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    lmao at this so people rocking ACR head to toe is fine, unless their chasing clout... -- but you also like how originalprogram styles ACR Meanwhile, originalprogram posts fits on ACRHIVE looking for that clout, that sweet "sweet dopamine rush of external validation"
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    ID on the pants he's rocking in this pic? Looks like epic
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    Unless you are a patternmaker, or someone with connections/ heavy experience in apparel manufacturing -- justifying the price by garment construction is pure speculation. Believing the garment is actually extremely costly to be produced to rationalize the fact that it is expensive for you to buy. As @beepy mentioned, Tilak coats that were previously made in the same exact factory as ACR's with identical construction in many cases, and Poutnik's GTX line was/is still sub $500. Yes other factors affect price, but not so much that ACR's jackets should be anywhere close to 3-4X Tilak's Funfact -- most of acr's cropped pants over the years (p17, p23 , p25, p27) can be made in a small fraction of the time it takes to produce most of their jackets, but are still around the 1100-1200 mark. Simple patterns do not equal a proportionately lower priced product. We are paying the large upcharge on the fact that it is Acronym, not the complex garment construction
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