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  1. drgitlin


    why on earth would someone from Seattle choose to support West Ham?
  2. drgitlin


    No one uses the term SJW in good faith. Why you're white-knighting that is beyond me, but you do you, buddy.
  3. drgitlin


    People getting upset over Chinese manufacturing when the goddamn designer is Chinese is all kinds of wonderful.
  4. drgitlin

    Fakcronym making tommow comes today

    Seems extremely unlikely, given how old the design is and how it predates most of the hype. If you want to post pictures here or DM me, I can tell you if it looks the same as mine though. Also, congrats, it's one of the best jackets they've ever made.
  5. drgitlin


    FOH with that "SJW" bullshit. What are you, some kind of redpiller?
  6. drgitlin

    Your biggest issue with techwear is ?

    It’s less obnoxious than wearing 95s before Nike finally fixed that problem.
  7. drgitlin


    That’s never been the company’s way of doing things, and I don’t get the sense of entitlement here.
  8. drgitlin


    As opposed to how? This is Acronym we're talking about, it's not like they have a press office or a PR firm doing media relations sending out pitches to Complex and Hypebeast and all the 'grammars to tell them production is now expanding to China. The company has always been a black box, and details emerge here and there in interviews and personal communication. Why is this some ethical insult by the company towards you?
  9. drgitlin

    arcteryx veilance

    Align MX. Or Align.
  10. drgitlin


    No, only the P17 and P23 have massive waists that have to be cinched. (And maybe the -15s? I can't remember, I don't have those.) P24 is a high waist pattern, and they come up a bit large. P16s are true to size, also meant to be a high waist. P9s are more of a low waist cut, and come up a bit smaller. P14s come up very small, although that might have just been the one season. And yeah, that 3xdry tag doesn't look dodgy at all.
  11. drgitlin

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTS: J44-GT Medium (bag and spec sheet, 8/10): $1000 J39-S Black, SMALL (bag, spec sheet, tags, 9/10): $1400 edit - J39 is small, not medium. It's still black.
  12. drgitlin

    Urban Techwear

    I got a demo of TNF’s new Futurelight fabric today. Utterly insane how thin and light they’ve made it while endowing it with enough performance to use climbing Everest. Really sustainable production too, apparently. Sadly had to decline when they offered to measure me for a jacket
  13. drgitlin


    I’m on record here saying how dumb I thought the LF1s were at first. Then I tracked down a sample pair before the first drop. Now they’re almost all I ever wear. The zip really does add functionality. I’m not sure that cobra buckle does.
  14. drgitlin

    arcteryx veilance

    The merino bits might shrink but won't the nylon bits stay the same size? I reckon you might end up destroying it if you did that.
  15. drgitlin

    Urban Techwear

    Thanks; after I wrote it and actually thought about the specs a bit harder I started getting a bit skeptical about this 180kWh version, but they certainly seem to be lining their ducks up correctly. I hope they succeed, because we need more EVs.