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  1. Inkinsurgent

    arcteryx veilance

    holy shit they need to fire the fuck out whoever is art directing the site and photography these days
  2. Inkinsurgent


    old acr is so fucking cool
  3. Inkinsurgent


    anyone id the garments in that pic?
  4. Inkinsurgent


    nah, i'm mistaken. the thread is aramid but the fabric itself is a modacryl/cotton blend.
  5. Inkinsurgent


    no the later non-melange fire resistant material. the melange model has been a long term grail piece for me.
  6. Inkinsurgent


    the p10 in aramid CH is hands down the most comfortable pant i've ever worn.
  7. Inkinsurgent


    that cape is fucking brilliant.
  8. Inkinsurgent


    i'm less annoyed by the people immediately flipping what they ordered than by the people listing beat up six year old items for twice what they retailed.
  9. Inkinsurgent


    Handfeel is absolutely epic glacier's strong suit. I sometimes wear my pcu jacket around the house instead of a hoodie because it's so nice next to skin. Purely by comfort it absolutely beats all competitors in the same weight/function range such as dryskin, dynamic, durastretch and terratex. Of course the downside to this is pilling but if you stay away from rocks, velcro and high-denier nylon/cordura you'll be alright.
  10. Inkinsurgent


    nextec epic nylon. it has a very comfortable and soft hand, but it pills like fucking crazy and has rather poor water resistance over the lifetime of the garment. edit for a bit of backstory: this is the textile used in USSOCOM's PCU level 5 uniform, a design referenced by acr in a few other items. One of the founding fathers of the PCU programme, Mark Twight of gym jones fame, picked it because he emphasises dry time and vapor transmission over pure water resistance. The color "alpha green" is a direct reference to the PCU system, although the color in the acr pictures does not seem to be the same as the one used in the L5 uniform.
  11. Inkinsurgent


    seriously that jacket is wrecked. i don't even understand how you can cause that much delamination in a gtx jacket short of it being 15 years old.
  12. Inkinsurgent


    so much prejudice out there. don't worry my fellow bots, sufu is a safe space for all Cybernetic, Digital, Non-Organic and Trans-Organic peoples.
  13. Inkinsurgent


    Digging the differing viewpoints itt. Making things in China is fine. Equating consumer surprise/concerns about local business practices with some sort of racial prejudice towards "the chinese people" is just LOL.
  14. Inkinsurgent


    holy shit i hadn't looked at the man's twitter in ages. the climate panic and virtue signalling is off the goddamn charts.
  15. Inkinsurgent


    Because it means the asian hype kids get to be first in line.