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  1. P24A-S just came back this year
  2. I had the same thought with you at the beginning. But now I personally take P30AL over P15. Bought it for 20% off on the drop day lol
  3. If you are looking for a loose pant like P31 then you better try the P15 on at your local retailers. The ms photos misleading me on this. For me it’s feeling tight and the calf part’s feeling even close to P10. I am 5’7 160lbs wearing size M in the photo. IMG_8468.heic
  4. At the beginning they named Shakedry materials based on its performance "persistent beading" (PB). Started from J67-FO (please correct me if I am wrong) they renamed it to FO which is going for the construction of the material "film out" (FO)
  5. My dream coat: J62-PB
  6. Yes, it's an innovative way to implement the Acronym feature on Nike, from another point of view they don't want to let you spend 400 retail but get the same feature with acr, so they made this sling which is implementing the acr feature but poorly functional lol. J115 is not the only item that they cue the design from the Nike collab, I think they do the same thing on P53-DS also (FW2324).
  7. The original purpose for the escape zip down the back is make you can easily take off your jacket when you drive a car
  8. FYI the insulator is J77-HL
  9. On the left and right waist side, similar to J53TS but just a small area
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