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  1. nigel1


    Wow now that's and €pic L.
  2. nigel1

    Urban Techwear

    does hamcus use tech fabrics?
  3. nigel1


    That's really cool actually, now I can carry all my 4 phones at once. For the resemblance to UF-PRO - that makes sense, most of the Acronym pants are based on already existing pants (p10 are motorbike pants, p23 are also based on some military pant from the past).
  4. nigel1

    Fakcronym making tommow comes today

    If everything is good and chill why the post then?
  5. nigel1

    Fakcronym making tommow comes today

    Outlier hit it first if you ask me... https://shop.outlier.nyc/shop/retail/experiment-034-ultrahigh-waterfall-system.html
  6. nigel1


    Let's see what they bring with FW18, because in my opinion SS18 was the weakest collection to date.
  7. nigel1


    While I really love the dropcrotch silhouette, again, who would wear acronym pants to practice any martial arts? With the current pricing people are afraid to damage the pieces in easy everyday wear, let alone in any activity that would risk getting the 1500$ pants ripped or stained. With the raise of the pricing acronym is losing their real performance context, and becomes a fashion brand purely. It changes from "made for <certain activity> to look of the garment inspired by <certain activity>. And again, I'm completely fine with them raising the prices (it's their brand, they can do whatever they want if people still buy), I'm just observing how it's changing what the brand is.
  8. nigel1


    Would never expect acronym would get on that level of cringey.
  9. nigel1


    Bamba 3's also look amazing, the ribbing part seems a bit too tall - would love to try on and see.
  10. nigel1


    The shorts and the tank top is a joke.
  11. nigel1


    Looks nice! Not a huge fan of speedcross silhouette, still too outdoor-sporty for normal life situations. Has anybody seen the new bambas anywhere though already?
  12. nigel1

    Bags, backpacks, duffles, messenger, slings, etc.

    Great job Danii, love the editing on the video also!
  13. nigel1


    Any updates on the new season salomon stuff Yoshii? Can't wait!
  14. nigel1


    I think the influence is visible, but calling it a straight ripoff is unfair/inaccurate when literally everyone is making black tapered cargos at the moment. Also that's what p10 actually are and it has been done long before and after acronym (by aitor throup for example) But well, everything is taken from somewhere these days, and things look exactly the same sometimes, I'm just a bit triggered when acronym is seen as a pinnacle of civilisation. But hey, it's only clothes
  15. nigel1


    I also don't really see that, unless we assume errolson invented and has the sole right to releasing black tapered pants.