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  1. Inkinsurgent


    jackets and pants are both outer layers that come in various levels of waterproofness and insulation but wearing two sets of pants isn't quite the same thing as wearing a jacket over a sweat or tee
  2. Inkinsurgent


    why would you wear something that's not waterproof over something that's not waterproof edit: bit of outerwear history relevant to epic. When the PCU programme started up they had a hard time explaining to all the SOF bois what the different use cases of softshell vs hardshell were. Mark Twight intended E to be the active layer and hardshell (not gt at the time but a non-breathable textile whose name escapes me atm) to be the static layer. They had to make sure ppl understood the epic textile was not an overgarment but that it was intended to take the place of a BDU and that hardshells were supposed to go on top of it. This is where the numbered (l1-l9) layering system comes from - the idea was that it was easier to explain what goes on top of what if you number it. Of course all of this is important when you're assaulting tora bora but who gives a fuck what you do on the subway.
  3. Inkinsurgent


    gt overpants make sense, e overpants do not. then again fashion is not required to make sense
  4. Inkinsurgent

    arcteryx veilance

    OG field blazer up on the bay
  5. Inkinsurgent


    i second this. I'm a pretty fit 183cm and definitely close to the upper boundary of acr proportions.
  6. Inkinsurgent


    The thing to consider isn't just inseam length - acr proportions in general just don't work as well on tall and skinny people. A P10 has a bit more leg to it, but if you're significantly above 185cm you'll just look like an End model.
  7. Inkinsurgent


    jfc man i agree with probably half the shit you say and even i am getting tired of this.
  8. Inkinsurgent


    the uniqlo u airism cotton tee is the best tee i've ever owned both in fit and in fabric. i bought like.. 12 of them in case they get discontinued.
  9. Inkinsurgent


    surprised it runs big considering how E and whatshisface are practically bursting out of the seams of their mediums
  10. Inkinsurgent


    Good to see acr landing in amsterdam again. Feeling a lot of feels being reminded of acrnm @ concrete though.
  11. Inkinsurgent


    not being able to style acrnm is more acrnm than being able to style acrnm
  12. Inkinsurgent


    fuck me that MA1 looks good. Serious pre-2012 acr vibes.
  13. Inkinsurgent


    i think once the snowboard-meets-military streetwear DNA started to lose ground to the martial arts/sci-fi influence the magic started to wane. not that there aren't good later pieces but pre-2016 ACR is where it's at.
  14. Inkinsurgent

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    Another big +rep to FlipFlop for being a stand up guy. Got a pair of near immaculate P16A's for a sufu worthy price, great comms + generous shipping.
  15. Inkinsurgent


    Also i know E mentioned dropping the modacrylic-based CH because of price but i'm still confused why none of schoeller's other lifestyle textiles ever made a comeback - most of them are definitely priced for the consumer market.
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