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  1. Tilore


    They're referring to the last image which doesn't have the jacket listed and isn't a 47 if you look at the hood and you can see the holster pocket and cuff details of...a 76.
  2. Tilore

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTT my p20-s raf small or p23ts-ch night small for your p24a-s raf xs or j72-ds black s or m
  3. Tilore


    Yup, my main shell now lined with the 58 or 65 during colder months. I preferred the utility over the j1 both pockets and hood wise. Have the 61 for severe weather.
  4. Tilore

    Urban Techwear Community Sales Thread

    WTS: Arcteryx x Livestock Patchwork Beta SL (ripstop reinforced gtx paclite construction) - size small - 9.5/10 - no flaws or signs of wear, worn sparingly - $350US + ship/pp fees Arcteryx Veilance Olive Liner (windstopper face + coreloft insulation) - size small - It's the predecessor to the mionn I don't know if they had used the same name or not, made in canada, large front pocket, a bit roomier fit than current version, super light and warm liner Condition is 7/10, wear around the neck and wrists but in general good condition, could benefit from a tech wash and re-proof - $200US + ship/pp fees
  5. Tilore

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTT j48-ss medium for j63 or 63a in medium WTB p24a-s - xs or s in raf (am aware mother site still has s stock, looking for worn)
  6. Tilore


    Wanted to share my thoughts on the 76 after about a month of use Been looking for an everyday type shell to replace my j1a-gt that’s a bit more low-key on design but still has the utility. Looks wise it reminds me of the 32 + elements of the 66. The 43/47 are a little too plain for me, but this strikes a nice balance between clean silhouette / storage / features. So lets talk zippers since that's the main selling point on this one. No soft plastic on the tips is great and makes one handed operation easy. Haven’t got caught as much as I thought since they lay flatter and they're not double zips like normal gravity pockets which tend to catch on most things. There is a slight snugness right at the arm joints and under the pit - no loss in mobility, just a bit of stiffness from the lamination. The holster pockets are roomy and extend far back. This can make it a bit awkward reaching smaller items at times. They can fit 2 point n shoots and don’t get in the way of arms when walking. I like having the weight distributed up here instead of lower so it doesn't weigh the jacket down and you don't feel it sag as much. Can't really access the right one if you're wearing a bag though. I like the vents as I usually run hot and works well lined with the short sleeve 65. New cinch cuff design is great. I usually never have to adjust the cuffs, but the cut is wider in the openings so even when you do cinch, you can still use the gravity pocket which was an issue with previous designs. Can also use gravity pockets with a liner attached due to the wide cuff design. You don't have to fold over the cuff to tighten - it kind of auto cinches, so when you pull the tab the cuff tightens and you can do it with one hand. Maybe not exclusive to this jacket, but the new storm hood is also great. It's deep, but conforms to the shape of your head well even when you move up and down and still gives you peripheral vision with enough overhang in front keeping the rain off your face. Expansion zip does help with interops if that's your thing. I usually wear it lined so it's a moot point. As someone had commented earlier, I do wish it had a secondary zip for helping you when you sit. I do miss the chest to neck zip like on the j1 since I like to wear things half open, but the 2 cf closures do a good enough job. Things I didn't like about the j1a gt (2.0) - Short storm hood, never felt it really did a good job, mostly wore it without. Never used any of the pockets except for flak. I found them too profile so fitting hands in them was tight / mezz pocket behind the flak usually had things falling out when bending over. All other gimmicks improved upon with the 76 (interops, gravity, cuff, storage, hood...) Biggest thing was probably sizing though since it was a small. Found it too tight to layer with the 58 and 65 and didn't like how snug it started to fit overall. So went with a medium in the 76 for more room and have been much happier. More pics here: https://imgur.com/a/uyvbYff