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  1. mizzar


    Thank you, but sadly not much more info. I tried looking for similar "hiking pants fabric" and all i found were thou looking the same, but had a harsh and dry feel, nothing like Arc's terratex. Quest continues.
  2. mizzar


    So.... Guys. Now working on some summer pants but all thin fabrics i found are just not robust enough for my chunky legs Desperately looking for that Terratex 94% Nylon 6% Elastane blend Arc uses. Googling doesn't help, due Arc being one and only who marks that fabric this way. Somebody, pleeease help, if only with another name of this fabric If its factory with giant MOQ i could negotiate sample for myself, or even buy up to 100m. really desperate here, 35+ Celsius last summer, here)
  3. mizzar

    arcteryx veilance

    looks like MYKITA Geoffrey but they are not. Any round clip on sunglasses looks almost the same.
  4. mizzar

    Urban Techwear

    I'm friends with Riot Division guys, for full disclosure. Quality wise they shoot above their price, materials are really good (ykk zippers, really good nylons, nice membranes (not goretex or neoshell thou, some fidlock and cobrax like buttons), some of the stitching may be wonky from time to time and some details (velcro for example) are not fully polished yet, but all the stuff do look better IRL then on photos. The fit is different, they do develop all of their stuff inhouse, so the sizing is different from all other brands i own. RD do love pockets, zippers and transforming clothes, a lot If they are up your style, you should try, but be prepared that quality from model to model will vary, but there really some good stuff.
  5. mizzar


    Thanks, i'll contact them, still would like some stock from europe, not that 1 km is a lot, but stock is just faster and what you see is what you get.
  6. mizzar


    Would like to know too, Europe and cotton 7-9mm, preferably.