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  1. solo1


    Agreed -- that is solely what I'm referencing. If it was some newjacks who just got into ACR that would be one thing. For enthusiasts to be reposting those images is just embarrassing, next level cringey. Ya'll need Drake to validate your purchases for you?
  2. solo1


    What's worse than champagnePapi rocking acronym? Acronym/Drake dickriders posting the picture in their little Instagram stories, tagging erlsn.acr and champagnepapi to have a .01% chance that they notice you... Then simultaneously acting like their annoyed that said champagnePapi is wearing ACR....
  3. solo1


    Agreed -- this iteration must be mighty old, because the last pac lite version of the gt-j29 (i believe) was 09-10, but it had zippered access to the bottom hand pockets which I don't see in the j29 above. @Dakota just curious where did you purchase it, that didn't have the jacket name in the listing description?
  4. solo1


    its funny how this happens isnt it, yes we'll probably be able to grab at retail or slightly less. wait 1-2 weeks and there should be an influx of them on grailed and ebay, and prices will drop
  5. solo1

    Fakcronym making tommow comes today

    @the-internUnderstood, but the real damage mayve been done after ur insta post having hundreds shun that profile. Too hasty Chill of you to smooth over stuff with Kickstarter though, and it doesn't look like it will be successful . It doesn't seem like the padding or internal webbing feature r very well advertised which is what i was real psyched on. Every1 starting just wants to buy fabric and buckles lolll so I like to support the people just coming in .. unless your that guy sx3am or 1kcorp.
  6. solo1

    Urban Techwear

    Nice , I always wonder why people like dropcrotch items, curious to see in due time
  7. solo1

    Fakcronym making tommow comes today

    putting beginners down using your audience to prop yourself up is a wack trait in general .. i don't encourage this to anyone. moreso when one claims to be a community ambassador (and design is outlier?? ) i like seein peoples development of designs IMO, and all the diy ninjas in here started by taking on an existing design. Facts.
  8. solo1

    Urban Techwear

    ^^ I'd also like to know about cloudburst and riot division products as well. Anyone with thoughts on quality, fabrics, etc would be appreciated
  9. solo1

    Full Count Denim Thread

    ^^ Seconded. Super curious