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  1. They weren't the only local retailer. Andreas Murkudis also stocked ACR, although @henrisan says they also got dropped?
  2. Really? How bizarre, I thought they were the same as the P17s but with those leg cuffs sewed on to the bottoms.
  3. Buy a belt.
  4. It's a little fucked up for a store like 18Montrose to state that they'll declare values for international shipping so you have to pay import duties, but still charge you VAT. You expect me to give the UK government £215, and then pay USG another $525? AYFKM?
  5. Much as I like the J16, $1750 for a goretex jacket is outrageous. And I say that as someone with a closet full of outrageously expensive goretex jackets.
  6. I got an email from the DC store saying the first delivery was here the other day.
  7. I can double check the washing instructions later but I haven't had any issues with mine. I am pretty sure they're machine-washable on delicate; will report back.
  8. Who: Jonathan Where: DC (before that: Lexington KY, San Diego CA, London UK, Johannesburg ZA) Work: automotive editor at Ars Technica. Used to work in science policy at NIH, before that I was a scientist. This latest career is a lot more enjoyable. Why: Among other things I've always been a streetwear nerd. Used to be a denim otaku. Resisted getting into ACR for a long time but peer pressure from Kev and others at 5thD eventually got the better of me. Meow.
  9. You don't work for GM do you?
  10. L-R: P24A-S (washed a few times), P9-S (washed quite a lot), P14-S (not washed yet). The Stotz they used for the P9 and P14 is a lot greener than the Stotz they used on the P24As, which was always much browner.
  11. Best techwear underwear is Ex Officio: http://exofficio.com/underwear/
  12. I had to contest some tickets in court a few months ago and wore a black Indisce blazer and black Anode pants (with a white Paul Smith shirt and an Hermes tie) and it didn't hurt my case (got the tickets dismissed.) Then again, other than the Judge I was the only other person even wearing a tie...
  13. I don't think you could successfully have a L taken into a S without it looking a bit odd. The P14s definitely fit very small, which is why I think they have not been offered again. A size L might have been better for me in the waist but then the legs would be waay too long. With a belt I'm OK—if I sneeze and the pop-stud opens up the belt comes to the rescue. P9s come up a bit large—I have four pairs in Medium, two in Epic that i had taken in, a pair in Stotz and a pair in the blue Ch softshell which I didn't; for the latter two I need to wear them with a belt, but they are not as loose around the waist as my pairs of P24Ss.
  14. How does the scann compare to the component shirt?
  15. There's no lining. Worn over a tee and DS-J5 or Veilance Indisce blazer it was fine in Berlin over New Years eve. It's probably one of the most formal coats ACR has made; doesn't look out of place when worn over evening dress as I have discovered. Chris_n is right though, it needs some way of securing the collar to itself when it's stormy out.