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    Hood sizes will definitely get larger by size as you stated How do i know? I have produced and created patterns for countless hooded garments and parkas. easiest way to think about it -- if you move up from a medium to say, a large, generally speaking all the panels will be slightly expanded (some parts of the garment will increase in size more than other parts of the garment forsure, ie. the chest measurement will increase much more than the length of the jacket) , but without getting into it too deeply, this means that the actual opening to the hood will absolutely be larger because of the fact that the corresponding panels are larger (which means the neckline and collar area circumference or arc length will be different and need a larger hood to accommodate In simpler terms -- the actual "shape" of the hood may stay the same but it will sure fit you differently. Those who think someone who wears a size small J32 could buy a size or 2 up and still have the hood fit the same, are not using much common sense..
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    I have tried dying black stotz multiple times and it has not been successful -- the egyptian cotton mechanism ( the fabric tightens up, and the pores close, in order to reduce water absorption) actually works too well, making it so the liquid dye can't penetrate the fabric deeply. If anyone has had real successful getting a deep black, let me know..
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    Agreed -- that is solely what I'm referencing. If it was some newjacks who just got into ACR that would be one thing. For enthusiasts to be reposting those images is just embarrassing, next level cringey. Ya'll need Drake to validate your purchases for you?
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    What's worse than champagnePapi rocking acronym? Acronym/Drake dickriders posting the picture in their little Instagram stories, tagging erlsn.acr and champagnepapi to have a .01% chance that they notice you... Then simultaneously acting like their annoyed that said champagnePapi is wearing ACR....
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    Agreed -- this iteration must be mighty old, because the last pac lite version of the gt-j29 (i believe) was 09-10, but it had zippered access to the bottom hand pockets which I don't see in the j29 above. @Dakota just curious where did you purchase it, that didn't have the jacket name in the listing description?