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  1. Xu Jianfeng


    could be this (j38+j29-lp as liner)just replace the pant with some p10-ds. also i wait for some kind of j27 or j30 in epic.
  2. Xu Jianfeng


    Personally I would wait more seasons (least 4) to get some non-mothersite exclusive stotz items with auxzip at its wholesale price, hopefully.
  3. Xu Jianfeng


    Wake me up when the NEW J28-E is REAL again.
  4. Xu Jianfeng

    Fakcronym making tommow comes today

    Finally(okay) some real gore 3L yet fake acr jackets are floating around. The batch number tells the part of the story, and seller asks for like 200 usd in the model of j1. Madman!
  5. It’s being a while that fakes and rip-off acronym showing up. This topic will help(well,whatever you understand that lol)to recognize them or so. Now we already have following models F for jackets J1A-GT (https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/s537090179) for example,fakes export to japan and on sale here now and then. copy process lol J1b-s(seems like new models these days) J44 J32 SS-J16 J56 J1ts(on the way) J43 For pants There are rumors from taobao that they will 100% ripping p23 off. For shoes we of course have LF1 and Many apms For 3rd arm naturlich we have that famous ‘attempt’ 3a should bag or you may would like to try some silver with rainbow mix pouches like this,yeah i got this for iron man, For original designers we have grandmaster Samhe and his thoughtful brand pupiltravel.
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