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  1. J43A-GT - my first and last Acronym piece. 100% satisfied with it, but never liked anything else made by ACR design-wise.
  2. WTB: Acronym x Presto Bamboo size M
  3. I think that the high resell prices for ACR give you the safety of trying something out and knowing you can pass on the piece without loosing it's value. You can buy something for 2k, but if you end up not liking it, you know you will get back the same amount, i see it as an investment, and that's the beauty of acronym. regarding the HB article - looking like an FPS character is the part I hate about techwear
  4. Aren't they very tappered at the bottom though?
  5. That's gonna be vey tough, if not impossible without messing up the zipper and overall proportion.
  6. Already did, he said it's gonna be the other way around tho
  7. Their customer service is bad/slow?
  8. Did anyone try to ask acronym to lower the commercial invoice? Do they do it?
  9. I'm well aware of the differences in composition and fabric manufacturer, hoped to get some insight from somebody who had both versions and could compare.
  10. What's the difference between fabrics in p10-ch and p10-ds? Which ones is better?
  11. Guys, I'm looking for a soultion for wet feet this winter. Got all geared up with waterproof stuff, but the shoes are the weak spot. I'm thinking of three options: - getting waterproof shoes (only ugly ones unfortunately, all black utility prestos were kinda ok, but still that's not it) - tried liquiproof on my qasas - didn't work at all - waterproof socks? does anybody have any experience with those?
  12. Looking for: J43a-gt size S/M/L J43k olive/black M/L
  13. Was the J43-K / J-43A-GT hood copied from Rick Owens? They look almost the same. Or is it just a standard kind of pattern everybody is using?
  14. stuff doesn't look that bad to be honest acronym ain't the only one out there
  15. looking for something inbetween - really strugglin with the fact I'm dry in my waterproof pants an jacket, but my feet are soaking wet