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  1. Bro when we say WS, we mean Windstopper®, not white supremacy.
  2. Just got them in! They're a little too long unfortunately, as well as not as tapered as I'd like in addition to the waist being a tiny bit too big. Would you advise tailoring them to fit me better? Or should I size down to a 30" /46 IT
  3. Appreciate it!! Was tryna figure out what year it's from that's all really. Thanks man excited to get them
  4. If anyone can let me know further details about this particular pair of convert pants that would be much appreciated
  5. I actually went and sniped this eBay listing Dude says it's been in his closet unworn for 5/6 years and only been tried on. I was pretty quick to pay the $400 as I only saw a handful of them listed in my size. I hope it's a good price but dont really mind all that much as I'll get some good wear out of them. But if anyone knows the exact year and model etc of these that would be cool to have some light shed.
  6. I can answer your question based on the interactivity of Errolsons other garments. My ACG 2-in1 insulator sz M zip in perfectly to my Sz L J1a-GT. So based on that alone I would assume that the snaps and zips would work together regardless of size. I just purchased a pair of brand new Convert Pants in Black size 32. $400 tho! Been eyeing them for a while, not sure on market.
  7. WTT. My J1A-GT sz L for your M. Worn less than 5x Comes with bag, spec sheet, and box from
  8. Those presto's are good my guy
  9. WTT : My J1A-GT Sz L ( with bag, spec sheet , all tags and box from Worn 5x by me. GT-Pro still nice and crunchy. For your J1A-GT Sz M Been hunting this swap for a while, if any one is willing to hook me up hit me up. Edit: I may or may not have come to terms with the fact that I may have to sell it and purchase an M, will only do this if someone is willing to part ways with their M
  10. Yes. Can confirm the difference in weight and taper between the first cargo and second run. Your obsidian here came out in the AW15 season while the green came out alongside alpine jacket during AW16. In addition to the material feeling slightly different. , There is the addition of mesh in the front two pockets for the aw16 model as well as a slight degree more articulated than the first model.
  11. My friend just pulled the trigger on these. Pretty sure it's authentic although a bit of a suspect listing. What do you guys think?
  12. How are people modding out their J1TS-S? I feel like the mz3 black foil looks out of place in terms of coloring. Any suggestions?
  13. But the guy above you just said sure I can. Who's right. Will it mess up the pants if she just wants to make the waist smaller.
  14. Girlfriend just picked up a P10TS-DS Sz S and they fit perfect just the waist is a lil on the larger side of the spectrum. Tailoring the waist is certainly possible and shouldn't be a problem with DS fabric correct?
  15. Want to trade My J1A-GT size L with bag and spec sheet worn 3x OR J1TS-S in Duo size M with bag and spec sheet For J36-GT sz M Or J1A-GT Size M