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  1. SNg

    3sixteen Jeans

    3sixteen ST-TH1 220x 10th anniversary edition Haven't posted in superdenim in a minute! Worn for 3 years or so and then on/off for a year. I took these photos last year and haven't gotten around to repairing some of the holes but I hope to wear them again.
  2. SNg


    Make sure it's clean and wash it when it gets dirty. Here's a video that's been reposted before. If you haven't been washing it regularly, you might actually see some additional delamination after the wash.
  3. SNg

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTS J1ts-S size XL Bought new and worn for a couple months and then unworn in over a year and a half. There is some fading around the cuffs in high wear areas like the gravity pocket buttons but otherwise rather clean. I'd probably rate this around 8.5/10. Spec sheet and plastic bag included. I'll also add photos later when I get the chance. Looking for $1450 OBO J47a-GT size XL Bought used and then worn frequently. Washed and treated and then didn't wear it for the last 8 months or so. Some delamination around the cuffs and I think there's a spot on the back. Will add photos later with closeups of affected areas. Ends of the seam tape are slightly folded - will also attach photos. I'd probably rate this around 6.5/10. Jacketsling is included but it doesn't have the spec sheet or the bag. Looking for $1350 OBO Thanks!!
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