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  1. if i'm not mistaken shakedry is, irreverently speaking, essentially reversed paclite.
  2. ah, i did not know that. that's a bit of a bummer.
  3. the veilance main site offers free intl shipping and returns guys.
  4. softshell was interesting because it wasn't really softshell. it was mainly an experiment in using non-traditional face and backer fabrics so that the package doesn't "look like gtx". i still have a veilance monitor in sft and it's really, really nice stuff. shakedry has the potential to be revolutionary but it also presents a lot of challenges, especially in fashion/non-outdoor applications. abrasion resistance, dyeing, finishing, etc. props to erlsn for just experimenting the fuck out of it.
  5. Yeah, so it's shakedry. Edit: at least to us until gore starts to differentiate between external membrane laminates.
  6. can you elaborate on what sets it apart from shakedry?
  7. Shakedry is a very interesting laminate but if i'm not mistaken it was originally developed for ultralight emergency type items. Very curious to see how the external membrane holds up under daily use, pack strap abrasion, etc. I'll leave the €1200 experiment to you guys.
  8. you gotta admit there's a certain irony to acrnm being bought by robots
  9. that doesn't change anything when the bulk of the collection is purple overdyed crinkle poly.
  10. because of sisp's continuing insistence on that garment dyed, pre-faded, garishly colored euro aesthetic.
  11. it's literally just cotton terry.
  12. the primary reason that acr pants cost almost a grand is because people will drop that kind of money on them. that said: acr thrives on experimental, outrageous shit. they also like going way past the point of diminishing returns when it comes to construction, detailing and raw materials. imagine the amount of leeway these margins give a company like that. they'd be crazy not to make hay while the sun shines.
  13. are you seriously entertaining the notion that erlsn ripped off 1k and not the other way around?
  14. same. for me, acrnm 2010-2012 was that weird berlin indie brand that re-did military classics in cool textiles and was fundamentally approachable. the new acrnm, while i still see the passion that's obviously in it, does nothing for me brandwise. edit: earlier even. i mean, shit like this, man.
  15. i have a what, seven year old alpha sl paclite shell that is still going strong. it's papery and crinkly and not the best looking textile but it's light as fuck and very breathable.