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  1. WiseFool

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    pssst, size ^
  2. WiseFool


    fabric is made in switzerland, garment assembled elsewhere (only the garment tag can tell us that now)
  3. WiseFool

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    He seems to have added a garment dye of his own by the looks of it, bloody disgusting.
  4. WiseFool


    I feel the choice to go with the ivory zippers was due to the fact that the GT is actually milk-white rather than pure white. I imagine the ivory looks better with the milky shade rather than a starkly contrasting pure white. Idk. just my 2 cents.
  5. WiseFool


    He acknowledged the delayed 'release' via IG when someone thanked him for it lol.
  6. WiseFool


    Ohh, the j-33 E looks like it might be a waist-length version of the j-34. Edit: nvm Edit: Lenny is wearing (slinging) some form of a poncho or cape in the p-32 pics
  7. WiseFool


    Wait, I just realised that he's not wearing a j63 under the raf j36. The hood itself is made out if infinium.
  8. WiseFool


    Here we go. I really like the j76 (storm hood + collar ridge is a nice touch) and the elbows remind me of an updated j28. j36 in raf looks madddd.
  9. WiseFool


    *Raises gusseted arm with a question* Regarding the WS that is used on the veilance indisce blazers (not counting LT variants), has acronym released any models using the same WS? The handfeel is quite lux and silky smooth without the plasticky feeling (ripstop WS; which is the only other variant i've got hands-on experience with)
  10. WiseFool

    Stone Island Shadow Project

    Depends on the season as the cuts differ slightly. FW18 tunics (compound shirts) are quite 'large' for lack of a better term due to the 'A' cut (fits well in the top block but increases in width towards the bottom hem (which also happens to be longer in length than previous tunics). SS18 fit TTS. FW17 you could size down for a trimmer fit, TTS was kinda boxy. SS17 was TTS (perhaps on the snug side) but you could comfortably size up. I haven't handled SS19 but from what i've seen online, it seems quite trim and well fitting so depends on how you want them to fit I suppose. TTS for a sleeker look, size up for a relaxed acid slinging hippie (not really). EDIT: This only applies to the 'pullover tunic' variants. The button down shirts / tunics may differ (slimmer, from my experience).
  11. WiseFool

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTB J1b-s in size M or L (Either raf or black). Preferably in good condition.
  12. WiseFool


    Putting china aside for a moment; ya'll got any of them fit pics / first impressions of the 2.2 for us to drool over?
  13. WiseFool

    Urban Techwear Community Sales Thread

    I know a person who is selling the leather bomber (with the liner). If memory serves me right it was an XL or XXL. Will double check and pm you his info.
  14. WiseFool


    I've got no qualms with products made in china (under strict regulation ofcourse) as the quality matches (or sometimes, it is superior) their western counterparts....but the shift from - made in Czech / Japan / Germany to china does leave me somewhat perplexed. This is purely from what i've come to know about acrnm and their philosophy over the years. I'm not surprised and yet, I am. Either ways, always looking forward to more acrnm in the years to come.
  15. WiseFool


    1650 euro-ish.