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  1. Inkinsurgent


    i was thinking of the grey melange version which at the time sat on the mothersite for a good bit alongside some of the P14's. sadly my budget looked a bit different at the time. i prefer the pre-2016 acr aesthetic in general. like you say, more wearable.
  2. Inkinsurgent


    ill be honest with you guys i was kinda hoping a p10-ch would show up in there.
  3. Inkinsurgent


    i think it also depends on what you get out of a piece - the rush of gratification of buying something new and shiny which wears off and leads to having to buy something new and shiny again, or the slow enjoyment of owning something you use every day for years on end. the divide between these two is especially big with acr where some people seem to buy multiple pieces with each drop to flaunt on instagram whereas some others walk around in an unravelling pair of P9's. i don't own a lot of acr but i sure own a fuckton of veilance and i really like having these go-to pieces that have been with me for years and years and still give me this feeling of satisfaction when i get to put them on.
  4. Inkinsurgent


    12-14 was such a good run. all my acr and av grail pieces are from that period.
  5. Inkinsurgent


    i'm surprised they have so much acr laying around still. this is my favourite acr period so definitely excited.
  6. Inkinsurgent


    also pre-hype items tend not to sell well with the hype crowd for some reason.
  7. Inkinsurgent


    the nyco voronois are garbage for all the above reasons but the all nylon voronois are my favourite pants. they are not as articulated as P10's but they fit great and their range of motion is fine.
  8. i think a lot of people on here, me included, follow your exploits on the 'gram these days. It's really inspiring to see how far you've come and how far you'll be going. Personally i'm just waiting for more xpac pouches! i've been using the shit out of them ever since i won the first set in a raffle and got some more off massdrop later on.
  9. Inkinsurgent


    the problem (inasmuch you consider there to be one) is that pre-hype acr integrated into other styles whereas these days people seem to consider head to toe acr a style in itself. long for the days of people rocking acr, stussy and visvim in one fit.
  10. Inkinsurgent


    Yeah his own rationalisation isn't helping. I don't see what's so bad about going "i invested my life in this company, fashion is a fickle thing, make hay while the sun shines." However: the price point they're at allows them certain affordances in construction that you otherwise wouldn't bother with. I think the acr aesthetic is very much about going beyond what other brands would see as a point of diminishing returns. There are small construction details even in a pair of P10 pants that really don't offer much from a practical perspective but very much emphasise what an ACR item projects. This is also a point where i feel Veilance and ACR diverged over the years: AV showcases their technical prowess through minimalism in features and construction, whereas ACR showcases theirs through maximalism. Maybe this is also what part of the "practical VS expensive" argument hinges on: regardless of whether you feel ACR features add actual purpose over more stripped down solutions, you can certainly see where the ideas, effort and innovation are applied. It really is more the fetishisation of purpose than actual purpose, and i mean that as a good thing.
  11. Inkinsurgent


    Construction/raw material price/living wages all have exactly zero to do with why an ACR piece is three to four times more expensive than comparable items. The market supports these prices and after years of being niche, ACR is hype and E is (rightfully) making bank.
  12. Inkinsurgent


    you tell me about an ambush? i ambush you with a cup of coffee!
  13. Inkinsurgent


    i'm guessing the pictures are generally of production samples because all photography needs to be finished by the time the main collection rolls out of the factory.
  14. Inkinsurgent


    They carried acr for a while after Jörg left, but at some point there was a change in direction and both acr and veilance, two brands they really put on the map in the early days, got dropped off the roster. Just strange to see a known acr ripoff end up there. Still one of my fav. places in berlin though.
  15. Inkinsurgent


    Not strictly acronym related news but culturally/historically significant: firmament berlin now stocks enfin leve. Interesting development considering their backstory with acr.
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