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  1. X.bee


    There's always the 3a-7ts if you were around for that. (Still waiting for a re-release)
  2. X.bee


    There is quite a lot of info to take in. New stretchy water repellent fabric not ds? E relocating to Los Angeles? E had to pay resale for his own shoe.. price rises shortly after..
  3. X.bee


    I guess it's built upon trust with members who decide whether to share info with you or not. Leaks have become less & less because of the multitude of resellers among us, many who post regularly. Either way I remember looking at that company's portfolio months back, though they didnt have that updated subnet product list.
  4. X.bee


    @CARLOOA So that's what you meant by "Depends".
  5. X.bee


    Pants version of SP28TS?
  6. X.bee


    Just got my refund from Acrnm for the J36. With Paypal conversion to € and UPS corrected HTS, total is $1677. Without the corrected HTS it was about $100 more, roughly.
  7. X.bee


    I avoided that email when they gave it to me. They said it takes a few days to a week for them to reply.
  8. X.bee


    Are the discussions on Discord more informed? Just wondering if there's been talk of any WS pieces coming this Spring/Summer.
  9. X.bee

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    s o l d
  10. X.bee


    @Kamikaze So even E sized up
  11. X.bee


    Thanks for the number & I've emailed them a few days ago, they lag. Asking for help on the thread is always last resort for me after researching fails.
  12. X.bee


    Hey guys, quick question. Mothersite TOS states foreign country returns are done via UPS, I'm trying to make the shipping label and they are asking for Name & Contact + phone number.. what do? I put Acronym Dynamics S.R.O. for the name but what about contact & phone number?
  13. X.bee

    WAYWT destroyed my cybernetic implants [2046]

    The OG is back on the block
  14. X.bee


    I want to say yes. J16-GT is 61cm 1/2 chest, 14.5cm shoulder. While J36-S is 62cm 1/2 chest, 13.5 shoulder. Both in L. I was able to layer hoodies & insulators underneath the J16 fine & not feel restricted yet I only had a tshirt when trying the J36. It could be that stotz is a bit thicker than Gore-tex even if it's just a little.
  15. X.bee


    My reasons for selling mine is mainly the cut. The collar is a bit high for my liking, comes up a little past my chin. Maybe I got a short neck. Also the arm with the detached sleeve is a bit tight, other side is ok. I thought maybe stotz is just a restrictive material but then I saw the measurements are actually smaller than other L's I've worn. Either way here's a couple shots of the hood.. Soft & smooth on the outside Crunchy on the inside