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  1. Inkinsurgent


    Also i know E mentioned dropping the modacrylic-based CH because of price but i'm still confused why none of schoeller's other lifestyle textiles ever made a comeback - most of them are definitely priced for the consumer market.
  2. Inkinsurgent


    fw15/16 CH is probably the most comfortable pant material ever. I would be stoked to get my hands on a SS16 model at some point. Also the mythical grey melange CH obviously. Still bummed i had to sell my p14's back in the day even though they still live on in the sufu fam. The hand on that stuff was great.
  3. Inkinsurgent


    DS is definitely the most comfortable of their current fabric offerings but it does get a bit too hot in summer. The old CH fabric (both the industrial micro twill and schoeller shape) is even better though - although it's also less water resistant.
  4. Inkinsurgent


    The bulletpointed Antwon-style "are you getting enough pockets to warrant dropping 2k on this" type reviews aren't for me either but they are a function of acr having become expensive enough that people start to review their shit like consumer technology instead of clothes - in terms of upgrades and features and version history and do you get this drop or hold out like you would review the latest iphone. Also it seems like a not inconsiderable amount of acr wearers weren't really heavily into fashion before acr grabbed their attention (veilance has the same effect) so there's less reviewing of style, brand synergy and acr's place in the bigger picture meaning it can get a bit myopic and literal at times. Everyone who was around for 2008-2016 acr grew up on "reviews" that were essentially one or two line posts like "erlsn channeling that raf simons 2005 meets gundam vibe" mixed with in-depth textile tech talk - stuff that's great when you're super incrowd and get the lingo. It's quite literally a generational issue by now.
  5. Inkinsurgent


    I think an underadressed point of acr is that it simply is.. finicky when it comes to fit. The difference in body composition that yields 'looks awesome' and 'looks off' is minute. edit: i mean even Ian looks pretty bad in most fits on the mothersite. If you're not E or Lenny ymmv.
  6. Inkinsurgent


    E looking pretty swole in the most recent fit pics imho. He should own that size up.
  7. Inkinsurgent

    arcteryx veilance

    I've had a convex since the model first came out! They're neat and very useful pants, but the silhouette is minimal to a fault - it's kind of a boring cut to be honest. I mainly wear it paired with a blazer lt for a semi-formal look. I will probably be trying the new Spere pant because it claims to be more relaxed, and i've always felt the convex would work better if it were more relaxed and am always tempted to get one sized up to see if it works better for me. However, the patterning on the spere also seems... boring minimal. To me the voronoi is the quintessential AV design, and terratex the quintessential AV textile. I also think the voronoi and blazer lt make for a more visually interesting combination than the convex and blazer.
  8. Inkinsurgent

    arcteryx veilance

    Cool to see such a big drop with so many new pieces. I'm underwhelmed by their foray into suiting wool. Not sure why, i think i was expecting a more interesting performance wool blend. Nylon core wool, or something schoeller-y. Colorways are excellent as ever. Good to see more terratex-based pieces even if it highlights the painful five year absence of the terratex voronoi.
  9. Inkinsurgent

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    plus rep for username. rip.
  10. Inkinsurgent


    if you've ever spent 30 minutes searching your entire apartment for your keys and then found them in the deep pocket despite having checked there first, hit that subscribe button.
  11. Inkinsurgent


    Not buying acronym is more acronym than buying acronym but not buying acronym is not as acronym as buying second hand pre-2016 acronym.
  12. Inkinsurgent


    i'm convinced acr is aware of this specific downside of self-fabric cuffs with sewn on velcro and keeps using them because they prefer the aesthetic. almost all high end brands use laminated and die-cut cuffs for this very reason, but the self fabric cuffs have that retro/military vibe they're after. it's also why you (almost) never see adjustable cuffs on veilance pieces - they use stretch cuffs and gaiters.
  13. Inkinsurgent


    But hey at least the QC people are finally making a living wage.
  14. Inkinsurgent


    on a part you could produce at ten times the QD rejection rate without raising the product's overall price by more than 1% nonetheless.
  15. Inkinsurgent


    just when i decided the p31a has a shit silhouette and i shouldn't get one a hagenees of all people has to come along and go a great review and just nail the fit.
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