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  1. Inkinsurgent

    arcteryx veilance

    I think by now i've come to terms with the idea that 2009-2019 AV was a very long beta phase and the current Veilance is the 1.0 product. Lars and Conroy's efforts were essentially exploratory, with Taka now consolidating all that into a more stable form. Unfortunately that means some things like the original field jacket, the terratex voronoi and the original monitor designs are abandoned over time. The denim experiments are great but based on the seam issues with the voronoi design i'm hesitant to pick up any non-terratex voronoi variant.
  2. Inkinsurgent


    older is not neccesarily bigger. i have a P9-S size M that fits pretty slim and ends right above my shoes and i'm 183cm and a size 32.
  3. Inkinsurgent

    arcteryx veilance

    yeah this shoot is really nice. there is a definite symmetry between the clothes and the terrain features that works really well.
  4. Inkinsurgent

    arcteryx veilance

    i guess as long as they use this type of seams we'll continue to see blowout problems. did you mention the bike commuting part to customer service? curious if that affects the warranty. hope the terratex ones will return at some point. i've managed to keep my terratex voronois together by repairing loose seam tape spots myself. but i managed to get some seam tape glue on the exterior of the black ones after the tape inside the fly came loose and haven't been able to remove the stain.
  5. Inkinsurgent

    arcteryx veilance

    demlo overshirt has got me excited for a veilance again after a couple of lackluster seasons
  6. Inkinsurgent

    arcteryx veilance

    the seam tape is a big issue. i've found that using mcnett seam sealer to repair loose spots as soon as they appear goes a long way but in the long run it's an unfixable problem. does the nyco exhibit a lot of fading?
  7. Inkinsurgent

    arcteryx veilance

    Anyone have any input on the long-term durability of the cordura nyco voronois?
  8. Inkinsurgent


    mcnett seam sealer works pretty well
  9. Inkinsurgent

    Urban Techwear

    at some point outlier realised there are a handful of reddit weirdos that will buy literally anything they can think up and now their business model revolves around that.
  10. Inkinsurgent


    yeah imho stotz doesn't 'develop patina' it just ends up looking ragged as fuck.
  11. Inkinsurgent


    out of three epic glacier jackets i used to own i have one left and it's quite pilled but it hasn't faded in any noticeable way. nylon tends to be really colorfast.
  12. Inkinsurgent


    the two things that pill epic glacier something fierce are velcro and heavier denier nylons found in gear (straps, pack surfaces). on pants used in a city context it's probably not as pronounced of a problem.
  13. Inkinsurgent

    arcteryx veilance

    holy shit they need to fire the fuck out whoever is art directing the site and photography these days
  14. Inkinsurgent


    old acr is so fucking cool
  15. Inkinsurgent


    anyone id the garments in that pic?