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  1. I'll be honest.. Melody convinced me to get the J61
  2. Union also put up the J61 in XL I returned.
  3. Does anyone know the rough time estimate of shipping from Guerilla Group to the US? I never ordered from China before. Also, any firsthand accounts on quality?
  4. I noticed it flows out a bit in the back, but it doesn't bother me too much. Figure I'd wear a bag over it. I did get try it out in heavy downpour today (South Texas thunderstorms). It held up extremely well despite what I've read here on WS material. Maybe because it's still brand new. I was outside for a good 20 - 30 minutes, I thought moisture was seeping through around the shoulders & hood but it was just the coolness of the rain. Took the jacket off & was surprised to be as dry as I was. Only thing wet was the lower part of my pants where the J61 didn't cover. Wet season is just starting here, will update how long it can perform this well.
  5. TTS is perfect length wise & roomy inside. The shock cord in the back & hood is a great touch if it gets too windy. Only problem for me is if you have big shoulders & upper arms, you might have to size up. That is the only area that is tight for me when I went TTS.
  6. Okay, I was thinking along the lines of bad customer service. I ordered a L J61 from Bodega & XL from Union, will be returning whichever doesn't fit better. Both were about the same price.
  7. Just curious, why is Union second worst? Just ordered from them for the first time yesterday & I remembered seeing this post & got worried.
  8. Nice, Im guessing that's the size small flatpack?