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  1. Damn, doesn't look like any short-sleeved shirts in SS18.
  2. The lack of a hood for the 62 really is a shame because otherwise it really is perfect for torrential rain
  3. Some ACR makes an appearance in our Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio review:
  4. I worked for diesel in the mid-90s and their denim philosophy was always on-point.
  5. I've used Grangers and Nikwash and both work well. If you haven't already seen it, this video from Arcteryx on how to wash shells is worth a few minutes of your time:
  6. Agreed. Have washed my P24S-DS several times now and they look fresh as a daisy. Same goes for my Stotz pair (and P9-S, and for that matter P16-CH and P17-CH) and while there is a tiny but of fading it's nothing I wouldn't expect given the relative ages of each pair. Idk about anyone else but if you fly a lot, after spending a couple of days sat in planes and at airports, a wash is usually in order.
  7. Most of them are probably hypebeasts spending their parents' money so evidently so.
  8. Hi thread, it's me again. J62-PB impressions: um, it's very pleathery. And I don't think I'm going to be able to wear it for the next few months because DC is about to get HOTHOTHOT. Glad I got a medium, the sleeves on a small would be too short.
  9. Luckily, spoke with a very helpful person at UPS this morning who accepted my explanation that ACR used the wrong tariff and got the duties significantly reduced. CARLOOA should be awarded a medal from the Acronym crowd for his services to techwear lunatics.
  10. So pissed off. J62 finally got shipped over the weekend and now UPS wants to sting me for $324. And since it was over the weekend it was impossible to get hold of someone at the brokerage office to sort it out in advance. Tempted to refuse to accept delivery.
  11. To be fair, that SISP nyco shirt makes me sweat buckets.
  12. Does it make you feel like a character from Syndicate?
  13. Well, heard back from Acronym: "Thank you very much for ordering with Acronym. Unfortunately orders whose value exceeds 1,000€ are subject to a mandatory customs inspection and approval prior to the order being shipped. Your order was submitted and is awaiting customs documentation which should arrive today or latest tomorrow. The tariff code we are using is the correct one, as it states that the item is a "Men's Jacket of man-made fibers, knitted or crocheted". The outer membrane is bonded with knit and is therefore not a woven jacket." Hopefully I can find time to call UPS and get that changed once it finally gets in the system properly, but I'm not optimistic...
  14. Still waiting for my 62 to ship...
  15. They only had size L in pants this evening. Spotted a dude with a 3a-12ts; only one I've ever seen in the wild other than my wife's.