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  1. The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    Selling for a friend: Raf J1TS-S Size M Full Pack 8/10 condition normal wear, velcro on cuffs started to fray a bit from adjusting. Taking offers, shoot me a msg. More pics here
  2. 116740 APPROVED SHOES

    Soloist x Salomon looking promising, looks like they just blacked out some s lab silhouettes but carbon gtx 2’s looking great still and should be more along the lines of what we were expecting from bambas weather proof wise
  3. The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    Still WTB J58-WS, size medium, FW17/18
  4. Stone Island Shadow Project

    Haha glad I was able to help out everyone hope y'all enjoy Bit late but yea these ones are the exact same fabric make up as the converts, the other leisure pant is more of a sweat pant. Yea 46 should be perfect and maybe lowkey tech? Think it depends more on how you style them with other pieces. Yea normally they're a bit long like converts so I'll cuff twice which I think is fine. Going tts these fit tighter in the waist so I still think you made the right decision.
  5. 116740 APPROVED SHOES

    Jungle boots on sale ~
  6. Stone Island Shadow Project

    Haha let me know how you end up liking them, I'll probably grab them end of season still too for a less weighty / dressy option over the converts
  7. 116740 APPROVED SHOES

    Haha I’m also interested in this and got them for that purpose soooo will be back with an updated review? Seemed sturdy enough with a rugged outsole not always a fan of a suede / nubuck upper for winter but they’re gonna get beat regardless
  8. 116740 APPROVED SHOES

    Tried them on today and I'd say personally .5 down. Usually wear size 9 in most. Tried a 42 2/3 (9) and a 41 1/3 (8), 42 (8.5) is perfect. Just watch how some sites are labelling the US/Euro sizing. Black dyed pair was retailing for just under 600 at the BBS store in NY with the all black, black/white were about $50 cheaper? Ssense had them for around $650 US.
  9. Stone Island Shadow Project

    Since some people were curious... So these pants fit a bit tighter than the converts at the waist. I tried a 44 on and they do fit snug on the waist and would potentially consider sizing to a 46 but still wearable. They have a lighter feel and a clean look when not using the articulation - just a plain black straight fit dress pant. Normal 4 pocket setup 2 front / 2 back with the right side having that diagonal zip/patch that most sp pants have. So the articulation works by pulling a stretchy strap at the back of the knee and using a button to fasten. There are multiple slits (5?) so you can cinch them more/ less. When cinched to the tightest loop, it gives a p10 type look with a slim calf and bunched material around the knee. Although it looks good, walking around is awkward as the material pulls at the back. So I wouldn't recommend cinching it all the way maybe 1 or 2 less. The tab also flops around when all the way cinched. Left is no articulation / Right is tightest
  10. 116740 APPROVED SHOES

    Bamba appreciation / sizing post My friends and I love em and I have to say shoe of the year to be honest. Crazy comfy for walking around all day / sadly not exactly waterproof however due to just open mesh panels smh. I wear a 9 in most things and got a 9 in these so would say tts from my experience. You can remove the laces for easy on off losing a bit of stability. The dyed pairs are by fare my favourite especially the black and white distressed pairs. Getting harder to track down now - I was able to find mine at BBS on a trip in NY not too long ago and my other friend got them at Ink in HK.
  11. Stone Island Shadow Project

    Was looking forward to the convert pants this season and just wanted to share sizing advice and thoughts. I got a 44 (I'm 5'7" 135lbs usually wear a 28/30) and had the zip shorts from this s/s in a 44 as well. Waist fits great with some room still and pants are extremely cozy with a slight drop crotch and extra room in the seat/leg area. I would say they are slimmer than the zip cargos from s/s. I didn't feel the need to get them tailored at all. I drape them over boots or just roll them twice when wearing low tops. I like the zip pocket on the patch side which has a phone pocket behind it which I use quite a bit. The 2 smaller pockets on the other leg don't see as much use / I'll usually zip the flap up. I do like however sliding my point and shoot down that leg where you store the flap. Other than feeling like a cowboy with the flaps and zips clinking around big fan / great fit / very comfy / versatile going from cargo to more dressed down look. Only gripe is the normal pockets at the waist can be a bit difficult to access with all the zippers brushing up against your hand. Zip shirt from this season is also really nice with the ds like sleeves and more zips. If you are looking for black which has been somewhat hard to track down for whatever reason - capsule has some sizes here in toronto
  12. The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    Tried mine on again and can’t make the small work so: WTB j58-ws size Medium WTS j58-ws size small full pack / previous season
  13. The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    IC: I have a small 58ws from last season’s drop full pack/worn sparingly and am looking to trade it for a medium. Otherwise there is one for retail set at 1165 I’ve found if anyone is trying to buy it outright so I can get my size. shoot me a msg!
  14. Acronym.

    Kith just put up s/m/l for the J61 and P24s if anyone was still looking: https://kith.com/collections/acronym
  15. Acronym.

    Thanks for looking into that, was getting anxy as well. I'm in the same boat and was wondering why the label was created but hadn't moved at all...