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  1. WiseFool

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    Wtb J84-s (medium, raf) Also open to other stotz jackets in raf.
  2. WiseFool

    Stone Island Shadow Project

    I just my moire stealth and I don't seem to have the discolouration. Granted, I haven't actually worn it out much (this is one piece that I baby :))
  3. WiseFool

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTB J1b-s raf size m or L.
  4. WiseFool


    Oh what? I was casually scrolling through the pics thinking they were random items that one would find at the "original fake" stores in Turkey or Singapore..... And then I read the comments. Wow, consider me gobsmacked. P.s I like the t shirt minus the D-12 like typography.
  5. WiseFool


    I believe the cutout is meant to depict the acr logo.
  6. WiseFool


    Is it just me or do the p41-ds and p44-ds look to be the same pants? Typo i'm guessing? Pics in question are found in the j29-lp and la6b-ds product pics.
  7. WiseFool


    The slouchy cut is *chef'skiss*.
  8. WiseFool


    I really like the olive j1 and the p10-ds(in alpha? i.e Umit pic). Wonder what the j1 material is...stotz?
  9. WiseFool

    Stone Island Shadow Project

    Has anyone had a chance to try out pieces from the new season? Rather intrigued by the double knee trousers. Fabric looks lush and the cut reminds me of the p9 from acr.
  10. WiseFool

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTS GT-J22 in pristine condition 8.5/10 (size L) 650€ (add for shipping and pp fees)
  11. WiseFool

    Stone Island Shadow Project

    The hairy top is actually a cardigan(?) With a shawl collar scarf layered over it. I agree that it looks sick. I honestly like this collection. Perhaps we've become accustomed to the garish bits in recent collections but most of these pieces, if not all, are actually wearable on a day to day basis which is a huge win in my book. I'm really looking forward to the black (field?) Jacket with the orange lining and liner.
  12. WiseFool


    +1 for what looks to be cotton. -1 for flak, flak and more flak. If a collab with acr essentially boils down to flak pockets (yes, I see the sleeve articulation and collar zips) on everything..... No hate, no love. Nothing to write home about.
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