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  1. Xu Jianfeng


    the new prices of j68-pl and p31a-ds are no doubt lovely, super nice pack either for new bee or any old man need back to minimal. also these cashmere accessories made in japan reminds me of those days i was shocked too but the price would be around the half of newly issued version.
  2. Xu Jianfeng


    Feeling the same. At least it’s a solid season to me but considering the shitty world situation basically these nicely build high pricing garments were only benefit for acr team, and workers(hopefully). But damn that’s what fashion industry is about for.
  3. Xu Jianfeng

    WAYWT destroyed my cybernetic implants [2046]

    uniqlo tee and socks acrnm ds-j12ts dickies 874 one star pro
  4. Xu Jianfeng


    Seriously miss the s-j14 time thinkpad vibe. Not these light pollution.
  5. Xu Jianfeng

    Fakcronym making tommow comes today

  6. Xu Jianfeng


    I’m 5‘9 and rocking p23 p30 and p25 all in size m. If you don’t need full length of it i better suggest checking size s. At this pic I take p25 size m with a pair of boot and it covers quite a bit.
  7. Xu Jianfeng


    The retail price of collaboration laptop starting from 2944 usd in mainland China. Update: Quote from Chinese ROG retailers news press configuration: AMD 4900HS NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 Max-Q 14 inch 2K IPS 1.7kg Collaboration design with David Rudnick. including specific customized software( the brain software, yeah that ways back from the kit 1, stored in a usd stick.and providing the form of dlc update in the future.)
  8. Xu Jianfeng

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    update: sorry for shipping restriction my side. all sales are now only mainland china shipping avaiable, and ill cover the shipping fees.
  9. Xu Jianfeng


    never being a collector point of view though. Before the serious prices hiking i believe as a normal guy hobby its okey to cover the best design the brand offers(aka the most versatile) with a budget nowdays say the retail of j1a-gtkp roughly to a j36-gt duotone with a 3a-1. As for paper value, my current acr collection is basiclly same as my timepieces and they both plays the daily beater roles down here with my other more "practical" pieces, which means i will taking my g-shock days a week and rest some omega 1957 series, to clothing it would the uniqlo/workswear/military wear combined with acrnm items though i still enjoying sometimes head to toe acrnm. if ever the items you have being into some kind well-balanced micro ecosystem meets your daily usage and if that happens before the hype means that bunch of items not cost as much as your mortgage loan i do think you could call it healthy one, so does anyone who cleaning out all their items by any reasons it makes sense too but according to my experience those happens most to number of pieces for aound 5 in acrnm. a hobby thing in a hobby way probably makes it good, hopefully.
  10. Xu Jianfeng


    those new old stock pics were taken during the acrnm site restocking SS16 yeah i too think its the SP12TS shorts during that time.
  11. Xu Jianfeng


    Acrnm brand image 2020.
  12. Xu Jianfeng

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    madly smooth connection for the post-pandemic world and thanks for the your two guys trust!
  13. Xu Jianfeng


    Second this. The brand or the Acrnm client actually being providing well balanced mixture of military wear/sportswear/human dynamics/materials/modern menswear/workwear into a overall nice ready to wear seriously and yeah the down side are some puffy brand images (dang it’s sure expensive)and the owners’ social networking showing off of all those lovely gals, that also part of it. For me the brand it’s still a style thing and it’s no DARPA at all right?
  14. Xu Jianfeng

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    FS:all sales are good to convert into RMB and shipping both okey for inland china or international, all fees by buyers. BNWT S19-BR size XL 450 USD net BNWT CP4-WS 800 USD net BNWT P22-S raf size m 1050 USD net BNWT J1A-GTKP size S 1780 USD net used J51-WS size L but will fit a profile size m, full pack, condition 8/10 with normal signs of wearing. 850 usd
  15. Xu Jianfeng


    exactally what i was thinking about this j1a by thoese design details(the vivid chest pocket). Also early days acrnm was too quite often used by die-hard outdoor dudes. It makes sense if the prices back to some rational level yet met the whole global situation by support people back to their normal life or help us rethinking hows good to this planet, so does the game as well.
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