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  1. the-intern


    Lemme know the type of rubber and I can suggest a dye method to suit.
  2. the-intern


    @EG562 - Dimension Polyant VS75 (~15$/yd) or "D40 w/ Transfer Metalized Aluminum" (~$35/yd) if they have it available. Both are made to order, or once per year otherwise. The other DP options are very flimsy. @Marw - Slotted Loop, some brands call it a C-Hook. I use these ones: http://www.woojinplastic.com/products/detail/71/page:9/tag:bag Sorry I haven't posted fabric analysis' yet. I've been super swamped and there's a good ~70+ fabrics to document at this point. Next week or two I'll have it all processed.
  3. the-intern


    Oh boy, lots to take pics of today... trimmers, system mag, fidlock and woojin buckles to name a few. Fabrics from TomLong (makers of AC2) and Sixup (inventors of hypalon) have arrived as well... got some really exciting custom options from these companies. Lots of stretch knits and laminates from Best Pacific (makers of CoolMax/Drifit). Theres about a dozen vendors on board so-far... lots more still in discussion or pending shipping.
  4. the-intern


    I'll have a whole bunch of things to share later this week. Expecting a few more deliveries on friday.
  5. I've been cookin up a bunch of new opportunities this past month, the one that has me most excited is a partnership with a local R&D facility here in Vancity. Syte Industies was in need of some assistance setting up a new showroom/product demo area for their Framis Italia bonding and taping machines, so I'll be helping them with the demos in exchange for access to nearly the entire Framis catalogue of welding machines! Next couple weeks I'll be sharing my early experiments. Also super stoked to announce that I've added a couple new members to my team!!! I've stolen Lulu lemons engineered and 3d knit design developer and together we're working alongside one of design directors for Veilance/ArcTeryx on some kick-ass new technical outerwear experiments... The Intern Techwear Group is starting to form together!
  6. the-intern


    I think you've all missed the reason for my complaint. It's a price of webbing with a buckle... and it was added to the product line to fill out an easy cash grab with a low-cost item in a market that's known to sell reliably. If it had some 'design' to it, i'd be there championing it with you all... but it's about 6cents in webbing attached to a 6$ buckle... designed and executed in a few minutes time. I love DSPTCH, own a good amount of it too... but seeing things like this low hanging crap added to a product line sadden me. (for those of you not familiar with the Fidlock V-buckle, it locks and cannot disconnect when under load. So in an application like this the quick disconnect function is lost, as you'll need to loosen before disconnecting)
  7. the-intern


    @emenel - If what you say were the case, then it would make sense for the price of this item to be more than the belt: https://www.dsptch.com/collections/key/products/fidlock-shoe-straps Higher materials + labour cost, as well as more 'design' yet with a lower price... arbitrary pricing = cash grab.
  8. the-intern


    Holy hell... 62$?!?!? That's under 8$ in cost there.
  9. the-intern

    Bags, backpacks, duffles, messenger, slings, etc.

    Never heard of TERG before, looks like some really cool designs, and I agree entirely 1680D is far too much D. hehe
  10. the-intern

    Urban Techwear

    brands supporting hoodrattery is a movement i can get behind! lmao [edit] further thinking... they likely just robbed a warehouse earlier that week. [/edit]
  11. the-intern


    ....and on that note: I've seen a lot of buzz and requests lately for community access sources to technical materials. Truth be told materials access is really one of the last hurdles of unapproachability in this industry for the DIY/Maker community. To respond to this I've begun last week reaching out to suppliers and manufacturers... over 50 of them so far, from technical knits, softshells, hypalon, next-to-skin, reflective, webbing, laminates... just about every major vendor and category has been pinged. What I'm asking these companies is to share with me their willingness to collaborate and make available their products to the maker enthusiasts. I've told them that I am willing to work with them as a representative of this community in order to facilitate group buys and overall better access. Over the coming weeks I'll be putting together a public facing list of the brands who've agreed to participate and the ones who have declined. As well a detailed list of the specific products these companies are willing to offer us. Stay tuned as I get things more organized and put together a poll and form system which will allow you all to share your voice and interest. By this time next month it's my hopes that together we can lift the veil of illusion and get full access to the types of technical materials used by the big brands. Be well all. Thank you for you. -end-
  12. the-intern


    I love this idea @danii you should really formalize this movement. I'm currently mustering together responses from about 50 textiles/hardware/trim suppliers from all across the industry to see whose interested in offering sales to makers and the diy crowd, also facilitate group buys and the such. Let's talk!
  13. Inspired by @danii amazeballs illustration works and a NASA badge concept I stumbled across on Pinterest... Also, Danii... come to Vancouver and lets go crush out an epic mural here in the city!
  14. Happy to say that Intern Series 2 dropped yesterday! Just the laptop sleeves for now, the phone cases and slingpacks will drop as well very soon! Available on Massdrop.com
  15. the-intern

    Urban Techwear

    I'm excited about this coat... moreso the textile within it. The brothers behind Vollebak seem to be really pushing it, hugely inspired by them. Also worth crediting is HST Creative (https://www.hstcreative.co.uk/) who are responsible for bringing all their wild ideas to life. I have my reservations however... their kevlar hoody isnt gunna last me near 100years... likely wont make it to Christmas. Kevlar is really sensitive, doesn't like temp changes, humidity or UV, and actually breaks down very quickly losing much of its strength in short periods of exposure. It's also a very coarse and abrasive fiber and when paired with things like nylon or poly will physically slice through the fibers it's knit against. Very tricky to make long wearing stretchy kevlar knits, cost/benefit/risk/reward is not in line.