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  1. SNg


    Make sure it's clean and wash it when it gets dirty. Here's a video that's been reposted before. If you haven't been washing it regularly, you might actually see some additional delamination after the wash.
  2. SNg

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTS J1ts-S size XL Bought new and worn for a couple months and then unworn in over a year and a half. There is some fading around the cuffs in high wear areas like the gravity pocket buttons but otherwise rather clean. I'd probably rate this around 8.5/10. Spec sheet and plastic bag included. I'll also add photos later when I get the chance. Looking for $1450 OBO J47a-GT size XL Bought used and then worn frequently. Washed and treated and then didn't wear it for the last 8 months or so. Some delamination around the cuffs and I think there's a spot on the back. Will add photos later with closeups of affected areas. Ends of the seam tape are slightly folded - will also attach photos. I'd probably rate this around 6.5/10. Jacketsling is included but it doesn't have the spec sheet or the bag. Looking for $1350 OBO Thanks!!
  3. SNg


    It has nothing to do with the asymmetric zipper. The KG fit block references the way kimonos are constructed - rectangular/square cuts of fabric and specifically how the sleeves attach to the main body. If you've held up a jacket that was cut to the KG block, you'll notice that the main back/shoulder panel is cut like a flat piece that looks like an upside down L (kind of like a kimono). I think the techwear-intern mentioned it in his 30 day challenge thread that if you wanted to increase articulation in the shoulders, you should make patterns with the arms up and parallel to the ground. If you've ever seen the back of kimonos laid flat you'll see that the sleeves are parallel to the ground.
  4. SNg


    You'll have to call them, give the codes, and pay for it before UPS delivers it to you.
  5. SNg


    For those who need the codes. I've also added some quotes I've found after this post if that helps with other pieces. "I was able to use 6201.93.47 for the S21-DS and duties dropped from around $290 to around $70." - Voyager "You could try just 6203.42.0000 or 6203.42.0300. I'm just guessing here. @CARLOOA may need to chime in with his expertise. (referencing p23-s)" - Voyager Also, not sure if it's outdated yet but the codes are from here - https://outdoorindustry.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/RPO-Paper-8.22.161.pdf
  6. SNg

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

  7. SNg


    You don't have to buy any modulars to have all your pockets.
  8. SNg


    For a roughly 13 year old jacket, the epic jacket is only epic in name at this point when it comes to weather resistance. I wouldn't go out into anything more than a light shower. In its defense, I haven't gotten around to cleaning it properly but as it stands, it's about as waterproof as a lightweight cotton jacket. I think that's one reason why it's been able to stay dark. It's only started to fray at the cuffs and it's dark-medium grey around high wear areas like the underside of the button snap for the gravity pockets. There are some small holes here and there but it's mostly been localized to around the cuffs. It blocks wind fairly well but in colder weather I would definitely wear a fleece or some sort of insulator underneath. I think back in the day the "ergonomic" design was mostly just a more generous cut with some cool pattern shapes so you can layer a lot under the e-j1a. That being said, it's a great jacket to wear pretty much any time when it isn't raining heavily. The softness of the epic cotton is nice and it dries fairly quickly in my experience. It actually drapes a little differently because of how soft the fabric is. My main design gripe with the e-j1a is the velcro along the front. It catches on the webbing on the 3a-1 strap and pretty much anything else. Even the webbing that you thread your earphone cables through - it's fuzzy because of the velcro. I think it was a great move on their part to move towards the snaps (which started in 08 for the j1a models I think). I would say that I'm partial to stotz because I like the texture a little more and I actually prefer the stiffness of it (even though I do like the softness of epic). Just a personal thing. I would really love to see a j1a-s update with the newer cut and a decked out flak pocket like it is on the older j1a iterations. But I don't think they would because that inner zip is now an opening for your insulator's chest pocket.
  9. SNg


    Been waiting a while and I was finally able to get some time to do this. It's cool seeing the differences between generations of these models and how they've improved (and sometimes even areas where they don't). But basically it's just plain fun to nerd out. Differences in the in the sleeve patterns. The e-J1a is a size L and the J1ts-s is an XL for reference. You'll notice how the e-j1a actually has a baggier sleeve despite being a smaller size. They have a really similar shape which is a nice carry over from one iteration to the next. Of course, the pocket addition is definitely one of the more noticeable changes. I really like seeing the differences between how the underarm was patterned. It's a little hard to see but the e-j1a was a lot simpler than the j1ts-s. This is one of my favorite parts of the jacket because it's so functional. It's a noticeable different when you're wearing the jacket and you can see how the jacket is pulling as you move your arms around. The short sleeve is also constructed differently - the e-j1a is literally a short sleeve wrapped around the longer sleeve while the j1ts-s is patterned and sewn into the longer sleeve. Here's a shot of the gravity pockets of the j1ts-s and the e-j1a. It's kind of hard to see but the e-j1a is completely hidden and you can only access it from the cuff. The j1ts-s' pocket placement is a little weird imo because when your arms are at your side they warp the fabric a little around the forearm (because of the stiffness of the zipper) and it ends up looking a little weird. I was waiting for the laundry machine to rinse out any leftover detergent and I realized that I could throw in the j47a-gt for a comparison as well. Sorry for the dark images! Here are some shots of the underarm and of the shoulder. The e-j1a and j1ts-s have really simple shoulder lines but the j47a does something it a little differently. I think of the zippered versions of the gravity pockets I prefer the placement of the j47a the most - it's closer to the back of the forearm so it doesn't mess with the shape of the sleeve too much. But sometimes when I'm walking the zipper tab flips up and down as it catches the side seam of the jacket. So functionally, I think I prefer the hidden gravity pockets of the e-j1a because it's the least obtrusive. These are just some shots of some fun details that I really like on the e-j1a. The flak pocket is so over the top and definitely makes it the most used pocket on the entire jacket. I think there are technically four pockets in that area - main flak pocket, phone pocket, open side entry pocket (don't know how else to describe this one), and another side entry pocket with a zipper. Also the webbing with slits cut into it for your headphones (which I never use because it's such a hassle to thread them through).
  10. SNg


    Is this the post that you guys were referring to?
  11. SNg


    I have the 3a-1 L2 from that random restock in spring 2017(?) and it's done well in the light/medium showers. A little water does get in sometimes though but it doesn't bother me too much. I have the 5ts in grey laminate and it's survived light showers despite the laminate peeling everywhere. Thought I'd also add that one of the zipper pulls on my 3a-1 broke last week. Didn't last as long as I thought it would but luckily I had a hardware piece from work that I clipped into the zipper bale.