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  1. ^ Are you talking about the allterrain line??
  2. I hear a lot about people washing their clothes using grangers, but does anyone have experience with nikwax cotton proof concentrate? Seems like it would work better than just using a regular tech wash for cleaning and (minimally) improving water resistance on cotton garments. Thinking about using it on my Voronoi AR and apparat...
  3. can somebody pm me this c.e lookbook?
  4. I'd recommend emailing either softs or ccp for the items you're interested in. I bought the coach jacket directly from ccp through email and megu-san was very responsive.
  5. ^don't forget the mobile thermo pieces:
  6. cuffs++ In terms of fit I prefer the slightly-oversized look like on the nomad model: Much less constricting and the drape is really cool imo
  7. Anybody own a Xiaomi?? The concept mi mix looks amazing
  8. http://www.adidas.com/us/white-mountaineering-seeulater-shoes/S80531.html Prices are much better than i expected Hyke collab dropped in the EU as well and dropping tomorrow in US. http://www.global.adidas.com/on/demandware.store/Sites-adidas-REG-Site/en_NG/Search-Show?q=hyke&prefn1=category&prefv1=Shoes Anybody know if the shoes are coming to the US store tho? Only the clothes are listed currently (on the US site).
  9. is the anime any good? manga is amazing but the cgi in the anime looks cringy
  10. some pretty cool bags coming out of 4d http://www.4dimensionapparel.com/ probably gonna cop the tacti-cool murse lols
  11. hype
  12. Errlson huge
  13. Being short/skinny, I like the cut/length of the apparat so I was a little hesitant to get the voronois at first but I fully agree with this statement now that I have them. @Bernard AR is pretty light but I feel like I'd have swamp butt issues wearing it during humid summer in nyc. Copped mine for like <100 usd at arcteryx outlet so you might want to check there if you want the AR.
  14. Actually tried it on myself in store and found the measurements on maas were pretty inaccurate. I'm guessing they measured pits from seam to seam rather than edge to edge when flat. Firmament's measurements are more accurate. thanks though