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  1. Inkinsurgent


    note that the acrnm pics of alpha green are actually the raf ones recolored in photoshop. (or i suppose it could be the other way around)
  2. Inkinsurgent


    @thatslapz how does the p31a fit compared to the p14-ch? esp lengthwise.
  3. Inkinsurgent


    also according to notre this dude is 185cm and wearing a size S. Still it seems to me that all of ACR's pants that are not supposed to be cropped could benefit from 3cm extra in the leg.
  4. Inkinsurgent


    on the topic of sizing: i know erlsn is supposed to be 183cm but there is no way that man has 183cm person legs.
  5. Inkinsurgent


    haven's terrible styling literally just saved me from splurging on the P31A's.
  6. Inkinsurgent

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    ha, those are my old p14's. Definitely cool to see them stay in the family.
  7. Inkinsurgent


    over long periods of time stotz will fade and discolor. to some, this is part of the appeal, but others dislike it. gore-tex, if cared for properly, will last a very long time, but when it fails due to delamination it fails catastrophically. epic nylon does not discolor nor does it delaminate, but is prone to pilling when it comes into contact with pack straps. personally i would be less concerned with long term durability and focus on what you expect performance wise: gore-tex is actually waterproof but synthetic-y, stotz looks natural but not waterproof, epic nylon is super comfortable to wear and quite breathable but not waterproof.
  8. Inkinsurgent


    How about just getting to know the brand and how people style it and then picking up a piece that speaks to you and integrates well into your wardrobe? It's clothes, not a 401k plan.
  9. Inkinsurgent


    maybe there was a specific price decipherable from clues, and the first to bid it gets it?
  10. Inkinsurgent


    bUt LiVinG wAgEs
  11. Inkinsurgent


    reading this thread's first post and seeing "prices keep going up" in 2007 got a chuckle out of me.
  12. Inkinsurgent

    Urban Techwear

    i feel like the haven brand is supposed to fill the void left when wings + horns started becoming boring as hell. It's basically pre-2016 w+h meets diet acronym.
  13. Inkinsurgent


    is this like the techwear version of identity politics or something
  14. Inkinsurgent


    It looks like that's where the fabric was pinned. i'm guessing they accidentally stitched it together and QC missed it. Weird thing to miss. Good thing you're sure of the pants' provenance.
  15. Inkinsurgent


    glad they finally figured out you can get your schoeller in any color you want.
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