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  1. my theory is that 1) veilance is a commercial success and needs scaling up beyond the vancouver factory and 2) this frees up the vancouver facility for faster prototyping of new seasons edit: LEAF is also doing very well and they might need more capacity in vancouver to respond to unit orders and prototyping
  2. i doubt it's the country of manufacture determining the price of the pants.
  3. some goodlooking shit in there but i just know that mesh scarf is going to be €900 or something.
  4. that crotch zipper has officially jumped the shark. wtf, erlsn
  5. get the field shirt it's fucking great
  6. it's the same textile
  7. anyone else think it's odd AW17 hasn't hit any retailers yet? i think end has two voronois and that's it.
  8. not strictly tech but carhartt wip is doing some of their cargo's in 90ies night grid camo
  9. you dont want to wear the new operand in truly hot weather. it's comfortable and breathable, but it's still a relatively dense poly weave and it's in the AW season for a reason.
  10. the poly kevlar blend has a really unique melange effect and a great angular drape. never understood why they shelved it for so long.
  11. first season field blazer on ebay
  12. the restock was just deadstock laying around in the offices. the items were on earlier versions of the website as well.
  13. price increases are probably just what the market can accommodate. mainline bird prices have been stable for years.
  14. i value odor resistance over dry time because i'm a good weather hiker, so i prefer merino. if you're into hardcore mountaineering/survival type stuff the fast drying synthetics are better at keeping hypothermia at bay.
  15. orthocore