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  1. Just gonna dump this here for anyone who missed it on phaeton.
  2. There are definitely people here who know him personally. Though I doubt they care about the ethics of his business practices. Best I can say, is to spam his email.
  3. I forgot to review Mayo's belt. I too, got the "2.0". Only had to wait a week & a half and that was because he was waiting on materials. I wouldn't mind a thicker version.
  4. If what's on here is accurate.. An interops GT of the J61 would be exactly what I was hoping for. Also curious to see what updates were made to the J28 besides newer Gore.
  5. There's actually no stock available to any location even though the site says it does.
  6. Has anyone ever seen XXL pants from SISP?
  7. Did somebody ask for bags?? https://www.medewo.com/at/cms/hauptkatalog-2016 Start at page 22. If that's really your main concern, I don't mind scanning my spec sheet & emailing it over to ya.
  8. This is what's throwing me off. On L'Inde Le Palais M = US38, on Stone Island US38 is XXL
  9. Question. I noticed the preorder for the convert/combat pant has an IT 48 (US 38). Does SISP normally release sizes that large? I wanted to get the vented zippered cargos from ss17 but seemed like they never had anything larger than a US 36.
  10. I've been keeping an eye on the Niketalk forum. It appears the caps were made in very limited quantities, just a few in stock at 21 Mercer & Blends. I hope the guys here can cop, NTers called this collection "Next Level Hypebeast"
  11. Add Undefeated to list dropping Friday online
  12. @Yoshiii Take a look at the link, looks like the neck flap is detachable & possibly stored in the pouch on the hat itself.
  13. I might be in the minority but that sun cap is the only piece I'm interested in. Someone said End has whole collection up, I didn't see the hat. Hoping it pops up on Nikelabs official drop.
  14. The Fidlock trend already started
  15. @TEKsevenZERO @Yan90 found the bboys