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Just shipped off my next series of products to Massdrop this morning! The second drop will be coming out in just a couple weeks time

Still got to make a set for proper photographs and such... only just finished these designs around 2am last night! :)


For now, a quick teaser video.

A Dedicated Slingpack for my bandolier system

2x Phone Cases in small and large sizes

A Tablet Case

A Small Laptop / Large Tablet Folio

and a Large Laptop Folio


This second series is still made a no-waste manufacturing approach, albeit using some new construction methods.

As well, everything is compatible with the Bandolier, Carry Packits, and Centerzip Pockets from the first drop.

Also happy to announce that the Pockets and Packits will be available very soon on Massdrop.com as regularly stocked items, for those of you who missed out on the first drop.


Thanks again to everyone for your continued support and making this happen! Super happy to be bringing cool shit to the community at approachable prices!

Be well. Stay tuned.


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Inspired by  @danii amazeballs illustration works and a NASA badge concept I stumbled across on Pinterest...

Also, Danii... come to Vancouver and lets go crush out an epic mural here in the city!


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Looks exactly like something I’ve had my eye out for, nice one ;)

Small criticism (which may be due to my own oversight): I’m finding it hard to determine the intended use of the carry packet, and which packet would be best for me. It may be helpful to picture the packet mounted on the bag. My indecision regarding which carry packet to grab is the only reason I haven’t joined the drop quite yet.

Cheers man, looks to be a good one. At an impressive price, too!

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I've been cookin up a bunch of new opportunities this past month, the one that has me most excited is a partnership with a local R&D facility here in Vancity.

Syte Industies was in need of some assistance setting up a new showroom/product demo area for their Framis Italia bonding and taping machines, so I'll be helping them with the demos in exchange for access to nearly the entire Framis catalogue of welding machines! Next couple weeks I'll be sharing my early experiments.

Also super stoked to announce that I've added a couple new members to my team!!! I've stolen Lulu lemons engineered and 3d knit design developer and together we're working alongside one of design directors for Veilance/ArcTeryx on some kick-ass new technical outerwear experiments... The Intern Techwear Group is starting to form together! :) 


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Greetings everyone... Ender here!

I've been busy busy these past couple years, busting ass trying to worm my way into industry so I can get access to the latest and greatest in technologies to share with all.

INTERN has taken a few dramatic pivots in order to sustain itself and meet industry expectations, what started off with the intention of making product has turned into more of a consultancy position between brands and their suppliers, vendors, and manufacturers. When I set out to make product I was stonewalled brutally by the realities of industry, so in order to get in we shifted our offering.

Now we're able to share some of the resources and experiences we've uncovered, and to begin we're launching a group-buy platform for materials. Taking on contracts with major mills and textile manufacturers has allowed us to argue the position that offering the coolest product to makers and small businesses is viable. Today we're pleased to say industry is finally listening, and is working with us to make available their spiciest of textiles with little to no MOQs.

As well starting tomorrow I'm going to dive into another 30-day diy design challenge! This time sharing the perspective of designing for production, sharing all the infrastructure we've established. A little over a year ago I incorporated officially as INTERN Techwear Corp. with 2 partners (fellow kids, broken toys like myself, in their mid 20s), and together we took on the lease for a 5000sq ft warehouse space, and began renovating it into perfect space for mischief and makery. No small feat, as the former tenants ran an illegal porn studio and it was a NIGHTMARE of haphazard construction. Everything down to the cement structure had to be demolished. INTERN HQ is now a fully armed and operational creative battle-station, complete even with 4 bedrooms to allow us to invite and host other makers looking to use our infrastructure, or join us as one INTERNs interns.

INTERN is composed of 2 branches. The outward facing INTERN where we share resources, inspo, patterns, and field whatever support comes across our inbox from makers. And the industry facing TARPA (Technical Apparel Research and Projects Administration) where we work with the companies that manufacture and supply some of the largest brands in the world, from designing product to the development of entirely new approaches to manufacture.

We get a lot of questions, demands, threats, asking us for product... and I would love to create a line with our own brand displayed proudly. Until such a time when we can afford to manufacture to the quality we demand we will continue our consultancy path... oneday! Until then I can very proudly say that there's a very good chance that you've already seen or maybe even own products from the brands you love with a little INTERN DNA in them (as our contracts expire we will share our clients and works on our new website).

I hope you've all been well.

I just wanted to pop in briefly and say hello... it's been a while, good to be back. Looking forward to the discourse!


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i think a lot of people on here, me included, follow your exploits on the 'gram these days. It's really inspiring to see how far you've come and how far you'll be going. Personally i'm just waiting for more xpac pouches! i've been using the shit out of them ever since i won the first set in a raffle and got some more off massdrop later on.

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Thanks for the reply! Much appreciated.

I hear the request... and will show off some of the MACS 2.0 evolutions we've been cooking up lately.


Here's a little teaser... we'll cook something up for the challenge with this stuff later in the week for ya'll.


A new kevlar reinforced X-weave highstrength xpac, compatible with seam sealing and adhesives too finally!

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(08/30) - INTERN Techwear's 30-Day Design Challenge Round 2 - MACS 2.0 Pouch Exploration


Hey all and welcome to Day 08!

Today we wanted to discuss the MACS pouches a little bit more as well as give a brief exploration of MACS 2.0; based also on user feedback.

When the MACS concept was initially created, the goal was to execute a no-waste pattern that utilized the full width of a roll of fabric. This was achieved by setting rules to the dimensions of each pouch in order for them to nest perfectly as grid within the full width of a fabric roll. We used a fabric that was 58” wide… however when it was sent to production, the roll width had changed without our knowledge, to 54”. The factory made updated samples that were approved by our collaborators, so we never actually caught that error; resulting in some discrepancies. Live, and learn.

The focus today was the re-draft MACS 2.0 off of updated roll widths of 1500mm from Dimension Polyant. Additionally, we tested updated zipper garages, and a few new material and hardware stories. To top it off, we braided some paracord as a fun test to create a Sacoche style bag. .

Overall, these were some early directions we’d still like to explore further.  What directions do you want to see MACS 2.0 go?

Ultra short project log today:


and todays Gallery:



Check out the rest of the 30day challenge results so far on LinkTree:


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On 8/2/2023 at 2:56 AM, mizzar said:

So anybody archived all this photos and log or is it permanently deleted from internet?

Think the consensus is that this person was an industry plant and/or startup, mining this site for free info/exposure 

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