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  1. Xu Jianfeng

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    the real real j65 sale is so real hahahah but FS:no spilt, set only P30A-DS size m, worn once, full set, basiclly new. J65-KM size l, worn 5 times, normal signs of wearing, full set 2500 usd net shipping and paypal fees not included
  2. Xu Jianfeng


    since both wool surface lp in j54 and mixture lp in j1a are listed as hardshell. well my daydreaming acrnm jacket would be something j29a-lp the wool surfaced one or you may call the cut version of j38 would work. the softshell ultimate version blazer is long da sein the ss-j5, as well as the leather blazer l-j11.
  3. Xu Jianfeng


    The early “lookbook” is some kind taken by beinghunted and yet the kit 1 has a solid and earlier production photos by any level.
  4. Xu Jianfeng


    alright There are acrnm samples
  5. Xu Jianfeng


    though i got it and being wearing quite often but seening others doing it so right i feel high
  6. Xu Jianfeng

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTB:J66-GTV size m, J40-CH m, J55-MP m WTS: all prices net, there will be better prices if bundle buy 3A-MP2TS single, no spec and ziplock, no holes(lol), old issue with the white sealed 125 usd 3A-MP1:limonta version,no spec and ziplock, no holes again(bottom corners with obvious signs of abrasion,there also fading and the blemish of the drag tab logo,not affect the funtion, see detail pics later) 250 usd 3A-MSOL;full set,solar panel and the battery brick basiclly died, but the carry case is super useful as being a molle pouch(bigger than mz3) 200 usd 3A-MK1(need double check):limonta version, no spec and ziplock. no holes, normal signs of wearing and the interior acrnm logo is fresh. 250 usd
  7. Xu Jianfeng

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTS: SIZE M P10-DS 2018 version no ziplock,spec,Carabiner blablabla 9/10 condition least, no rips tears etc sold fuck trade war lol WTB: J55 size M J40-CH size M
  8. Xu Jianfeng


    This thing survives on drizzle. Being hand water washed it once, feels quite tough to me( normal working bike commute)
  9. Xu Jianfeng

    Acronym FAQ

    as my access to google docs was stricted, i think this be best place doing a acrnm items full catalog(hopefully) if anything missed or some added needed, best to pm me and ill edit directly here enjoy digging update 20190529: upload file to attachment feel free to use will fill in the pants and other items later Contributor(updating): @danii acronym catalog.xlsx
  10. Xu Jianfeng


    holy moly what a synced just uploading some pics lol. yeah that one you rocks and my current one (both limonta) are miraculously patinad and faded at mk2 areas, but I might still list the real first 3a-1 as my fav as it’s no damn compromise day one and still feels more solid than xpac and lighter than later limonta version( guess it’s still cotton but no more details bout it)
  11. Xu Jianfeng


    molle still our best friend
  12. Xu Jianfeng


    For way cheaper man himself heavily used kuboraum cat eye shaped one costs like 250 euro is a solid one. And it’s way too strong connected to some euro Ferrari driver image
  13. Xu Jianfeng


    I like it so far being a versatile softshell pants for 32-ds. Only concern might be how would it go for a humid summer being baggy. I’m kind confident bout it though.
  14. Xu Jianfeng


    I recently post some personal thoughts on 7ts and my general conclusion is that it would not be re release(yeah that silver foil prototype while in j23 fit Lenny being rocking) and conclusion was confirmed Jack himself at Instagram. Alternative most likely be a smaller backpack, like the 13ts as 8ts replacement, and the new one confirmed by this gq interview.
  15. Xu Jianfeng

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    It’s not your fault at all. Return it to acrnm and request s full refund plus fees or taxes prepaid.