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  1. 1. No, Stotz has no stetch, so the articulation doesn't rely on stretch, however it's still more an aesthetical thing than it actually helps. The Dryskin version is infinitely more comfortable. 2. I don't think anybody has taken apart their p10 to get a pattern for them. Try pants from other brands, nike acg or enfin leve would be the current best alternatives.
  2. What's even the big deal about spec sheets? They put all those details on product page of their website. A plastic bag with a piece of paper feels even a bit cheap as a packaging for a product in this price range if you ask me.
  3. I think they will make you pay the return shipping back to them for sure, which is like a lot more than shipping it your way - email them to be sure though
  4. That Ikea joke is so dead by now. Antwerp academy students been doing that shit since 10 years, every year the same... Looking for a cool military poncho - has anyone seen one? (I've seen the y3, don't like it too much)
  5. Guess some stain repellent finnish from schoeller will do, take notes Acronym
  6. I was interested about the fabric at first but the pieces are rather underwhelming and oh god, the yeezys... That girl nice though.
  7. Usually if you give them the total length, your height and weight, it will work. Send them an email, they are very helpful.
  8. That thermal fabric looks insane, can't wait to put my hands on it.
  9. It's going to be really tough to get this kind of advice that is of quality from someone that knows what he's talking about. If something works for somebody, they will usually be very protective about it, and since we have already every brand you can imagine nobody currently is looking forward to new fashion brands opening. You somehow have to get to know a person with that kind of knowledge in real life and get some advise - or go intern somewhere. Posting this kind of questions won't help at all, that's fashion industry! Good luck!
  10. Since I own only jackets in GT fabrics, and they are fully taped, I was wondering how are the S jackets finnished inside (since they are not fully W proof it might not make sense)? For example the J1TS-S I'm looking to purchase, is it also taped seams or lined, or some other type of finnishing? Maybe some owner could provide a picture? Love the clean finnish of taped seams.
  11. Quite underwhelming so far i must say...
  12. What's wrong with those?
  13. You're wrong - Stotz Etaproof is very water resistant, never soaked through for me even in the heaviest rains. It does get wet on the outside, but stays dry inside. The price difference between those zippers would be 50 cents max, it's nothing. Only that those waterproof zippers are a bit harder to open, but still would make more sense in that spot.
  14. J43A-GT - my first and last Acronym piece. 100% satisfied with it, but never liked anything else made by ACR design-wise.
  15. WTB: Acronym x Presto Bamboo size M