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  1. the problem with isaora is they never really committed to a singular aesthetic. they always flipflopped between wanting to be nike sportswear and wanting to be veilance and in the end they were neither.
  2. this is of such small aesthetic and functional significance that i don't really see why it shouldn't pass qc.
  3. dude you're in vancouver just go and fondle all the dead bird
  4. Haedn jacket and operand shirts are going to be the must get for me this season. There also will be an accompanying pant but hesitant about durability as usual.
  5. grabbed this haedn overshirt shot off the pitti site
  6. i've had a light grey tilak sweat for a couple of years now. it's powerstretch which i really like and it's also rather oversized which i also like. cool piece, been on the lookout for a black one and their hoodie.
  7. holy fuck those prices in yen though
  8. looks real to me. judging by the fit it's a rather old prototype. 2012 at the latest. interesting to see you guys run the conduct as a sort of sweater/midlayer.
  9. have a field pant, guys.
  10. is black actual black this time around or still that ultra-dark navy? would you say they're cropped or regular length on a 190cm frame?
  11. anyone save the pictures? listing's removed and i have a morbid curiosity re: bird fakes
  12. the patterning on the hoodie looks pretty cool, but i'm not feeling how skinny it looks
  13. yeah i'm not feeling them either, seems like they have got too much going on
  14. This is how you do a photo feature.
  15. descente has a really nice aesthetic but i can't get over some of those externally welded zippers