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  1. arcteryx veilance

    haven has some fw18 up for those amongst us who are more easily swayed by their styling
  2. arcteryx veilance

    yeah i think you could see that one in some of the ss19 pics. A different model shirt made out of the same material as the field overshirt would be great. The field overshirt is one of my all time favourite veilance pieces and i get a shitton of use out of it.
  3. arcteryx veilance

    kinda happy for my wallet there's nothing in this season i'm excited about. looking forward to ss19.
  4. Urban Techwear

    the material is nice.it's a very deep, flat black and a relatively lightweight fabric. one downside is it attracts lint and dust like nobody's business. if you wear a white t shirt with it the top of the pants will end up looking dusted in powdered sugar. it's kinda water repellent but as per usual with treated cottons you shouldn't expect too much of that. this is my first custom pant and i really like the cut. this model has an extra seam in front of the thigh and some knee darting that adds a lot of structure to the pant and a nice stacking. the zip pockets and elasticated waist are kind of useless imho. i wouldn't pay retail for it, but for 40% off they;re a nice pair of pants.
  5. arcteryx veilance

    that zip shirt is intruiging. blazer looks like it's using the poly/kevlar blend of the stealth/operand shirts. would love a grey terratex pant.
  6. arcteryx veilance

    more running gear shots. looks like veilance will have their own shakedry product.
  7. Urban Techwear

    Maharishi has some cool stuff this season, some of which is on sale. Picked up a nifty uninsulated bomber made out of crinkly italian tech nylon and a pair of 3xdry treated pants.
  8. arcteryx veilance

    you know we're living in the postmodern era when a menswear spinoff of an activewear brand gets it's own activewear spinoff.
  9. arcteryx veilance

    i wish they'd bring the subset back. mine's getting a little long in the tooth in places.
  10. arcteryx veilance

    the problem is they're not coming from some bootleg factory. it's the contracted factory themselves getting some on the side. i reckon it's just the price of admission when having your stuff made in china.
  11. arcteryx veilance

    yeah ever since some veilance production moved to china they've been having a field day over there. grailed is loaded with fake veilance.

    yeah back in the day the acg aesthetic was deliberately garish branding. then the first couple of seasons erlsn turned that into weird big but subdued military-ish markings which was interesting, but now we're apparently back to garish.

    previous collection wasn't for me but it was an interesting divergence from the acrnm aesthetic. this just looks like some of those asian knockoffs with too many zippers.
  14. Urban Techwear

    dani is making light of the pc crowd getting their panties in a bunch over major being caucasian. it was a big deal in some circles when the movie came out. also something something orientalism something appropriation something. i met a guy doing research for the gits movie when on a trip in hiroshima. we went to the mazda factory together. cool dude, polish i think.
  15. Acronym.

    i don't understand the need for such a transparent argument in the first place. "make hay while the sun shines" would work for me.