up collar j1a Version came up and finally produced in China, not bad hah.