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  1. the textile in the operand shirt looks almost like the old stealth shirt's. extremely excited about this one.
  2. Not sure if they always did or not, but i just noticed that mission workshop pants are now made of tweave fabric, which is really neat
  3. the elastane is only in the stretchy parts. i like the overall aesthetic of the apparat but i've always thought the stretch panels are in the wrong places.
  4. this is guaranteed to happen.
  5. i've had the same happen to mine and they were quite courteous about it. the voronoi is an amazing design, but those slick flat seams are definitely a weakness.
  6. mainline bird S17 has dropped their revised A2B commuter uses some sort of denim-face schoeller. also fun: they have a pant fit comparison lineup now.
  7. there's generally a limit to how much air can be forced through a given fabric at a given speed, which is how something can be simultaneously 'breathable' and 'windproof'.
  8. it holds the shape on it's own the graphics department's obsession with smoothing out the fabrics in photoshop is weird
  9. thought i'd share some field overshirt impressions: - the fabric is dope. it's a very structured canvas-type weave with a slightly stiff hand. i feel like AV could sell the unique visual and tactile qualities of their fabrics better in their copy or photography. - the fabric weight and boxy cut make it feel more like a jacket than a shirt. def an outerwear piece. you could size up if you want to layer a thin sweat underneath. the term 'overshirt' is very apt as it has a distinctly military feel. - size is, as always for AV, tts. it is however slightly tight in the shoulders. i'm fairly muscular and at the upper end of a M (wear a size large tees) and an L might have been a little more comfortable but would have an even boxier look. - not a fan of cobrax snaps on the cuffs - reg snaps would be easier to use. - something that the pictures don't show well is that you can wear the collar in three positions: regular button up shirt style, military shirt style (folded flat) and up. up gives more of a jacket type silhouette.
  10. the spere might not be advertised as such but in practice taped windstopper is essentially waterproof. the partition looks much better in person than in pictures.
  11. he probably means that arc'teryx will ask that retailers exclude non-seasonal colors (black, in this case) from sales. common projects, for example, does the same thing. it prevents high end brands being bought during sale only. i'm guessing we'll find out soon enough if it's true or just grailed nonsense.
  12. heads up: outlier has reissued the original climbers
  13. the fully synthetic pants are noisy. the cotton ones aren't.
  14. cotton-based pants especially seem to be balancing durability and light weight/handfeel. they don't get it right every time. as long as they honor the warranty that's okay with me.